I’m a Very Proud COVID & Vaxx Realist But Here’s Why I Just Got the Sputnik Light Jab

It might sound hypocritical, but allow me to explain before casting judgement.

I’m a very proud COVID & Vaxx Realist, which means that I don’t blindly accept the Mainstream Media (MSM) narratives about these interconnected subjects and instead have conducted my own research into both of them due to my serious concerns that they’re being exploited for political reasons, but I just got the Sputnik Light jab and want to explain to everyone why I did so. I’ve always been sincere with my audience and couldn’t in good conscience stay silent about what I just did considering my prior work on what I refer to as World War C, or the full-spectrum paradigm-changing processes catalyzed by the world’s uncoordinated attempts to contain COVID-19. My most relevant work about all of this can be reviewed below for those who aren’t already familiar with it:

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Basically, I believe that COVID-19 is real and dangerous for some at-risk members of the population, but that it’s being exploited for strategic international and domestic political purposes, though not in a fully coordinated manner where “everyone’s in on it” (including rival pairs like “Israel” & Iran/Syria/Hezbollah, India & Pakistan, North Korea & South Korea, etc.). Rather, a psychological chain reaction was triggered at their leadership levels whereby almost every decision maker felt compelled to “go with the flow” at the initial stages of World War C out of fear of endangering their citizens’ lives when they first thought that COVID-19 was far deadlier for the majority of the population than it actually is and then later in order to not be “left behind” by global processes.

I’m far from a medical expert, but I personally feel very uncomfortable in principle with the policy of so-called “coercive vaccination”, let alone mandatory vaccination, the first of which is actively practiced by Russia. Nevertheless, as a guest in the country, I also feel very strongly that foreigners should always follow the laws of the host state whether they agree with them or not so I would have gotten the vaccine if it became mandatory for foreigners like myself. My choice at this time was therefore voluntary and done for professional reasons that I’ll soon explain, but I’d first like to say that I did a lot of research on Sputnik Light (which is the single-jab first dose of the twodose Sputnik V vaccine) ahead of time and concluded that it’s very safe, hence why I got it.

I’m personally unafraid of catching COVID-19 and of the several vaccines that Russia’s produced. I also follow the government’s epidemiological mandates by masking up in indoor public places (which includes public transportation) and wearing gloves upon request at checkouts, the latter of which isn’t always enforced depending on the establishment, so I’m not concerned about being a so-called “asymptomatic carrier” and inadvertently spreading the virus to potentially at-risk members of the population. To tell everyone the truth, I decided to get vaccinated for purely self-interested professional reasons related to the domestic and international conference circuit gradually reopening.

Those who closely follow my work should already know that I cover Russia’s relations with South Asia very closely. I’m also finishing up my Ph.D. on “Russian-Pakistani Relations In The Context Of Contemporary International Politics” at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO, run by the Russian Foreign Ministry). Recent events in the region – the expansion of Russia’s Eurasian-wide “balancing” act to South Asia; the rapid Russian-Pakistani rapprochement; the recalibration of Russian-Indian relations; the US’ impending military withdrawal from Afghanistan; the PAKAFUZ railway; and the US’New Quad” – have confirmed the relevance of my work over the years and catapulted it to the forefront of global attention.

I’m eager to resume traveling to domestic and international conferences to interact with fellow experts and share my insight about the subjects of my studies. After all, Zoom conferences aren’t the same as in-person ones, as anyone who’s participated in both already knows. The significance of in-person conferences is the networking that takes place before the event, on its sidelines, or afterwards. These informal interactions are very important for the expert community. Participants’ travel and lodging expenses are generally paid for by their hosts, so it’s expected that they responsibly do everything in their power to ensure that their trips aren’t unexpectedly canceled in the event that they contract COVID-19. Getting vaccinated reduces those chances.

I know that PRC tests can be unreliable so it’s possible that the ones that I’d take before my flights might incorrectly show that I caught the virus even if I really didn’t. Even so, I’d at least be able to show my hosts that I took maximum epidemiological precautions before my trip in order to ensure my participation. That way they’d see that I was behaving responsibly in line with professional expectations considering the travel and lodging expenses that they’d have already covered, some of which might be non-refundable if I’m unexpectedly unable to participate at the last minute. Despite receiving the Sputnik Light jab, I’d like for everyone to know that my views haven’t changed and that I still remain a very proud COVID & Vaxx Realist.

I still believe that the virus and vaccines are being exploited for different reasons by various actors. That doesn’t mean that COVID-19 is fake or that all vaccines are dangerous, but just that I still don’t trust the MSM narrative about either of them. I therefore encourage everyone to continue thinking freely, doing their own research, and making whatever decision they ultimately choose regarding vaccination after feeling comfortable with everything that they’ve learned. I’m still against the policy of “coercive vaccination” and especially mandatory vaccination though I also respect the laws of the country in which I live, Russia, and will therefore dutifully comply with them when it comes to following the epidemiological mandates for indoor public places.

I’m sincerely interested in both sides’ arguments about COVID-19 and vaccines, which is why I never delete anyone’s comments about them under my relevant social media posts. I only ask that folks keep it respectful, don’t judge anyone for whatever their views may be, and abstain from pressuring them to get vaccinated or remain unvaccinated. For those like myself who live in Russia and are proud COVID & Vaxx Realists but still want to get the jab for whatever their reasons may be, I have to say that the process at Moscow’s Luzhniki stadium was very well organized and professional. I was pleasantly impressed by everything and hope that the government learns from this experience to optimize other processes such as the migration one.

So there you go folks, that’s how someone like myself either went to the “dark side” if you’re a COVID & Vaxx Realist or came around to the “light side” if you ascribe to the MSM narrative. I did it for purely self-interested professional reasons related to my career trajectory, not to “save lives” or even my own. Nothing has changed about my views towards World War C, which I still regard as a series of unprecedentedly politicized processes that have practically provoked a global psychosis. Despite being skeptical of the MSM narrative about COVID-19 and vaccines, I still decided to get Sputnik Light after feeling comfortable with everything that I read about it and thought it better to be forthcoming with my audience by explaining my reasons instead of staying silent.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: OneWorld

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