US has Unleashed Two Pandemics Upon the World: the COVID and the Mass Shootings

No matter how hard the Washington propaganda machine tries to make the US look like an “innocent little bunny,” all the new revelations officially break this obviously unreflective artificial image.

So, according to a US National Institutes of Health (NIH) press release distributed the other day, the COVID-19 coronavirus infection appeared in the United States back in December 2019, based on a study of blood samples conducted by American scientists. In particular, it is reported that the study examined more than 24,000 blood samples that were submitted by American citizens from 50 states between January 2 and March 18, 2020. The results of this report suggest that COVID-19 infection may have been present in the US in December 2019, earlier than previously thought.

This revelation runs counter to the recent information campaign promoted by Washington that the coronavirus was allegedly created artificially in a Chinese biolab and then “broke out.” This version of artificial origin of the virus is denied by the chief infectious disease doctor of the US and the World Health Organization.

Amidst the growing information campaign in the West to give weight to the “laboratory theory” of the origin of the coronavirus, Chinese authorities categorically reject the idea of COVID-19 “escaping” from the laboratory in Wuhan and accuse Washington of artificial and clearly intentional politicization of the scientific issue.

Recall that the theory of the virus leaking from a Wuhan lab, which conducted coronavirus research in bats, began to be actively promoted by the US after The Wall Street Journal reported last month that a US intelligence report showed as if three researchers from the Wuhan Institute of Virology had sought treatment at a hospital for an “unspecified illness” in late 2019. The Wall Street Journal previously wrote about a May 2020 report by a leading US government lab that the “lab leak” theory was allegedly plausible and required further investigation.

In addition to the coronavirus pandemic, another American-initiated pandemic of mass shootings has recently become a growing concern in the United States and beyond. As noted earlier by the NEO, the US media are ringing the alarm bell, stressing that not a day goes by without reports of people killed in various shootings in one state or another in the United States. The country is shuddering with the already familiar pain of gunshot deaths and an epidemic of violent gun crime.

So, in early June alone, the list of deaths was expanded by the twelve injured in a shooting in the American city of Austin (Texas), one of them is in serious condition, according to the emergency services of the city. Days earlier, in the state of Florida, two teenagers who escaped from an orphanage broke into someone else’s home and engaged in a shootout with police officers. ABC reported about three more dead and six wounded in the shooting in the state of Florida on June 6.

As of the end of May 2021, the number of shootings in the US is up 20% over 2020 and 40% over 2019!

As Euronews reported in late May, eight people were killed at the San Jose train depot in California, where an employee opened fire on fellow employees. This is the 230th shooting in the United States in less than six months.

Swanky restaurants in Miami have been rocked by gun violence, Fox News reported: On Sunday, May 30, three gunmen hiding behind masks opened fire on people dining at a local banquet hall. At least two people were killed in the shooting, and about 25 were wounded! This, according to ABC News, is the 68th such case in the last month in the United States.

It should be emphasized that shootings in public places in the United States have not been uncommon for a long time. On May 16, at least five people were wounded in a shooting in the Bronx in northern New York City. A day earlier, shootings occurred in the US states of New York, Florida and Maryland. On May 2, at least seven people were injured in a shooting at a casino near Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Shootouts between service members are not uncommon at US military facilities. Thus, on June 9 there was a shooting at Joint Base Lackland in Texas, after which, as became known from social networks, a “take cover” command was announced. It is specified that the Lackland base is used, among other things, for the training of members of the National Guard and officers of the US army.

Earlier, the US Navy tweeted about the shooting at Fort Detrick, where the shooter was a Navy hospital corpsman.

US media are trying to explain the surge in homicides and other violent crimes in 2020 by the coronavirus pandemic. However, as Fox News host Tucker Carlson points out, “in all normal countries,” including Russia and Mexico, crime during quarantine has gone down, and only in the United States has it gone up. Therefore, Carlson believes that the real reason for the rampant crime is the blatant lapses of Democratic Party policy.

Recent events in the US clearly prove that violence has become the main occupation for Americans. Wars have become a part of everyday life, and violence has become a quick way to achieve one’s goals. Since the beginning of US history, the ruling elite has regularly engaged their country in wars of conquest against neighboring states, as well as for various internal squabbles that have caused all the undesirables to suffer. First there was the invasion of Indian (Native American) territories, then the wars against African Americans, and finally against ordinary workers and farmers. The latter, for example, fell into disfavor because of the strikes of 1870, which often resembled a civil war. Any solution to a political issue has long been accompanied by violence in the United States. “We have created a society whose main occupation is violence. The most serious threat to our country is not an external force, but our internal militarism. It gives the depressing impression that we in America are clearly accustomed to wars. For years now we have been either at war or immediately ready to go to war in any part of the world,” wrote William Fulbright, former chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

So it is not surprising that timid attempts by the authorities to slow down the pandemic of mass shootings in the US are failing. And this, in particular, is clearly evidenced by another failure on June 8 in the US Senate to pass a bill aimed at restricting the sale of firearms in the country. As Politico points out, representatives of Republicans and Democrats could not reach a compromise on the wording of the bill, so they stopped negotiations. This means that the pandemic of mass shootings will continue to spread in the United States.

Given that we all live in a single social space, any pandemic quickly spreads within national societies. This is how COVID-19 began to spread across the planet, and, unfortunately, the pandemic of mass murder also began to spread across many countries, which is no longer a rarity. It has become “fashionable” in many countries to copy everything American, including crime.

Russia, which has already established itself to the world as an active and effective fighter against the COVID-19 pandemic, having provided Sputnik-V and several other equally effective vaccines and medicines to the world as a Russian medicine, has launched a state-level fight against the emerging pandemic of criminal use of small arms in the country. At its plenary session on June 16 the State Duma of Russia adopted a law making illegal sale of ammunition, firearms and their component parts a grave crime and making the sale of explosive devices punishable by up to 20 years in prison. These legislative changes are being made to the Criminal Code and the Code of Criminal Procedure of Russia “in order to aggravate liability for crimes related to illegal trafficking in weapons.”

By Vladimir Platov
Source: New Eastern Outlook

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