The Polish People Are Innocent, But Their Government Is Exploiting the Migrant Crisis

The examples cited in this analysis prove that the Polish government is exploiting the Eastern European Migrant Crisis for foreign strategic and domestic political reasons.

The Mainstream Media has been obsessing over the false narrative that Russia is allegedly pulling Belarus’ strings in waging so-called “hybrid warfare” against the West through the Eastern European Migrant Crisis, but the truth is that it’s Poland that’s the one exploiting this situation. To be absolutely clear, the Polish people themselves are innocent and nobody should feel schadenfreude at the collective suffering that this crisis threatens to inflict upon them if those illegal immigrant invaders succeed in storming their border and violently rampaging across the country on their way to Germany. Having clarified that crucial point, it’s important to expose the Polish government’s political weaponization of this crisis.

The Central & Eastern European (CEE) leader believes that the incipient East-West rapprochement between Russia and the US/EU since last summer’s Biden-Putin Summit that was symbolically preceded by Washington waiving most Nord Stream II sanctions is occurring at the expense of its interests as that country’s leadership understands them to be. For this reason, they have a motive in exploiting the Eastern European Migrant Crisis in order to provoke a larger East-West crisis for the purpose of sabotaging the same rapprochement which they regard as a threat to their interests. This explains why Poland ridiculously introduced the false narrative that President Putin is personally behind this illegal immigrant invasion.

The purpose in doing so is to present Poland as the West’s “shield” against so-called “Russian hybrid warfare”. It also serves to establish the pretext for the scenario of NATO rapidly expanding its military presence along the borders of Russia’s CSTO mutual defense ally. The soft power dimension of this outcome is meant to relieve Western pressure upon Poland for its alleged violations of the EU’s judicial policies while the military one is intended to provoke the earlier mentioned crisis that Warsaw hopes will sabotage the East-West rapprochement. There’s another, narrower angle to all this as well, and that’s the domestic political one. Prime Minister Morawiecki recently compared the Eastern European Migrant Crisis to the Polish-Soviet War, which deserves some further analysis.

In the Polish psyche, this was an existential battle that not only secured Poland’s hard-fought independence, but also saved Europe from communism. That conflict is also popularly presented in religious terms as evidenced by Poles’ description of the Battle of Warsaw as the “Miracle on the Vistula”, which aligns with society’s belief that their country is the so-called “Christ of Nations”. What they mean is that Poland has suffered and sacrificed in order to save others, with that war being one of the most recent examples in modern times as they see it. By drawing a comparison between that and the Eastern European Migrant Crisis, Morawiecki hopes to rally his country’s politically divided society around the ruling “Law & Justice” (PiS) party on patriotic pretexts.

Furthermore, the general Polish psyche is more affected by the perceived threats that this Migrant Crisis poses than most other European ones are. That’s because the country is one of the most ethnically-religiously homogenous societies on earth and has a history of foreign invaders trying to extinguish its people’s culture, which Poles to their credit preserved during their infamous 123-year occupation by the three neighboring empires that partitioned it. Images of so-called “barbarians at the gate” scare most Polish people, especially when they see video footage of these illegal immigrant invaders violently attacking their border guards and destroying related infrastructure. All of this combines to make them very susceptible to Morawiecki’s comparison of the current crisis to last century’s existential one.

The examples cited in this analysis prove that the Polish government is exploiting the Eastern European Migrant Crisis for foreign strategic and domestic political reasons. That’s not even to mention the role that Warsaw played in joining the US-led West’s wars that destroyed Muslim countries like Afghanistan and Iraq, which is where the true origin of the EU’s increasingly frequent Migrant Crises lies. Poland saw a unique opportunity to spin events in such a way that its own interests could be served at others’ expense, which is ironically what it falsely claims that Russia is trying to do. It’s therefore understandable why observers are criticizing the country, but they mustn’t ever take joy at the thought of how much the innocent Polish people would suffer if their government didn’t stop this invasion. 

By Andrew Korybko
Source: OneWorld

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