Buffer Zone or the Third World War

Let’s wake up, people! We are on the verge of the outbreak of the Third World War, in which there would certainly be a full exchange of nuclear strikes between NATO and Russia, with a very high probability that other nuclear powers would get involved in that conflict. We may freely say that never in the entire history of mankind have we been in greater danger than now, in this unenviable situation in which we found ourselves – only seemingly overnight. However, the people on whom it depends the most whether there will be that last global conflict or not, do not seem to worry in the least. On the contrary, they intend to “extinguish” the war flames in Ukraine with gasoline in order to spread the conflict to other countries.

For full two decades or more, Moscow has been warning NATO that it can no longer tolerate its continuous and uncontrolled expansion towards the East, which poses a direct threat to Russia’s national security. For reasons known only to them, the leadership of the North Atlantic Alliance decided to completely ignore all these warnings. As the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China Le Yucheng recently emphasized, NATO, although it considers itself a system of collective security, has brought the whole world into a state of “absolute insecurity”. In short, if you want to turn your country into a wasteland, the best way to do that is to show your interest in membership in that infamous and hated military alliance that has become the modern equivalent of Hitler’s Nazi hordes.

The keys to peace and war are in NATO’s hands, and everyone knows that. However, at a time when the conflict is raging in Ukraine, the beginning of which is entirely the fault of the leaders of the North Atlantic Alliance, these same people are now going one step further towards creating the conditions for the outbreak of a general nuclear conflict. First of all, NATO is preparing to assign a special role to Poland as a provocateur that would enter the territory of Ukraine and Belarus with its army. In Ukraine, Poles would play a role of peacekeepers, while in reality they would be actively involved in the military conflict against Russian forces. In Belarus, Polish troops would carry out a full invasion, ostensibly to ”protect” Ukraine’s northern border. The Americans have been preparing Belarusian neo-Nazis and other extremists in Belarus for years, and they have already tried to use them to overthrow the Lukashenko – luckily without success. In the event of an incursion of Polish forces into the territory of Belarus, the Americans would at the same time, try to activate their Fifth Column as an aid to the Polish aggressor. Using the general confusion, Polish leadership sees a chance to achieve huge territorial expansions at the expense of Belarus and Ukraine, and has gone so far in its madness that it is threatening Russia directly, by taking away the entire Kaliningrad region. Of course, Poland is just an American puppet, a state without real sovereignty that the United States would just misuse in their war against Russia because they are simply ready to sacrifice them. How exactly does the Polish military and political leadership intend to “defeat” Russia? Are they gone insane? Have they warned their citizens of all possible risks? Do they have any real support from their citizens to enter into a military conflict with one nuclear superpower? NATO has largely crossed all Russian thresholds of tolerance, and Russia is already in a state of alarming unrest that should worry not only Poles but also the rest of the Western Hemisphere. Any conflict between the Polish and Russian military forces, under whatever flag the Poles would act, would automatically lead to the outbreak of the Third World War. Independent geopolitical analysts of all meridians agree on this. It does not matter whether the Poles would act under the flag of NATO, the EU, the UN or the OSCE. After all, it is already very difficult to distinguish exactly where NATO ends and the EU begins and vice versa. For Russia, NATO and the EU are a single geopolitical block that has been carrying out a type of passive aggression directed against it since the collapse of the USSR. Poles must know what would surely await them in the event of the outbreak of World War III. They would share the fate of the rest of the world and cease to exist as both a state and a nation. That is why it is really very difficult to understand the irresponsible behavior of the Polish military and political leadership, by which they endanger not only their country but also the whole world.

However, it seems that Poland’s involvement in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict would not be dangerous enough for the leaders of the North Atlantic Alliance. NATO is simply insisting that a nuclear war must not only commence but also to start as soon as possible. For the rest of the world, especially for the citizens of the member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance, it would be very useful to have an insight into the records of “activities” planned for the coming period. Despite the fact that the war in Ukraine is a direct consequence of the intention of that country to join NATO, the idiots who lead that organization are preparing new aggressive steps even more dangerous than the ones we have seen so far. An organization that has been proven and generally known to be criminal and which has the character of a geopolitical cancer that will eventually kill its hosts, now plans to place Finland and Sweden under the auspices of its absolute insecurity!

The Swedes have proven to be far more intelligent in this matter than their neighbors. They have not participated in any wars for centuries and, unlike many other Western European countries, they have managed to create a democracy that can be called functional. Due to the diverse political scene in Sweden and the mood of public opinion, it is unlikely that Swedes will fall for stories about the Russian boogeyman and replace traditional neutrality and security with an unnecessary risk of participating in a great and absolutely devastating war. Believe it or not, Russia is not a danger to Sweden at all. Do you want a piece of evidence derived from simple logic? Here it is: Russia itself feels so threatened and overwhelmed by huge geopolitical problems on most of its borders that it does not need new enemies at all. On the contrary, Russia needs friends and even the mediation and help of neutral states, such as Sweden itself. Is there any logic in the fact that Russia, in a state in which it feels the highest possible degree of danger to its national security, attacks a neutral state such as Sweden and Finland? Anyone who claims so, just in order to promote further NATO expansion is on the payroll of that organization, which is now undoubtedly the greatest threat to peace of all time, even greater than the one represented by the Nazis, fascists and militarists who started the Second World War.

Although we have concluded by simple logic that Russia is not a threat to Finland, it seems that the government of this country wants to become a threat to Russia by joining NATO as soon as possible and opening a new front on the 1340 km long Russian-Finnish border. This will greatly upset the spirits in Moscow and, as a consequence, it is likely to have an urgent and radical change in the entire Russian military doctrine! The Finnish army is not a real danger for Russia, but we all know that the accession of one Eastern European country to NATO also means the inevitable arrival of American military forces and the installation of NATO’s offensive missile systems. A fierce and hysterical Russophobic campaign has already been launched in Finland. Suddenly, the memories of the ghosts of the Winter War, which was waged against Finland almost 100 years ago by a state that has not existed for a long time, the USSR, are tendentiously and maliciously revived. Until recently, the mood of the Finnish public regarding the accession to the North Atlantic Alliance was around fifty percent in favor that decision. However, in just one month, the NATO instigators of war, with an aggressive marketing campaign, and I dare say, also by rigging the results of the research, managed to inflate the percentage of support for joining NATO to 63%. Finally, in order to speed up Finland’s accession to the North Atlantic Alliance, President Sauli Niinistö said that such a “formality” as a referendum in which citizens would have the opportunity to say what they really think is not necessary at all. From all this we can conclude two things. First, NATO does not know how to learn from mistakes and likes to repeat them because, after all, everything about that military alliance is completely wrong. Secondly, Finland, like most other countries of the European Union, has no real sovereignty and its leadership will make decisions that are contrary to the interests of the Finnish people just to satisfy the United States, which keeps those same politicians in power by funding them. By joining NATO, Finland would provoke Russia to such an extent that no one could foresee the further moves of the Russian state lead. He who has the feeling to defend himself, and in this case that is Russia, if someone did not yet realize, is able to react in very suprising and unpredictable ways in the desire to protect itself at any possible cost. At the moment, Russia is not a danger to Finland, nor is Finland a danger to Russia, and it is better for the whole world to stay that way.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian was completely right when he said that NATO, as a product of the Cold War, should have ceased to exist at the moment when the USSR disintegrated instead of now pushing Russia into a corner. Pressed against the wall, Russia has very a very limited choice of possibilities, and in order to defend itself, it may have to be the first to reach for nuclear weapons. The document on the nuclear deterrence of the Russian Federation envisages the possibility of using nuclear weapons even in the event that Russia is attacked with conventional weapons. Since NATO’s conventional arsenal surpasses Russia’s, it means that the Russian Federation would have to resort to the most terrible weapons at some point. Are NATO military experts aware of that? Why don’t they share with the public of their countries what the minimum number of military and civilian victims on the NATO side would be in a case of war with Russia? Is it, in Madeleine Albright’s language, a “sacrifice they are willing to make”? Do European and other nations that are members of NATO have the courage to dismantle that military alliance from hell? As individuals, as ordinary people and citizens, Europeans and Americans are certainly capable of removing NATO from the historical stage in the name of their children’s future, if they manage to put enough pressure on their corrupt governments. The elite that lives well from NATO will certainly be reluctant to give up their share of the cake. However, time is running out and urgent measures are needed to extinguish the danger of a general war.

If NATO really wants peace and security, it will be great news for them that such a solution actually exists. Yes, peace is possible; all it takes is a little good will and a little less selfishness and vanity in the ranks of NATO leaders. Contrary to NATO’s insistence on further expansion at the most sensitive times, such as this one in which NATO is already waging proxy war against Russia through Ukraine, in order to de-escalate the conflict, a huge and wide buffer zone consisting of Norway, Finland and Sweden in northern Europe, the Baltic republics, Poland, Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria should be established. With the guarantees of permanent members of the United Nations Security Council: the People’s Republic of China, the French Republic, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern and Ireland and the United States, these countries would be guaranteed full military neutrality and full safety. There would be no foreign military bases, nuclear, chemical, biological, and other weapons of mass destruction on the territories of these countries, as well as offensive weapons of any other kind. It is clear that with such guarantees, these countries would enjoy absolute security. NATO, as the mother of all the evils of the modern world, would finally and officially become completely unnecessary. Besides, it never brought security but only suffering and death. If such a buffer zone is not established as soon as possible, nuclear war will not be avoided.

One of the biggest problem is that NATO speaks the language of lies in which reality is completely reversed. Who does not believe, let him carefully analyze the statements of the lord of lies, Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of the North Atlantic Alliance. Here are just some of his last claims:

“NATO is a defense alliance” – a lie, NATO ruthlessly bombed Serbia although this small country did not endanger any member of that military alliance.

“The Alliance is determined not to engage directly in the military confrontation between Moscow and Kiev” – another lie, NATO instructors and mercenaries have been present in Ukraine for a long time and the Alliance is now equipping this country not only with modern weapons, ammunition and other equipment, but also with “boots on the ground”.

“NATO is not looking for a war with Russia” – an utter lie, NATO is already in a proxy war with Russia and for reasons that no one understands, is doing everything to bring about their total war.

I suppose Mr. Stoltenberg never read the Bible or did it extremely sloppily. If so, he would recognize himself and the work of the criminal organization he heads in this quote from the Holy Book: “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20)

By Davor Slobodanovich Vuyachich
Source: Katehon think tank. Geopolitics & Tradition

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