Over Extending and Unbalancing Russia

Brookings, Rand, their employees, apologists and collaborators are very much a part of the Ukrainian, Yemeni, Syrian and related problems and they should answer in a war crimes’ court for it.

Over Extending and Unbalancing Russia (OEAUR) is a freely accessible 2019 Rand Corporation policy paper that posits how the United States and her satellites can most efficiently destroy Russia mainly, as it happens, through militarizing Ukraine and escalating sanctions. Rand’s objective is to strangle Russia by throttling her at her choke points, a vulnerability Russia’s own policy advisors have long been aware of, just as they have been aware of Rand’s well entrenched Russophobia.

Because Rand knows they have been rumbled, OEAUR now begins that readers should first visit their two related sites which explain how Rand defends truth and combats Russia’s Firehouse of Falsehood. Alas for the truth seekers, those two further pages are, like OEAUR itself, repetitive swill, roughly equivalent to a very bad first year university essay. This can be seen in the bibliographies’ over reliance on Michael Weiss, a rabidly pro Israeli member of the far right Henry Jackson Society who was long located in Beirut, from where he shilled ceaselessly for Syria’s CIA sectarian rebels and for the destruction of the Syrian people.

Though OEAUR might very well fail as a first year essay, OEAUR was not geared at university tutors but at NATO policy makers, weapons’ procurers and the media and think thank parasites like Michael Weiss who feed off them and, in that, OEAUR did as good a job as their paymasters needed.

The sheer volume of these think tanks and of the Qatari funded parrots who prattle their tune create their own false narrative that NATO is a benign force. It is within that over arching narrative that Raytheon can have the brass neck to say that its depleted uranium missiles benefit the environment and that media creations like Greta Thunberg, Bernard-Henri Lévy, Bono and Clown Prince (Z)elensky can be wheeled out to do NATO’s bidding.

In those respects, Rand positing Russia as “the firehose of falsehood” because of her apparently “high numbers of channels and messages and a shameless willingness to disseminate partial truths or outright fictions” seem to be Rand externalizing NATO’s internal, where we see, time and again, each and every one of its affiliated media and think tank outlets hammering home the same message of Moscuam dēlenda est, Moscow must be destroyed.

Because OEAUR has long ago made no secret of NATO’s desire to emasculate Russia by fair means or foul, by escalating or depressing global prices as needed, look no further than the Pentagon to round up the usual suspects who are behind the Putin Price Hike and the terrible events unfolding in Sri Lanka, Nigeria and elsewhere.

The Brookings Institution is another key think tank for hire, with significant links to the CIA and the Pentagon. It includes such notorious war hawks as Robert Kagan, who repackaged himself for Hillary Clinton as an Orwellian named “liberal interventionist”. Kagan is married to Victoria Fuck the EU Nuland, another Clinton favorite and the chief architect of the Ukrainian war.

The 2009 Brookings Institution paper The Path to Persia: Options for a New American Strategy toward Iran spelled out America’s plans to destroy the Middle East in sufficient clarity and detail any war crimes court worth its salt would accept. In detailing every under handed and duplicitous means from economic sanctions and U.S.-backed political upheaval, to the use of terrorism and proxy wars to undermining and destroying Iranian and Syrian sociopolitical stability and eventually the Syrian and Iranian states themselves, that seminal paper became the blueprint not only for all the CIA and NATO driven carnage and associated mass murders that followed but also for Rand’s pathetic OEAUR opus as well.

Given OEAUR’s two Russian focused caveats, it is also noteworthy that this subversive Brookings document also detailed the need to manipulate, corral and emasculate public opinion so that Iran and Syria could follow Iraq and Libya into the abyss. It stressed the use of false and duplicitous negotiations with Iran to make them an offer they could neither refuse nor accept over nuclear weapons and to use Iran’s apparent refusal to capitulate to what the West’s embedded media would paint as a reasonable American offer as an excuse to wage a full scale war of sectarian extermination on Iran, much like that currently being played out in Yemen. Under this scenario, the American President could paint himself as a reluctant mass murderer, not unlike what Obama managed to do with his Drone assassination campaigns in Yemen, in Syria and in other countries on the CIA’s hit list.

Studying Rand, Brookings and similar think tanks for hire is far from an academic exercise. These groups help NATO develop, hone and implement their war plans and they also bestow an underserved sheen of academic respectability to them. Brookings, Rand, their employees, apologists and collaborators are very much a part of the Ukrainian, Yemeni, Syrian and related problems and they should answer in a war crimes’ court for it.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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