Decommissioning NATO’s Useful Pseudo Intellectual Idiots

We need to replace all NATO’s pliable puppets with an intellectual caste that resorts to jaw jaw instead of NATO’s endless war war and that sees Russia as something more than a market to offload McDonald’s hamburgers.

When the Soviet Union imploded, Russia urgently needed intellectuals to conceptualise and formulate newer, national narratives to fill their resulting ideological void. Though Alexsandr Dugin who, in his Quixotic search for the Soul of Russia, has been accused of nibbling on an eclectic smörgåsbord of Satanism, Stalinism, Russian Orthodoxy, Marxism-Leninism, pan-Slavism and Nazism, is one such Russian intellectual, Dugin’s final legacy will fall somewhat short of his mooted Russian Manifest Destiny, his supposed desire for a “Euro-Soviet empire which would stretch from Dublin to Vladivostok and would also need to expand to the south, since it require(s) a port on the Indian Ocean”.

Fantastical though Dugin’s pronouncements sometimes seemed, they have now been obviated by President’s Putin’s repeated statements that Russia wants a stable Western border and good, forward-looking relations with China and the Indian sub-continent. As far as the Russian government is concerned, Duginism, in its strong form, can now be consigned to wherever it is historical aberrations fade into obsolescence; Russia will, for the foreseeable future, concentrate on getting her own intellectual house in order.

Although Russia has largely divested herself of her surplus philosophers, NATO’s Manifest Destiny ideologues, as part of their full spectrum dominance strategy, still need theirs, regardless of how fickle their cant may be in either their strong or diluted forms. Bernard-Henri Lévy, the French Zionist “philosopher” who crops up like the proverbial bad penny wherever NATO’s dark arts are at work, is a case in point. As Lévy, NATO’s Professor Pangloss, is now calling for the emasculation of Russia, just as he has called for the destruction of Syria here, here and here, along the same genocidal lines he advocated in Libya, Lévy’s main utility is in spraying a pseudo-intellectual spittle on NATO’s more abominable crimes.

Prof. Gilbert Achcar of London’s SOAS, is another “progressive” proponent of NATO’s “humanitarian slaughter” in places like Syria and Libya and in his native Lebanon as well. Achcar is noteworthy as his academic output seems, especially when juxtaposed with his stratospheric public profile, pathetically weak.

The SOAS’ own website informs us that “Gilbert’s research interests and publication topics include: the political economy and sociology of globalisation, the global power structure and grand strategy, empire theory and the unfolding of U.S. hegemony globally and in the ‘Broader Middle East’, politics and development economics of the countries of the Middle East and North Africa, the sociology of religion in general, of Islam and Islamic fundamentalism in particular, social change and social theory”.

So a very wide or global “big picture” but somewhat shallow area of expertise, one could say. Though “Eichmann in Cairo: The Eichmann Affair in Nasser’s Egypt” seems, on first glance, to be more deeply focused, such, alas is not the case as Achcar only flippantly reviewed coverage of the Eichmann trial in the Egyptian press. Achcar, on the evidence, did not get his cushy number because of his academic prowess.

As this dissenting article explains, contrary to his own belated Blair-like protestations, Achcar is, at heart, an over-paid propaganda mouthpiece-for-hire in convincing the “radical left” to support the “humanitarian bombing” of Libya and other sovereign countries in NATO’s cross-hairs. As Gilbert explained: in the “absence of any alternative means of achieving the protection goal, no one can reasonably oppose it… You can’t in the name of anti-imperialist principles oppose an action that will prevent the massacre of civilians.” So, Achcar’s main criticism of NATO’s saturation humanitarian bombing of Libya, is that they had “only” flown 11,107 sorties against Libya as against 38,004 sorties in NATO’s1999 anti-Serbian war over Kosovo. Not enough humanitarian slaughter for Achcar, in short.

Although this jingoistic site regards him as a “clear-sighted leftist” war-monger who no doubt knows what side his bread is buttered on, Achcar, on the evidence, is no intellectual at all. And nor is French philosopher Lévy, who calls for France’s Muslims to host special days to stone people to death and who cannot even differentiate between real and fake French philosophers. Another over-paid NATO cretin, in other words.

As those intellectuals have feel of clay, we can only conclude that they owe their prominence to their support for NATO’s endless wars. Lévy’s recent political activities do not lend themselves to any other interpretation. If we accept that hypothesis, then we must also accept that groups like the Henry Jackson Society, Bellingcat and Left Foot Forward, to name but three illustrative examples, are similarly NATO constructs, NATO’s useful soft war idiots that cement NATO’s Doublethink into what remains of the West’s public consciousness.

The Henry Jackson Society is a very influential, extreme right wing British think tank that has an undue influence with right wing British Conservative and Labour MPs and their sponsors. While touting their support for freedom, liberalism and democratization as their core organizational remit, in practice the HJS is a neocon Trojan horse for the very opposite: state-expansionism, state-militarization, interventionism, rampant market deregulation and privatization in the interests of Western vulture funds. What’s particularly shocking is that their pursuit of their goals and Trojan horse tactics are, for the most part, easily verifiable from the public record, with only a little digging, from which we can only conclude that the HJS’ objective, from its outset, was to legitimize violent regime-change in the Middle East and Donbas in the name of fulfilling NATO’s manifest destiny by humanitarian bombing.

Despite the accolades NATO heaped on him, Bellingcat’s Eliot Higgins’ feigned expertise on chemical and biological weapons has, along with that of his colleague, Dan Kaszeta, been repeatedly pulverized by technical expert Dr Neal Krawetz and MIT’s Prof. Ted Postol, both of whom have long-established track records in those very specialized fields. As Bellingcat and Higgins are both now flourishing under the protective wing of NATO’s Atlantic Council, we can only assume that their continued prominence is explained by NATO’s need, as part of their full spectrum dominance dictum. for a controlled input by “the common man”.

Left Foot Forward, founded by failed politician Will Straw, the son of disgraced politician Jack Straw, is a British blog, formerly edited by Niamh Ní Mhaoileoin , (who, as part of NATO’s reward system, has since scored some lucrative New Statesman pay-days).who tweeted on 28 March 2016 that “Boris Johnson is truly nauseating” for praising Palmyra’s liberation by the Syrian Army. A day earlier, this Irish woman tweeted that tricolour sex toys were the perfect way to commemorate the 1916 Dublin Easter Uprising.

Linking sex toys to Ireland’s revolutionary heritage brings us back to Pussy Riot, to Femen and to the late Gene Sharp’s From Dictatorship to Democracy, which is credited with supplying America’s agents their blueprint for emasculating governments opposed to NATO. The subversion, intentional or otherwise, of old paradigms “from Dublin to Vladivostok” has given NATO’s useful idiots the green light to continue proclaiming its manifest destiny, regardless of the negative externalities and collateral damage their intellectual myopia causes.

Although the Russian Army is, for now at least, stalling NATO’s eastwards progress, NATO’s more ethereal threats must also be neutralized if Europe is ever to achieve lasting peace. Updated cuius regio, eius religio clauses of the Peace of Westphalia are, arguably, some of the many precedents worth implementing. Under those terms, NATO would cease and desist from all subversive philosophical, religious, political and secular evangelizing, countries like Syria, Yemen, Russia and what remains of Yugoslavia would be allowed to live peaceably within their own myths and their own borders and trans-national cultural, sporting, political, financial and economic bodies would be wrested from the control of the USA and its satellites.

Now, all of this is not just to win some pedantic pseudo-philosophical point over Achcar, Lévy or one of NATO’s Henry Jackson Society shills, as a fair debate with them would be even more akin to taking a new-born baby on in arm-wrestling than it was when Dugin’s community centered approach easily handled Lévy’s vacuous shibboleths as well as the one-dimensional American exceptionalism musings of Francis Fukuyama and Ivan Krastev. Rather, it is to plainly say that Russia’s Paralympians should freely compete against their peers, that Russian ideas, as expressed by Chekhov, Dostoevsky and Tolstoy, deserve their permanent positions smack centre on the High Altar of our global literature and NATO’s dangerous xenophobes, who think otherwise, deserve to be banished, like the despicable pariahs that they truly are, far beyond the realms of outer space the now cancelled Yuri Gagarin first explored on our behalf.

Though Dugin has been described as Putin’s brain and Lévy is what passes for NATO’s bird brain, Nobel Prize winner Steven Weinberg put it best when he said the only real utility of a philosopher like Dugin is to protect the world from Lévy and other NATO funded philosophical charlatans.

Though she may well continue to need her Dugins to repel NATO’s philosophical Sirens Russia will, as Tolstoy’s War and Peace shows, always need leaders who can cut to the chase, who can separate the wheat from the chaff and differentiate Russia’s true philosophers and patriots from the frauds. We need Bismarcks, de Gaulles, Talleyrands, Tolstoys and Metternichs, not bird brained authoritarians like Canada’s Trudeau, the red socks’ fascist, or pliable, demented and deranged war hawks like “Irish” Joe Biden. We need, in short, to replace all NATO’s pliable puppets with an intellectual caste that resorts to jaw jaw instead of NATO’s endless war war and that sees the lands of Dostoevksy, Tolstoy, Tchaikovsky and Shostakovich as something more than a market to offload McDonald’s hamburgers and Hello Kitty bling into.

Now, though none of that may ever come to pass because of NATO’s Manifest Destiny obsessions, it forms a much more solid basis for charting our common paths forward than does the self-serving jingoism of Bernard-Henri Lévy and his fellow fake French philosophers. It also, of course, entails, dismantling NATO’s entire soft war apparatus, from NATO bottom feeders Bellingcat and the Henry Jackson Society, as well as decommissioning Bernard-Henri Lévy’s Christmas cracker philosophy.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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