Biden’s Upcoming Democracy Summit Chokes on Unipolar Hypocrisy

To the degree that techno-feudal wind-up dolls continue to promote “democracy” while demanding that the world remain firmly under the heel of a unipolar hegemon, then no “democracy summit” will be worth anything.

The consequence of many decades of terrible ideas has now begun to impose its full weight upon the unipolar ship of state which has found itself careening towards a self-induced maelstrom. The captains managing this ship would have been able to easily foresee this tragic plunge long ago, had they not chosen to get drunk on hegemony amidst the cultish age of consumerism and hedonistic myopia that transformed our society 50 years ago. These empty shells of statesmen who have arisen to prominence within the post-truth age have proven themselves so detached from any semblance of humility or self-awareness that President Joe Biden has found no embarrassment in championing a World Democracy Summit this December 9-10th.

Besides the fact that this ‘democracy summit’ has undemocratically chosen to not invite nearly half of the nations of earth, including China and Russia, the USA is still somehow projecting the image that it is the leader of the free and democratic rules-based international order. The fact is that no nation has done more work to undermine democracies, spread war and murder over the past 70 years than the USA- and only a very shallow zombie, living in a self-congratulatory echo chamber, would miss that fact.

Sadly, as recent developments surrounding the lemminglike race for shutting down fossil fuels (amidst a dire energy crisis threatening millions of lives), and pushing military confrontation with Russia and China, the west is in no shortage of shallow zombies living in self-congratulatory echo chambers.

75 Years Bombing for Democratic Values

As it currently stands, the legacy of wanton murder and chaos caused by American military action has resulted in 201 induced armed conflicts (out of a total 248 on record) since the start of the Cold War. This represents a staggering 81% of all military conflicts recorded since WWII with 90% of the deaths occurring among innocent civilians!

1945 is a fair starting point as it was the end of the last war that could be justified in a rational manner (even though no good argument can be made that Wall Street or London bankers had to fund fascism before and during the war itself, but that’s a tale for another location).

After WW2, the USA completely lost any claim to a moral high ground, as Franklin Roosevelt’s beautiful vision for global development in cooperation with Russia and China was sabotaged by deep state snakes waiting in the wings for the first chance to take control of the ship of state.

This fascist machine within the USA which FDR fought relentlessly against since 1932 was called out by former Vice President Henry Wallace who stated in 1946: “fascism in the postwar inevitably will push steadily for Anglo-Saxon imperialism and eventually for war with Russia. Already American fascists are talking and writing about this conflict and using it as an excuse for their internal hatreds and intolerances toward certain races, creeds and classes.”

At this tragic moment, Wallace was fired from the cabinet of Harry S. Truman, and a new Anglo-American recolonization of the world began under the pretext of ‘stopping godless communism’. Nuclear bombs which Roosevelt would never have permitted be used- especially on a defeated nation as Japan was – were quickly dropped by a racist little man who wasn’t even trusted enough to be briefed of their existence while vice-president. Not only did Truman not know of the Manhattan project, but he didn’t have the morality or mental fortitude to understand what FDR planned for the post-war age, and soon led a purge of all patriots from the OSS which was disbanded in September 1945, and reconsolidated a new clandestine warfare agency called in the CIA in 1947.

Under this new age of Cold War bipolarism, the dark arts of hybrid warfare, CIA/MI6-coordinated assassinations and coups were honed. Prominent nations targeted early on by this new devil’s pact included Greece (1947), Syria (1949), Iran (1953), Guatemala (1954), Laos (1960), Dominican Republic (1961), Congo (1961, 1965), South Vietnam (1963), Brazil (1964), Bolivia (1971), Chile (1973) and Argentina (1976) (to name but a few).

The Korean War promptly led to the deaths of over 3 million civilians and even more refugees with the nation’s infrastructure in total disarray. Later, the Vietnam war resulted in the deaths of at least two million civilians, 1.1 million North Vietnamese soldiers, 300 thousand South Vietnamese soldiers, and 58 thousand American troops[1].

It is difficult to estimate the loss of lives, direct and indirect by America’s interventions between 1945-present. In the latter category, one may include the revival of fascist networks in Europe via Operation Gladio, in Latin America via Operation Condor, and the creation of radical Islamic terror outfits under Brzezinski’s Operation Cyclone.

The assassinations conducted on nationalist statesmen seeking to defend their people from evil was not reserved for poor countries but also included leading moral figures within western governments. Among this grouping are found UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold, Industrialist Enrico Mattei, President Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr and Bobby Kennedy. The latter would certainly have been elected president in 1968 had an assassin’s bullet not shot him in the back of the neck at close range.

Lest we forget that imperial warfare is not isolated to bomb dropping, coup running, or color revolutions, John Perkins demonstrated in his Confessions of an Economic Hitman (2004), that the worst form of warfare has always been economic in nature. It has long been understood that more damage can be done by the stroke of an economist’s pen than a thousand paramilitary groups.

After this scorched earth doctrine wrecked havoc across generations, a resistance has finally emerged powerful enough to begin to challenge this empire of chaos, as we have seen with Russia’s subversion of Syrian regime change operations. Not only do we see resistance, but also the creation of a viable new economic order needed to provide real development to the world’s nations. Where the rules-based-order offered humanitarian bombs and democratic color revolutions to the world, the leadership of the multipolar order is offering peaceful cooperation, and large scale infrastructure.

China and Russia Step In

For the first time in decades, infrastructure projects tied to the BRI are arising within Southwest Asia. Railroads connecting Iraq to Iran (with the Shalamcheh-Basra rail) are being built, the CPEC corridor has transformed millions of lives in Pakistan, and have opened up new branchpoints that can easily extend development into Afghanistan and beyond. Through Russian and Chinese diplomacy, Syria is being re-admitted into the Arab League, and discussions are underway to extend a Southern BRI connection through Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey as part of a broader reconstruction program.

Even a new alternative financial economic architecture has been carefully built up over the past 7 years outside of the IMF/World Bank sphere of influence. This alternative system is de-dollarizing at a fast pace, and emitting long term, low interest loans without usurious conditionalities for genuine development.

While the Anglo-American deep state was busy obsessing over steering a color revolution to oust a democratically elected president within the USA itself between 2016-2020, Russia and China were busy launching a grand strategy of diplomatic brilliance across the global south. By 2020, over 135 nations had signed memoranda of understanding to join the New Silk Road, with 17 Arab, 17 Ibero-American, and 50 African nations jumping on board the life raft.

Their formula used by Russia and China is simple although a modern liberal couldn’t understand it: 1) Provide unwavering support for sovereignty of each participating nation, 2) Promote absolute non-interventionism militarily into another state, and 3) Encourage long term economic planning in order to harmonize all interests into a community of shared interest.

If the American population were more aware of their own history, they would quickly see that this outlook is entirely compatible with a tradition which the west once embodied in saner times.

Real progressive democrats like Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy died defending this non-zero sum paradigm of win-win cooperation globally.

These figures understood, as automatons dominant among the enlightened rules based techno-crowd today cannot conceive, that the only viable foundation upon which democratic ideals can be nurtured is when each participating state is respected as a sovereign nation. Upon being respected as a sovereign nation, each member can be trusted to act according to its true self-interest. Upon acting upon its true self-interest, the uplifting of living standards and universal needs for peace, security, freedom from want, and goals for economic betterment can be advanced. When these ideals are advanced, faith in the goodness of humanity can blossom on solid foundations and cooperation across cultural, ethnic, national and religious divides can unite the members of each nation into a family. This was the meaning of President John Quincy Adams’ foreign policy outlook when he envisioned a “community of principle”.

To the degree that techno-feudal wind-up dolls continue to promote “democracy” while demanding that the world remain firmly under the heel of a unipolar hegemon, then no “democracy summit” will be worth anything.

(1) Estimates published by the Vietnamese government in 1995

By Matthew Ehret
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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