The Cursed Words of the War in Ukraine That the Mainstream Media Dare Not Speak

There is one talking point that does not appear anywhere, it is so forbidden that it cannot even be brought up into the conversation to be criticized or “debunked”.

It should come as no surprise to anyone that the Mainstream Media has taken an absolutely one-sided stance on the war going on right now in the Ukraine. We cannot forget that most of the “news” that we get are just AP or Reuters newswires rewritten by some bachelor’s degree monkey in a cubicle or unaffordable New York apartment. News isn’t made by some philosopher kings, but by systemic people within their system and when the man says “jump” they say “how high”. This is a fact of life, big media outlets are financed to project an interpretation of reality to control public perception not to create an educated public. Probably, all who are reading this dislike that fact, but for now it is an unchangeable reality, so absolutely no one should have expected Fox, CNN, the BBC or any others to try to break down and understand the motivations behind Russia’s ongoing military intervention.

But all of this big media has to still present the facade that it is analyzing the situation and offering insight, so in a controlled way they have to pretend like they somehow are presenting to you the true motivations behind what the Russians are doing. Sometimes they at least repeat Russia’s official logic followed by smug condemnation of the absurdity that they could find a hostile Nazi regime that recently considered getting nukes as their neighbor a threat. But there is one talking point that does not appear anywhere, it is so forbidden that it cannot even be brought up into the conversation to be criticized or “debunked”.

So let’s open the Necronomicon for the Mainstream Media together and expose these dark words right now.

Within most major nations in any given region of the world there are plenty of ways that we can subdivide the dominant culture. Within China there are plenty of dialects and regional culinary differences between people, Germany and Italy really only forged into greater nations from many diverse regions in the 1800s and places like Nigeria have many tribes who all say they are Nigerian, but never forget to mention which tribe they come from. The United States, the current home of the Mainstream Media can also be subdivided by some regional tendencies. The whole Civil War thing really cemented the idea in American society that there are “northerners” and “southerners” who both have different accents, attitudes, cuisine and to this day have differing views on what this whole America thing is supposed to look like. If there is a third type of American it would probably be someone from the West Coast. Seattle, Portland, San Fran and LA, who are neither northern nor southern in their accent, views and general culture.

People love to overclassify things online and we could get into arguments that the “Rocky Mountain Way”, as Joe Walsh put it, is different enough from the West Coast to be its own sub-type of American or perhaps if a Northerner is poor enough, they magically transform into a Midwesterner. It isn’t important as to how many subdivisions for Americans we can make, by their accents, local culture, political views, geography and so on, but to acknowledge that these different types of Americans are real and that besides some basement dwellers online 99% of Americans see these other types as their countrymen and overall an inherent part of their society. Even if California’s inability to pronounce the word “button” is infuriating, along with their sense of “moral superiority”, these are not reasons to say they are no longer Americans.

Now, what if the United States were to lose a horrible war and evil foreign powers came in to break American society forever? They would take these American sub-types and try to turn them into different ethnicities. The new overlords would push some sort of Southern revisionism and tell them that it is time for the South to “rise again” and punish generations of “Northern Aggression”. The evil occupiers would of course feed into West Coast snobbism trying to convince Washington, Oregon and especially California that they’d be so much happier finally being separated from those casserole eating, truck driving, camouflage wearing troglodytes in the fly-over states that voted for Trump. Long story short, subdivisions within any society can be used by one’s enemies to create division and infighting.

Of course the enemies of America would not only pump an independent California full of hate but also make sure they had all the goodies and media cover to all sorts of destructive acts and most importantly cut any remaining cultural threads to American culture forever.

Now what if time passes in our fantasy scenario and a divided America gets back on its feet again. Futuristic Washington’s main mission would be to remove all the fake divisions created by the foreign occupiers. They would need to reintegrate the South and the West Coast especially if those regions were controlled by hostile regimes that serve only the interests of foreign powers.

So I would have to hope that the overwhelming majority of Americans reading this would agree that…

  1. There are regional differences across America.
  2. These differences could be exploited by foreign powers trying to convince them that they are not a type of American but a separate ethnicity.
  3. If foreign powers succeeded in breaking up America, it would be critical for the remnants of the USA to pick up the pieces as fast as possible and reunite the country ASAP before time takes its toll and real separate cultures start developing.
  4. This is especially true if one of these broken off parts of the Continental 48 became hostile and systemically anti-American being used as a weapon against Washington’s interests.

This was a long preface but it is necessary in order to understand why the Russians are doing what they are doing. In his now famous hour-long explanation as to why the military was going to go in and save the Donbass, Putin explained that Lenin and the Communists in their Internationalist zeal irrationally subdivided regions of Russia into separate nations based on seemingly minor and often pointless differences. In the same way that we could sit down and roughly divide a map of America with markers into different subtypes of Americans, the Bolsheviks took it a step further and divided their nation into many fake sub-nations.

Ukraine is a fake nation made to serve a 1920’s Communist Agenda of Internationalism that now serve a Globalist/NeoCon agenda of keeping Russia as small and weak as possible. Kiev is the birthplace of Russian Civilization and the regions to the south and east of it are inherently Russian as Chicago, Atlanta and Las Vegas are inherently American despite their regional differences, accents and so on.

This is the key piece of logic that the Mainstream Media keeps hiding from every discussion about this issue. This is the Elephant in the room that never seems to make it on camera and it explains this odd invasion where the Russians will pound air bases with hypersonic missiles yet not cut off the internet or electricity to Kiev. It explains why half the mayors of the towns the Russians rolled through have happily put up Red, White and Blue flags on top of their offices carrying on with their official duties without the need to use fake Ukrainian terminology in their paperwork anymore. This also explains why the Russians will accept surrender from any of Kiev’s conscripts but have zero mercy for the private battalions. The truth is that the majority of the people, especially in the south and east of today’s Ukraine are Russian. These two-thirds of Ukraine, were, are and always will be Russia to Russians.

After 8 years of watching their own people be bombed and killed by Kiev and the Oligarchs’ private Neo-Nazi battalions, Russia has simply had enough. Before allowing a few people to be killed rather than launching an invasion in the hopes of negotiations and getting the Minsk Agreements to be followed seemed like the better option. Now Russians feel they have no choice but to sacrifice some to save all. These fake political divisions drawn by Lenin, and enforced by a triumphant Washington since 1991, have lead to an unnatural division in Russian Civilization and even created genocide in the Donbass.

Long ago Lincoln was faced with a choice: acknowledge that the South was a different culture and let them go, or remind them that they are American with musket and bayonet?
This is a similar sort of challenge faced by the Kremlin right now and this talking point is so easy to understand and so relevant and relatable to an American audience that it will never ever be hinted at on any Mainstream Media. These are the words that the Mainstream Media dare not speak – Ukraine is a fake country drawn up by the fantasies of Communist Revolutionaries to fit a hot narrative. Most of it is an inherent part of Russia and filled with Russians. #UkraineIsRussian, always has been, always will be. If you disagree then it is time for you to buy a white linen suit and recognize the Confederacy.

By Tim Kirby
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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