African Leaders Snubbed Zelensky Because They Aren’t Brainwashed by the West’s Latest Cult

By snubbing Zelensky, Africa set several very important examples for the rest of the world.

Zelensky was utterly humiliated after only four African leaders out of the continent’s 55 nations tuned in to his virtual meeting with the African Union, one of whom was the group’s chairman and thus had to do so due to protocol. This ratio would never be replicated in the Golden Billion since those countries’ leaders are working overtime to portray their Ukrainian counterpart as the “Second Jesus”, which is part of their scheme to control their people through the creation of a new “secular religion” after the prior one connected to COVID-19 finally began to lose its sway over the masses.

Africans, however, have no interest in joining this post-modern cult and therefore don’t feel obliged to listen to this faux “god”, especially since they have no interest in hearing his lies about Russia. Even though some of them voted against Moscow at the UN under Western pressure, not a single one jointed that declining unipolar hegemon’s sanctions against it. Furthermore, Chairman Macky Sall met with President Putin in early June, during which time he condemned the West’s anti-Russian sanctions as contributing to the global food crisis, which contradicts the US’ false narrative about this.

Around the same time, the Ukrainian Ambassador to Turkey inadvertently exposed the artificial nature of this crisis when he said that his country won’t resume the export of grain by sea unless it receives certain weapons first. No self-respecting country could ever pay respect to Zelensky after that since there’s now no question that some of their people might experience more food insecurity purely because the Ukrainian leader is blackmailing the Global South by demanding weapons from the West in exchange for exporting wheat to Africa and elsewhere.

By snubbing Zelensky, Africa set several very important examples for the rest of the world. First, despite being comparatively poor, these countries have enough self-respect not to listen to someone whose country is blackmailing some of their people with starvation. Second, their leaders are rational enough not to join the Golden Billion’s new “secular religion” that’s forming around Zelensky, which smashes the racist stereotype that Africans are easily manipulated. And third, they’re bravely risking the West’s Hybrid War wrath by “blaspheming” its “new god” in order to collectively make a principled point.

Observers shouldn’t forget that over one billion people live in Africa, which comprises a major swath of humanity. By coming together to snub Zelensky when he least expected it, their leaders are sending the message that they won’t disrespect themselves and their people by paying respect to someone who doesn’t deserve it after his ambassador to Turkey admitted that he’s blackmailing the Global South by demanding weapons in exchange for wheat. In one fell swoop, they showed the Golden Billion that they reject their countries’ envisioned “junior partner” status and will continue striving for sovereignty.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: OneWorld

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