The US’ Anti-Chinese Deep State Faction Hates Ukraine’s Close Ties with China

This insight admittedly won’t be popular with either the Mainstream Media or the Alt-Media Community…Neither want to acknowledge Ukraine’s very close geo-economic ties with China because these objectively existing and easily verifiable facts are too “politically incorrect” for their respective narratives.

The post-“Maidan” US-backed Ukrainian authorities are rightly considered by many to be puppets of their American patrons. This includes Russian President Putin, who wrote in an article on bilateral relations last summer that its leaders had “given up the full control of Ukraine to external forces”. This is certainly true, but there’s a curious exception, and that concerns Ukraine’s close ties with China. The prevailing anti-Chinese faction of the US’ permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies (“deep state”) predictably hates this since it shows that Ukraine isn’t totally under their control or at the very least has tried to sincerely regain some semblance of geo-economic sovereignty.

There’s plenty of evidence confirming this interesting observation. Ukraine withdrew its signature last June from a multilateral statement condemning China for alleged “human rights” abuses in Xinjiang. The author of the present analysis then proposed at the time that “Poland Should Follow Ukraine’s Lead By Using China To Balance The US”, which is precisely what that aspiring Central & Eastern European (CEE) leader just did after its president rebuffed American pressure by declaring that he’ll visit Beijing next month for its Winter Olympics. Reuters cited unnamed Polish officials who allegedly told the outlet “it’s no longer in Poland’s interests to continue criticizing China simply to please the Americans.”

Quite clearly, for as surprising as it seems, Ukraine actually succeeded in setting into motion a regional geo-economic trend. It was able to do so because of how mutually beneficial its ties with China have been. Chinese President Xi declared earlier this month in a telegram to his Ukrainian counterpart that “The Chinese side is ready to work with the Ukrainian side to make the 30th anniversary of China–Ukraine diplomatic relations a good opportunity to strengthen China–Ukraine relations and achieve even greater success in all areas of cooperation for the benefit of the two countries and their peoples.” Chinese Ambassador to Ukraine Fan Xianrong shortly thereafter elaborated on their ties.

He announced that “In the period from January to October 2021 alone, the trade turnover reached $15.76 billion, or 32.2% more than in the same period in 2020. This is a new record in Chinese-Ukrainian trade, and China has consistently remained Ukraine’s largest trading partner.” The diplomat also revealed that “Ukraine, in turn, has become China’s largest trading partner in the sale of corn and oil.” Additionally, “In the first 11 months of 2021, the value of newly signed contracts to implement projects by Chinese-funded enterprises in Ukraine reached 6.64 billion dollars, setting a new record high.” All of this progress occurred despite a multibillion-dollar investment dispute speculatively provoked by the US.

There’s no way that the US’ prevailing anti-Chinese “deep state” faction would approve of this. To the contrary, they’ve tried to sabotage Chinese-Ukrainian relations exactly as their subversive anti-Russian “deep state” rivals are trying to do the same with Russian-US relations in the context of their ongoing talks over Moscow’s security guarantee proposals. The anti-Chinese faction is pressuring all American partners to curtail and then cut off their ties with China. They’re also seriously exploring the possibility of de-escalating tensions with Russia in Europe in order to enable the Pentagon and their NATO allies to redeploy more of their forces from there to the Asia-Pacific to more aggressively “contain” China.

It’s unrealistic to imagine that the US would turn blind eye to China making such impressive economic inroads in Ukraine, especially since the anti-Chinese “deep state” faction is most powerfully influencing that fading unipolar hegemon’s policies at the moment. In order to avoid any misunderstandings, Chinese-Ukrainian ties are mutually beneficial and regionally stabilizing. They should be encouraged, not discouraged. Ukraine could serve as a major node along China’s Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), particularly its Eurasian Land Bridge through Kazakhstan and Russia en route to the EU. This geo-economic logic explains why it and neighboring Poland have rebuffed their US patron on China.

Between the Ukrainian authorities’ growing ties with China in spite of American pressure to curtail them and the influence that their patron’s subversive anti-Russian “deep state” faction exerts over them at the expense of its prevailing anti-Chinese one’s grand strategic plans to de-escalate tensions with Russia in Europe for the earlier mentioned reason related to more aggressively “containing” China, it’s not difficult to see why the US’ anti-Chinese “deep state” faction is increasingly unhappy with Kiev. This might even explain the recent Ukrainian coup talk over the weekend, which should be elaborated upon a bit more for the reader’s understanding.

The author analyzed that the ridiculous basis upon which these accusations are being made against Russia strongly suggests that the anti-Russian “deep state” faction fears both the Ukrainian opposition’s possible regime change plot to avert this interest group’s catastrophic proxy war with Russia but also their anti-Chinese rivals’ potential support for this scenario as a last-ditch effort to stop that conflict. The anti-Chinese “deep state” faction would actually kill two birds with one stone by removing Zelensky: whoever replaces him wouldn’t be beholden to their anti-Russian rivals (thus being less likely to provoke the war that the latter want) and plus they’d probably curtail and eventually cut off ties with China too.

This insight admittedly won’t be popular with either the Mainstream Media or the Alt-Media Community (AMC). The first-mentioned wouldn’t ever publicly countenance that the US’ prevailing “deep state” faction might seriously consider removing Zelensky or at the very least stand aside while the Ukrainian opposition possibly attempts this while the second cannot accept that Ukraine isn’t 100% fully controlled by the US. Neither want to acknowledge Ukraine’s very close geo-economic ties with China because these objectively existing and easily verifiable facts are too “politically incorrect” for their respective narratives. Nevertheless, serious observers should reflect on what was just shared.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: OneWorld

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