NATO’s War on Truth

I have a dream. I have a dream that freedom from NATO will ring from the Ural Mountains of Russia to the Bavarian Alps, from every hill and molehill of Ukraine and Poland,” Declan Hayes writes.

Lord Alfred Ponsonby‘s dictum that “When war is declared, truth is the first casualty”, remains as true today as it did when he wrote Falsehood in War-time, Containing an Assortment of Lies Circulated Throughout the Nations During the Great War, his 1928 classic. Although Snake Island, the Ghost of Kiev and a million other NATO lies over Ukraine could be wheeled out to show NATO is a serial liar, NATO has a much greater lie afoot.

That lie is that NATO is only at war with Russia (Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Palestine, Venezuela, Iran etc etc) and not also against all of us. Although Ireland has not yet joined NATO, we too must freeze in the dark, join Nazi mobs vandalizing Russian Embassies, throw our houses open to the unvaccinated wives, mistresses and pet dogs of Azov Nazis and sacrifice our own futures, just to spite “Putin” (and Assad and all of NATO’s many other scapegoats). A surprisingly large number of simpletons, goaded on by NATO’s media, buy into that poppycock.

Jesus Was a Refugee

This trope is used by Ireland’s vast NGO complex as an excuse to ferry bus loads of vulnerable Ukrainian children from Ukraine to Ireland where the Irish tax payer is forced to pay for their upkeep, along with whomsoever else rocks up from wherever else. As ISIS operatives have recently gone on the offensive, beheading Irish men and raping Irish women, one would imagine some vetting would be in order. But none exists.

The Open Borders virtue signallers, who litter the pavements with their LGBT wreaths after each of those tragedies, mask a much bigger NATO crisis. Europe, of which Vichy Ireland is an almost inconsequential part, comprises less than 10% of the world’s population. Europe has the world’s highest median age (43) and the world’s lowest fertility rate (1.6). North America (the USA and its Canadian spare rib) comprises only 4.7% of the world’s population and its vital statistics are equally dire. Africa, by contrast, has 17.2% of the world’s population, a median age of 20 and a fertility rate of 4.4.

Compare and contrast any number of these countries. Let’s take the United States and Ethiopia. The Great Satan (Ethiopian figures in parentheses) is 83% (21%) urbanized, has a median age of 38 (19), a fertility rate of 1.8 (4.3), and a net migration of 954,806 (30,000, due to NATO’s wars in Eritrea, Somalia and Sudan). The demographic imperative suggests that, unless NATO’s leaders can radically cull Africa’s numbers or harness these changes, they must yield the field to Indian, African and Chinese numbers they cannot possibly hope to control.

NATO have been long aware of this challenge. The Population Bomb, a 1958 best seller written by two of their resident racists and available for free download here, predicted all sorts of plagues, pestilences and droughts unless NATO eradicated the prolific Africans.

Although The Population Bomb has long ago lost its place on the New York Times’ best seller list, the eugenics programs it inspired both within the United States itself and throughout the world continue apace, with Bill Gates and NATO’s other affiliated oligarchs picking up much of the slack and forcing Quisling countries like Ireland to “pay their fair share” to stem the demographic tide.

When, in other words, we look at NATO’s wars of conquest in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Palestine or Libya, we must always look at NATO’s greater objectives, the greatest of which is to control the demographic seas.

NATO’s Little Helpers: Out With the Old, In With the New

Just as NATO’s child abusers must convince those they groom that they wanted to be sexually assaulted, so also must NATO convince its own indolent masses that they want permanent servitude. Opiating the Fourth and Fifth Estates is essential in this regard.

Kevin Myers, Ireland’s most fervently pro Israeli journalist, had his career destroyed over untruths that this ardent Zionist was anti-Semitic. Shock jock George Hook suffered a not dis-similar fate.

Former British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was suspended from the Labour party over trumped-up untruths he was anti-Semitic. Former London Lord Mayor Ken Livingstone was suspended from the Labour Party for stating the historical truth that Nazis and Zionists collaborated together to facilitate healthy Jews moving from Nazi Germany to British Mandate Palestine.

Myers and Hook, neither of whom are my cup of tea, had to go as they were truth seekers, albeit of a conservative mien. Corbyn, Livingstone and very many others like them likewise had to be expunged to rid the British polity of the idea that Palestinians might actually have rights. All four of these expulsions were repulsive denials of the quests for facts, for truth and for peace.

Razam Ibraheem was a young Alawi studying in Ireland when NATO launched its extermination campaign against her Syrian homeland. Razam has milked the situation. She has got many of her extended family to Ireland even though almost all of them were nowhere near NATO’s violence. She has helped fundraise with shadowy Irish agents, who think Kurdish women are easy sexual prey. She has also appeared with the Irish President, with EU leaders and in make believe academic conferences like this, where she is now pimped as “a specialist in verifying social media content and videos, with a particular focus on the Middle East, … a human rights advocate, UN refugee speaker and Irish Tatler’s International Woman of the Year 2016”. This NATO bauble is nothing of the sort.

The Footballer

Matt Le Tissier, one of England’s best ever footballers, was an Ambassador for Southampton FC and a very successful sports’ pundit for Sky Sports. Although he tells us here and here, he was happy to play golf all day long and that he never had any interest in politics, he became alarmed at the amount of vaccinated footballers having unexplained heart attacks. When he expressed skepticism about the British response to the Covid crisis, as well as the corrupt politicians capitalizing on it, he was quickly cancelled from Sky Sports and from Southampton FC.

Le Tissier simply wanted to be left alone, to play golf, comment on football, take care of his family, not to outsource his opinions to NATO’s hand chosen experts and not to be emotionally blackmailed by, as he says “morally corrupt individuals”. Though he now finds himself seeking explanations for Orgy Island, Epstein and Weinstein, cancel culture now deprives him of a platform to ask for such answers.

Le Tissier, who comes across as a very reasonable and level-headed guy, typifies the common man on the Clapham omnibus who lies at the heart of British and Commonwealth common law. It matters not whether Le Tissier is right or wrong. What matters is, by cancelling him, NATO cancels the common man, who is the corner stone of their lop sided justice system.

The common man, in the form of Joe Rogan and Matt le Tissier, is not allowed inquire as to why the entire Russian nation has been cancelled, supposedly over Ukraine while British athletes, despite Britain’s own war crimes, are allowed compete internationally and Tony Blair has even been knighted for his complicity in genocide in Iraq. The common man, in the form of rock singer Johnny Rotten, was cancelled for questioning the child sex practices of MI5’s BBC and Prince Charles, the BBC’s enabler, is allowed advocate Ukrainian genocide in neutral Ireland, a country where his odious great great grandmother is still known as the Famine Queen.

Though Le Tissier can be dismissed as only a footballer and football as only a game, it is important to note that NATO have weaponized not only football but all sports. As Le Tissier’s first complaint was being forced to wear a divisive Black Lives Matter logo rather than the longer established Kick Racism Out of Football badge, he was astute enough to see NATO’s change in emphasis from tepid idealism to rabid partisanship.

Although I have previously written on sporting apartheid and will return to it again in the case of Israel, expect much more on this cultural front from NATO’s sociopaths. Here, for example, is an ensemble of Russian children doing Irish dancing (and making a jolly good fist of it). Expect NATO’s Jimmy Saviles to be frothing at this and plotting how they can thwart the children of Russia and Ireland developing cultural synergies by fusing their disparate traditions, like so many other cultural groups have done before them.

The Journalist

Shireen Abu Akleh was a Palestinian-American Greek Catholic, whose 25 years of reporting for the Arabic-language channel Al Jazeera, made her a household name across the Middle East. Although the Israeli state deliberately murdered her on May 11, 2022 and later attacked her May 13 funeral, to read NATO’s media, you would think she was hit by a stray bullet falling from heaven and that Israel had nothing to do with her demise. It is akin to giving no other context to the 9/11 fatalities than to say that 2,996 people perished in the USA as a result of clashes between NATO and their Arab proxies.

Although the International Criminal Court and other NATO bodies profess to be concerned with territorial annexations, they seem to have no such concerns with Israel’s annexations of parts of Syria and Lebanon, or indeed with Israel’s ongoing use of the women of Gaza and Syria as kneeling squaws.

Although Shireen Abu Akleh joins that gallant band of martyred Syrian, Lebanese and Palestinian women, her status, as one of countless martyred Palestinian Christians, and as one of the hundreds of journalists NATO have permanently silenced recalls Sam Spade’s words to Mary Astor when he is sending her to the gallows for murdering his partner. Bogart explains that, even though he loves Mary Astor, he has to do the right thing because she murdered his partner.

The Maltese Falcon was made in 1941; such honor no longer applies in NATO’s religious, journalistic or allied domains; the German regime has even outlawed memorial services in her honor. Shireen, the Catholic journalist, was killed by a wandering piece of metal, Russian and any other non Nato protests are disinformation, the Left (sic) must fight Russia’s lies, Julian Assange must rot, Jesus was a refugee, Le Tissier is cancelled and impoverished Kurdish women are hot and there for the taking by morally challenged NATO creeps and their Alawi enablers. These untruths are NATO’s new maxims.

Spy School

Matt Le Tissier’s problem is that NATO produce too many fifth rate spies chasing too few free lunches. Gone are the days of small numbers of elite Oxbridge spies and in are the Walmart spooks, legions of semi-literate stenographers paid to push NATO’s improbable line.

I know all that from personal experience. When the Sunday Times and Sunday Express each did a hit piece on me around the time I invited George Galloway to Dublin, both journalists inadvertently attached the notes members of the British Tory Party and Mossad’s front men in London had penned for them, thus leaving the stenographers only to elicit a comment from me and their flunkeys to write their piece, collect their check and move on to their next errand.

Whilst in Dublin, a Master’s journalism student interviewed Galloway but was failed by her (badly credentialed) supervisor for not getting alternative views, NATO’s views in other words, for what was, for an Irish based student, a minor scoop. The example, one of many that could be proffered regarding poorly credentialed professors in Ireland’s weaker universities, is important as it shows NATO’s universities hire the blind to blinker their charges.

Send In the Clowns

If Kiev is, as we are led to believe, in the middle of a war zone, why are NATO’s clowns jamming up its hotels? Irish tax fugitives U2 have been there, waving NATO’s flag in a subway station that doubles as an air raid shelter. Angela Jolie has visited and has posed for selfies with passing Ukrainians as she pretended to run to an air raid shelter. Canadian dictator Justin Trudeau has visited, albeit without the protective mask he wears in Canada, whose vaccination rates are more than double those of Ukraine’s. Boris Johnson has strutted about in a shirt and tie and Zelensky, NATO’s chief court clown, has posed for Vogue photo shoots in between berating all of NATO’s Parliaments on why they must send more money to him and his cronies. These clowns have been accompanied by a mini army of political non entities from NATO countries and satellite nations, like Vichy Ireland, affiliated to them.

That the Azov Nazis and their NATO liaison officers cannot see that NATO is playing them for schmucks is a big problem for their widows and their orphaned children, who abandoned ship by flocking westwards in forlorn hopes of a better life at the first chance they got.

On the subject of clowns, red hot favorites Ukraine won the Eurovision song contest, which the sartorially challenged Abba and French-Canadian Celine Dion (on here after Europe’s Israel and what sounds like a Canadian tractor ad) formerly won before it descended into the NATO farce it now is. Well done Ukraine, for exposing NATO’s Eurovision turkey. Commiserations to all the “Putin trolls” who did not vote for NATO’s Ukrainian anointed. Congratulations to Perfidious Albion, for playing the gallant loser’s part to Ukrainian folk-rap group Kalush Orchestra, who sealed the competition by demanding, Zelensky clown style, Europe rescues the Nazis holed up in Mariupol; Euroland’s neo-Nazi and LGBT communities have pride in you. But commiserations to Ukraine, who must now host this expensive crap in 2023. And well done Russia, to be barred, along with most of the civilized non Five Eyes/NATO world, from participating in this gerrymandered circus of NATO cretins.

The Drone Assassin

John Brennan, Barack Obama’s drone killing czar and future CIA boss of bosses, marketed assassination by drone as a cleaner, smarter way to kill bothersome dissidents while sparing the lives of innocents, and without sacrificing any NATO soldiers at all.

NATO’s stenographers faithfully parroted Brennan’s line, that remotely hunting down and assassinating random individuals without indictment or trial was not only lawful but necessary as well. Prince Harry was one such cretinous assassin who parroted as much when interviewed about his Afghan war experience (sic).

Although NATO’s multiple war crimes, such as their murder of Afghan aid worker Zemari Ahmadir and seven innocent children, are the acts truth tellers like Julian Assange rot in prison for exposing, those war crimes are just part of a seemingly endless trough of war crimes NATO and their media affiliates, who lie that Shireen Abu Akleh died by some random act of God, feed from.

Though NATO’s media still spin the stale propaganda that civilians have only rarely been inconvenienced by drone strikes throughout NATO’s decades’ long Global War on Terror (and Civilians), because the Pentagon and its media flunkeys control the narrative and dismiss, criminalize or simply ignore all critics as spinners of misinformation, whistle blowers like Julian Assange and Daniel Hale are all the more easily jailed, if not suicided, as David Kelly was. Expect NATO’s murder and cover up rates to accelerate as Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board, under the Russophobic war hawk Nina Jankowicz, kicks into gear.

Events, Dear Boy, Events

Hollywood’s untruths about how Audie Murphy, John Wayne, Edward Bernays, Agent Orange, depleted uranium, the US Marines and death by drone saved the world for Coca Cola is running out of road; the fertility numbers just don’t stack up.

Events, as former British Prime Minister Harold MacMillan expounded, have a way of disrupting the best laid plans of mice and men. When the Irish Troubles erupted in the late 1960s, MI5 had to work hard to get Frank Kitson‘s counter gangs in place and to ensure that, when the controlled chaos of the 1969-1997 Troubles subsided, MI5 was firmly in the driver’s seat.

Although MI5 understandably boasted of the efficacy of these Kitsonian Low Intensity Operations to their American masters during their Iraqi and Afghan extermination campaigns, one must wonder about its universal applicability where nuclear armed Russia is being assailed from all sides, where nuclear armed China knows that it is next for the abattoir, and where nuclear armed India and Pakistan are not falling for NATO’s divide and conquer strategies.

Sri Lanka, no stranger to Perfidious Albion’s guile, is ablaze. Rampant inflation is causing Nigeria, the world’s 7th most populous country, with a median age of 18 and an impressive fertility rate of 5.4, to explode, as their former British rulers drive, in a custom made Rolls Royce, a priceless gold hat with a 317-carat diamond and 400 other jewels, to a £2.5 billion palace, where it was placed next to a gold chair in which sat one of the world’s richest oligarchs, who told 2 million starving Britons that there is no money to feed them.

Although the EU’s decision to boycott Russian oil and gas fits into NATO’s plans of destroying Africa and India by denying them the use of fossil fuels, this sharp shock treatment is bound to have unforeseen side effects when Prince Charles’ subjects start freezing in the dark. Although the resulting turbulence will cause chaos far beyond NATO’s client states, it is not at all clear that NATO’s firepower can control that chaos as Europe is not yet Gaza.

Although NATO’s drug baron allies might well stop a Latin American lithium cartel forming, America will eventually have to surrender control of all of Latin America and let its people live in peace. NATO cannot stay afloat; there are far too many holes beneath its waterline.

The EU Quasi Democracy

When I lived in Tokyo, the Americans were the big power on the block. The British and French had a respectable presence, while the Irish and the Vatican did what they could. The EU critically had no presence, none whatsoever, just wads of cash to flash about.

Back in the days of the Raj, British firms like Unilever would book hotels in India’s fancier hotels. Now, the European Union book those rooms, to do God knows what for the fact is, that though Britain and France still follow their national interests in India as much as in Japan, the European Union has no such interests, as it is a nothing and therefore can have nothing but the basest interests, reflected in sterile hotel rooms and meaningless bling.

The EU is not only not a democracy but it is a hindrance to democracy. Though the European Union is run by three bodies, the Commission, the Council and the Parliament, the only one elected by the people is the Parliament and that is almost as powerless as an over paid school assembly; it is not even allowed to initiate legislation.

Yet Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission, is allowed, with foreign policy chief and Argentinian citizen Josep Borrell in tow, flounce about, threatening Russia, Hungary and anyone else that annoys Uncle Sam. If Europe is to freeze in the dark to appease Uncle Sam, NOPEC is at the behest of these cardboard Sun Kings, an Argentinian gigolo and his half Flemish floozy, who has spent her entire life, her anaemic childhood included, in the protective bowels of the EU’s bureaucracy.

And not just in her awful childhood but also in her academic endeavors where this NATO parrot escaped any and all disciplinary action for having overall plagiarism rates of 43%, which would warrant a direct fail, and touching an incredible 75% in key places in her wafer-thin 62 page excuse for a doctoral thesis. Although von der Leyen rejects any charges that her rank plagiarism was overlooked for political reasons (she would say that, wouldn’t she?), Europe’s top tart seems to have a lot to say, for a plagiarist, on the efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine, to which Heiko, her husband, has a very strong professional, pecuniary and very profitable attachment.

And, if you think this Armageddon-seeking plagiarist is not coming for you, just consider that America’s blue ticked Ministry of Truth Tzarina Nina Jankowicz (whose wafer thin opus tells us how to survive being a trans woman on line), wants von der Leyen, her fellow blue ticked sociopath, to edit your tweets as lying plagiarists like von der Leyen presumably know best.

Repulsive and all as von der Leyen’s fascism is, giving the Azovs free rein in Europe will not help matters. The Zelensky regime’s ambassador to Vichy Ireland again exemplifies: this time, this woman, who led Nazi marches up to the Russian Embassy, is demanding that peaceful Russians in Ireland be rounded up for availing of their inalienable rights under Article 40.6.1.ii of the Irish Constitution.

Although Russia is not quite in Ireland’s backyard, it is not much further than the 3,280 km that separate the Solomon Islands from the Five Eyes supremacist state of Australia, which only decreed that Aboriginals were humans and not native fauna as recently as 1967. Although the Five Eyes dispute that, they also believe the Solomon Islands is in the backyard of Australia (some backyard) and that the Solomon Islands has no right to deal with China unless Australia and their American masters allow it. Chutzpah, Crocodile Dundee style.

China’s Two Problems

Oliver Goldsmith wrote that “Princes and lords may flourish, or may fade; A breath can make them, as a breath has made; But a bold peasantry, their country’s pride, When once destroyed, can never be supplied”.

NATO’s cut price princes and lords retain those end game fears. They fear, as they have always feared, the risen people, who are best represented today by the independent truckers of Canada, the independent minded protesters of France and the indomitable masses of Africa, Latin America and Asia. During Covid, the Canadian dictator confiscated bank accounts and truckers’ rigs. The fascist states of Australia and New Zealand, which are in the back yards of the Solomon Islands and China, had crackdowns Hitler would have balked at, and Germany and the Netherlands were not far behind with their jackbooted versions of NATO style democracy.

Although it can be easily argued that Trudeau, von der Leyen and American politicians are too stupid to learn anything worthwhile, they might like to read (or, better, have read to them) Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa’s The Leopard, which details the changes Sicily experienced during the Risorgimento. Today’s world is changing at such a pace that not even Churchill’s dreary steeples of Fermanagh and South Tyrone will survive it. NATO may well launch Armageddon via nuclear weapons and/or via chemical and biological weapons to retain their top dog status. But if God is on the side of the big battalions, then NATO’s divide and conquer strategy, but not China’s simple abacus, has run out of road.

China has two problems, the problem of division and the problem of multiplication and, like Don Giulio Fabrizio Tomasi, the Prince of Lampedusa in Garibaldi’s era, she has learned to micro manage both. The division problem is that China’s national cake has to be divided 1,439,323,776 (and counting) ways. The multiplication problem is a small problem becomes a big problem if it is multiplied by even a fraction of 1,439,323,776 (and counting). All that being so, China’s leaders must concentrate on substance and less on NATO’s smoke, mirrors and subterfuge. China and its equivalents cannot be another picking pocketing NATO, rifling the resources of other countries and taxing them for the privilege of being robbed.

The old order changeth yielding place to new And God fulfills himself in many ways Lest one good custom should corrupt the world. A new, multi polar reality, free from the Five Eyes and their NATO overlords, is emerging and not before time. The rump Ukrainian state can keep NATO’s Eurovision and NATO’s Green Energy plans, its World Economic Forum and its Greta Thunbergs, its genocidal Green parties and its Ursula von der Leyens. The almost 90% of the world’s population not under NATO’s immediate yoke say, as the good citizens of the Caribbean recently said to the British Royal (sic) family in no uncertain manner, NATO’s race is run.

And so, whether NATO stems the democratic tide in Ukraine or not is ultimately irrelevant as it cannot stop the demographic tide that will soon engulf and destroy it. I, for one welcome the dawn of this new, non toxic world order.

¿Qué problema?

And so, at day’s end, there is no problem for us but only for NATO. They cannot and will not win. The truth will out, St George will slay the NATO dragon, history will take its course. Though peace, unfortunately is not bought cheaply, neither in Ukraine, in Palestine, in Yemen nor in Syria, when it does come, as it eventually must, it will be all the sweeter for that. Most of us might not live to see that day but what of it?

I have a dream. I have a dream that freedom from NATO will ring from the Ural Mountains of Russia to the Bavarian Alps, from every hill and molehill of Ukraine and Poland. From the Golan Heights and NATO’s slave markets of Libya to the Palestinian West Bank and the bomb craters of Yemen, let freedom ring.

And when this happens, and when we allow freedom ring, when we let it ring from every Arab village and every Ukrainian hamlet, from every British dungeon and every Iraqi torture chamber, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God’s children, Arabs and Africans, Slavs and Han, gook and wog, will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual: Free at last. Free at last. Thank God almighty, we are free from NATO at last.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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