Ukraine-Russia: A Proxy-War, Advancing the Agenda of the Great Reset?

After almost four decades of a Cold War from the mid-1950s to 1991, and another 2 decades of Cold War 2.0, since the beginning of the year 2000, when Mr. Putin took over the Presidency of Russia, the US via NATO, and with her European vassals, are now engaged in a hot war with Russia, using Ukraine as a proxy.

This was done very cleverly.

Since the US-instigated WWI in June 1914, Washington’s interest was to subjugate the then Russian empire, and later the Soviet Union and now Russia. This objective holds until today. The principal goal was and is to take over this huge country, the resource-richest nation in the world, a position Russia arguably still holds today.

Washington’s pretexts are many. With the onset of the Soviet Revolution, they say, communism was a danger to the world and especially to the United States. “National Security” is always a smart argument – and it sells well, since every country supposedly  thinks “national security” as a first priority.

In the last two decades, the US-driven antagonism against Russia, closely followed by Europe, was mostly directed against one man, namely Russia’s leader, President Putin. It’s always easier to demonize a person than an entire country. That’s what Washington’s Inner Circle does best.

Mr. Putin’s aim was and is to restore Russia as a secure and self-sufficient society, while maintaining relations, but not dependent on the west. Self-sufficiency to the extent possible and security is what every leader should see as a priority for his country.

Mr. Putin, a former high-level KGB official, knows very well what’s going on in the political minds of the western hegemon.

Gorbachev with Reagan

When  Mikhail Gorbachev, the last leader of the former Soviet Union (USSR), capitulated in 1991, he requested from the western allies a promise that they will NOT expand NATO beyond Berlin, as a condition for allowing unifying East and West Germany.

This was confirmed by then US Secretary of State James Baker, with the now famous words,

“NATO will not move an inch beyond Berlin”.

Documents to that extent are available in the Berlin War Museum.

We all know what happened then. The promise was not kept and today NATO has expanded from 16 countries in 1997, to today 30 countries, 28 of which are in Europe. Many of the new ones are in Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Republics – see map.

It is obvious that the move closer and closer to Moscow is a threat for Russia. It would be perceived as a threat by Washington, if Russia or China would build a military base in Mexico, or Central America.

Remember the Cuban Missile Crisis, when secret negotiations between then President J.F. Kennedy and Russian Chairman of the Communist Party, Nikita Khrushchev, potentially saved the world from a nuclear Armageddon?

Why would Mr. Putin now tolerate this obvious encroachment on his country by NATO forces, and the latest attempt, to enter Ukraine?

03 June 1961 President Kennedy meets with Chairman Khrushchev at the U. S. Embassy, Vienna.

Ukraine, by the way, has written her intent to gain NATO membership into her Constitution.

How daring.

Officially the US and NATO say that Ukraine will not become a NATO member, but actions show differently.

For the last at least 10-15 years, and especially after the US / NATO instigated Maidan Coup in Kiev on 22 February 2014, the US and NATO countries have supplied Ukraine with billions and billions worth of war material, high precision missiles, anti-aircraft and anti-tank systems, most of them produced in the US. De facto, this could easily be construed as making Ukraine a silent NATO member.

For Mr. Putin, this was crossing a red line. Understandably. Especially since the 2014 Minsk Accord was never respected and adhered to. The Minsk summit took place with the participation of Vladimir Putin, then Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, German chancellor Angela Merkel, French president François Hollande, and the representatives and leaders of the two Donbas Provinces, Mr. Alexander Zakharchenko, Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and Mr. Igor Plotnitsky, Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR). (see below)

Key points of the measures agreed upon, included a ceasefire, withdrawal of heavy weapons from the front line, release of prisoners of war, constitutional reform in Ukraine, granting self-government to certain areas of Donbas and restoring control of the state border to the Ukrainian government.

None of these agreements were adhered to, and the western leaders, who were party to the Minsk Accord, did not bother to have them enforced. For example, the Right-Wing Nazi Azov Battalion, acting in the eastern Ukraine, were for 8 years, since the Maidan Coup in 2014, bombarding and terror-attacking the Donbas population. They killed 14,000 civilians, including 3,000 to 4,000 children, most of the victims are of Russian descent.

This is rarely mentioned in the western media.

For Mr. Putin, drawing a Red Line was evident. No more NATO aggression, No NATO or NATO-country weapons into Ukraine, no assaults on the Donbas Provinces, no NATO personnel and NATO training in Ukraine. In fact, Mr. Putin requested a neutral, demilitarized Ukraine, neutral like Austria and Sweden.

None of this happened.

And what was of utmost danger to Russia, were the 25 to 30 bio-war labs on Ukrainian soil, and funded by the US, denied by Washington as “conspiracy theory” for months, until to the world’s surprise, on 9 March 2022, Ms. Victoria Nuland, Deputy US Secretary of State, confessed in a Senate Hearing that – yes, the US had been funding these bio-labs (she called them euphemistically “research centers”), and she added that the US now had to destroy them otherwise they may fall into Russian control. There are no words to describe how laughably ridiculous this statement is. Fox News Tucker Carlson framed and analyzed it well – see this.

With relentless aggression and western hostility against Russia and Mr. Putin’s person – the Russian President was put in a corner. He certainly doesn’t seek a nuclear WWIII, but he wants security for his country.

A western false flag could prompt a NATO nuclear attack on Russia. It wouldn’t be the first time that the US started a war based on a “false flag”, perpetrated by the US themselves or by a close ally, or proxy – just think of the self-inflicted Gulf of Tonkin incident, the USS Maddox attack, that triggered the full-fledged Vietnam War. And there are many others.

Great Reset Phase 2.0

That’s the history. Now to the present.

Russia intervened in Ukraine on 24 February 2022. Since then, all eyes are on Russia and Ukraine. Almost to the day covid disappears from the world arena, at least officially. Covid is gone from the headlines, everywhere. This is no coincidence. Geopolitics do not know coincidences – only plans and strategies.

The ever-stronger and more relentless provocation to pull Russia into a war with Ukraine – may it have been planned by the WEF and the WEF’s handlers? – Because the WEF’s full and final agenda is much stronger and wider and larger and deeper – than Covid and the War combined. But Covid and the War are perfect instruments to further the (UN) Agenda 2030, alias the Agenda of The Great Reset.

The picture above may give you an inkling of who is running the show in Ukraine. It depicts Klaus Schwab, WEF Chairman and CEO, with Ukraine President Zelenskyy in what looks like a cozy conversation.

Covid equals Great Reset 1.0.

It was to put people in awe, to indoctrinate them with an abject lie, to spread fear, to make people submissive – and obedient to authorities – while believing that these authorities – of all 193 UN member countries at once – all want only the best for their people. The way it should be. So, you do what they say. Governments are supposed to be the protectors of their people.

We were and still are totally wrong. We the people, must get it into our heads, that these times are gone. Our governments, more often than not, are our enemies.

They want the worst for the people – a global vaxx-genocide, stealing assets through artificially, alias covid-induced bankruptcies, shifting the liquidated properties from the bottom and the center to the top, by inflicting economic crises, and eventually, full digitization of everything, including especially financial resources, your money (no more cash), and – yes – the human brain – so as to have total control over the surviving humans.

Klaus Schwab, the CEO and founder of the WEF calls it the transformation of humans into transhumans – so that at completion of Agenda 2030, of the Great Reset – “you will own nothing, but will be happy”.

Here is a complete description of the Transhumanist Agenda.

For those who don’t know yet – Covid-19, alias SARS-Cov-2, never existed, was never identified, was never scientifically isolated.

This 4-min. trailer of The Viral Delusion, a new 6-hour documentary series – with interviewed scientists and facts on the table – the trailer tells you most everything of what you must know to understand that you have been criminally fooled over the last two years. The world has been criminally fooled. War criminals are the western elites, the WEF and its handlers, government officials, who commit knowingly these crimes on humanity.

Click here or screen to view

This scam has caused billions of victims. Directly from the nefarious and deadly side effects of the mRNA-injections which were sold as vaccines, but in fact were everything but vaccines; they were poison jabs, consisting of different damaging substances, one of them is graphene oxide, creating a magnetic field of your body, accessible by 5G-microwaves – discovered by the Spanish Research Team, “The Fifth Column”. See this; and indirectly, by causing in both the Global North and the Global South countless financial ruins, unemployment, misery, famine, related diseases – and yes, millions of suicides from desperation.

This scam has caused billions of victims. Directly from the nefarious and deadly side effects of the mRNA-injections which were sold as vaccines, but in fact were everything but vaccines; they were poison jabs, consisting of different damaging substances, one of them is graphene oxide, creating a magnetic field of your body, accessible by 5G-microwaves – discovered by the Spanish Research Team, “The Fifth Column”. See this; and indirectly, by causing in both the Global North and the Global South countless financial ruins, unemployment, misery, famine, related diseases – and yes, millions of suicides from desperation.

This all happened with the consent of the United Nations, WHO and the great Movers and Shakers, IMF, World Bank, European Central Bank (ECB), the Bank for International Settlements (BIS, the Central Bank of all central banks), even UNICEF — and of course, the Gates and Rockefeller Foundations (the main financiers of this scam of biblical dimension). And not to forget, the World Economic Forum – the WEF – and those dark handlers of the WEF, among them the world’s “financial emperors”, BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street and Fidelity.

Together, the financial emperors control some 20 to 25 trillion dollars in assets which gives them a leverage power of over 100 trillion dollars, as compared with a world GDP of some 90 trillion dollars.

With this financial might, they can do whatever they want with whatever country they want. This may explain, why from one day to the next, the entire world, 193 UN member countries were struck by the same fake virus (totally nonsensical, impossible in reality), and sent all together into full lockdown on 11 March 2020, when there were only something like 4,700 so-called registered covid cases in the entire world.

Western media have been and still are being paid billions and billions of dollars to perpetuate the lie-propaganda, the covid / vaxx narrative. President Biden, head of the Empire of Lies (copy right President Putin), just recently allocated another billion dollars to “subsidize” the US media, so they will continue repeating the covid and vaxx-narrative – and now the anti-Russia war propaganda.

What’s next?

In the shadow of The Great Reset 2.0, the Russia – Ukraine war – preparations for the next stage are being planned and already carried out.

Things happen in warp speed, so that the infamous UN Agenda 2030 may be completed by 2030, before everyone wakes up. For example, WHO was not an original UN agency, but created in 1948 by the Rockefeller Foundation to become a World Body to control the world population’s health. Rockefeller “managed” (money buys everything) to have WHO incorporated as the international health agency of the UN body.

For Rockefeller, an alleged eugenist, controlling the world’s health is an asset. He, at that time was also the owner of Standard Oil, the globe’s largest hydrocarbon giant, and literally the monopoly on oil and gas.

This led Rockefeller and Co. to decide converting the so far mostly plant-based pharmaceuticals into petrochemical-based medication; more profitable and better controllable.

Today, in the shadow of the war, WHO is being groomed to become the world’s unique watchdog over people’s health. If the plan goes through, there will be a Pandemic-Treaty, under which WHO would have by 2024 full control over matters of health, above every nation’s sovereignty.

WHO would decide what is a pandemic (potentially every flu can be a pandemic), when there is a pandemic, and when governments have to vaxx their citizens. See this: Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, a former WHO insider, exposes the criminal monopoly (see this and this).

This plan is currently being discussed in several extra-ordinary World Health Assemblies, where usually countries’ health ministers decide.

However, this Health Treaty would be such a monstrous plan, that it should at least be ratified by each sovereign country’s parliament – because, if it would go through, it would annihilate every nation’s sovereignty.

While the WHO’s health tyranny is being prepared, the world economy is being further devastated by the Ukraine – Russia war, the smoke-screen for the behind-the-scene-activities, and consequential energy shortages, particularly in the west.

There will be supply chain disruptions – already now evident, using the pretext of the Canadian, US and Australian trucker strikes – i.e., Freedom Caravans. These Freedom Caravans are showing the world a lesson of bravery against tyranny, especially the one in Canada. They have brought the world’s attention to the globally perpetuated lie and crime on humanity – the forced vaccination – and other covid-denigrations, like the useless and poisonous mask wearing – and that especially on children.

Ukraine and Russia are the breadbasket of the World (Russia is the globe’s largest wheat exporter). The war will reduce food production, as well as interrupt food supply chains.

Adding to this calamity will be the exponential increase in fuel prices in the west – due to Russia’s oil and gas – sanction-driven – no longer being accepted in the west, resulting in up to extreme shortages, inflation – maybe as high as 30% to 50% even if temporary, the impact will be a worldwide chain reaction

  • reduced fertilizer production
  • higher fertilizer prices – resulting in a decline in ag-crops production – less food, worldwide famine and in many cases where poverty is already extreme, it may mean death by famine;
  • higher fuel / energy prices will bankrupt countless small and medium size enterprises, resulting in unemployment, more poverty, more misery and famine – diseases and death;
  • insufficient fuel will further disrupt supply chains of those reduced material that otherwise might be available… and-so-on – and-so-on.

The law of unintended consequences may play out.

About two thirds of the raw materials to make semiconductors comes from Ukraine. When the supply is interrupted due to the war – the car industry will falter. More than a third of the necessary light metals for the construction of aircraft, civilian as well as military, like titanium and aluminum, comes from Russia. In addition to hydrocarbon, Russia also is a key exporter of lithium, cobalt and nickel, used in the battery and electronics industries. Russia closes the faucet of these exports to the west, and another part of western industries will bite the dust.

The spiral to misery and hell is almost endless.

Economic Holocaust

Economic holocausts, so to speak, will also further the reduction of the world population, thus, playing into the eugenist agenda. While not spelt out in the Great Reset, massive population reduction is clearly a factor in achieving the Great Reset, the targets of Agenda 2030.

This is the plan. As is often repeated, it doesn’t have to happen. If we humanity, wake up in masses and oppose this plan, not by hatred, but by ascending to a higher level of consciousness, where we are able to build an alternative world.

Great Reset Phase 3.0: Full digitization of everything, including humans

What could trigger Reset 3.0? Maybe another pandemic, this time a real one? Or rather an artificially brought about monetary collapse.

An event that may bring about the rapid downfall of the two main fiat currencies, the US dollar and the euro. It could be skyrocketing inflation – of which we are seeing the beginning – and the planned and looming energy crisis could be the death knell.

The disappearance of the dollar’s supremacy is imminent, as the petro-dollar is being replaced by the Petro-Yuan. Its already happening. The Saudis have told Mr. Biden they will rather sell their petrol to China and be paid in Petro-Yuan than in unstable and ever less secure US dollars. And no, they will not increase production to stabilize prices. A clear message that may accelerate the collapse of the fiat currencies.

Economic prediction and foresight are seeing a rapid dollar descent still in 2022 – meaning that an enormous debt could be wiped out. Would that be the moment to prompt an initial western world full digitization of currencies – eventually merging into two or three key digital currencies? That would fit the plan as part of the Reset. Digitizing everything is Klaus Schwab’s dream – it is the bedrock of his Fourth Industrial Revolution – also a dream. His ideas have a lot of influential supporters – and if we do not stand up in solidarity against this Schwab – WEF drive towards this apocalypse of the masses – we are doomed.

The QR Verification Code

What today is known as the QR code, or the QR technology is also slanted as becoming the driving force of not only full digitization, but also total and complete surveillance.

QR coding can store some 30,000 points of information, or more, about every citizen — following you on every step you take, people you meet, food you eat, trip you take. The masters managing this information know you better than you know yourself.

The QR codes have been sneaking their ways quietly into our lives. Many restaurants have no longer printed menus – you have an application on your cell phone and take a QR screenshot… and bingo, while you read the menu of your restaurant, “they” know where you are and what you eat.

Good-bye cash. In comes digitized money.

Its already almost the case in Sweden and other Nordic countries. Sweden is at the forefront, testing and practicing the system on volunteers with an implanted micro-chip in the hand. The chip replaces your cash, credit card, bank account, and possibly already more.

Your behavior will be recorded and show whether you follow the “System’s norms”. If you fail, they may block your money flow – temporarily or for good. Imagine “sanctions” on a small individual scale – they may make you starve, or with the 5G technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI), robots, algorithms, the surveillance police can even “neutralize” you – for good.

This is the Big Picture. The Great Reset: Phases 1.0 to 3.0. Maybe More

But remember, all this can happen only when We, the People, let it happen. It is never too late to peacefully stand up against tyranny. Stand up against the media lies, the psyops, media indoctrinations, the official narratives, and against our criminal governments.

One thing is clear, in today’s world – at least across the western globe – no government can be trusted.

The ultimate solution may be that we ascend to a higher level of consciousness, unite in solidarity and create an alternative society.

With the spirit of no hate but perseverance – “Venceremos”!

Hope – Objective – and joint Action — and We shall overcome.

By Peter Koenig
Source: Global Research

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