The Importance of Leadership in a Time of Crisis: Why Putin’s Words Reflect a New Potential Trajectory for Humanity

During times of darkness and mass stupidity dev, there are some shining examples of greatness at play, Matthew Ehret writes.

It is nice to see that during times of darkness and mass stupidity devoid of moral leadership among so many once-great centers of western civilization, there are some shining examples of greatness at play. Not only are there examples of greatness, but in some instances, these examples have found expression within corridors of actual power which are shaping the contour of humanity’s future.

Such is the case with today’s Russia, which has come a very long way since the dark days of Perestroika when the Russian economy, military, culture, and people were brutally eviscerated by the utopic fantasies of end-of-history ideologues championing the onset of a New World Order.

Under this post-nation state/post-truth logic, the ancient civilizations of earth were supposed to be reset like a giant video game, shock therapied, and re-tooled like traumatized blank slates into a new synthetic “type” of depopulated humanity composed of drone-like zombies devoid of any residual pollution of family, national or religious traditions.

The Soros-owned Russia of the 1990s was of course meant to be the role model for the rest of the world.

City of London-controlled sociopathic Russian oligarchs were created in short order serving as warlord managers of the once powerful Russian state as it was privatized and Balkanized into a liberal den of future-less insanity. CIA operatives had offices in the highest offices of Russia’s military and intelligence agencies, while the banking system, pharmaceutical industries and much more fell under the control of western technocrats and monetarist lunatics.

Despite the fact that battles must still be fought, and fifth columnists across many sectors of Russian life are not yet removed, the undeniable fact is that under Putin’s leadership, the nation has found itself standing once again with dignity as a major force of history.

Western regime change operations across nations like Syria, Venezuela, Kazakhstan and more have been thwarted since 2014’s Pentagon-orchestrated Maidan coup, and CIA front groups within Russia that once dominated Russian “civil society” have largely been extracted. Soros himself has been banned for the past 8 years.

Russia has integrated the Eurasian Economic Union with China’s Belt and Road Initiative since 2015, and many nations of Southwest Asia and Africa are increasingly looking to this Eurasian Partnership as the only viable pathway to a future worth living in. Iran’s participation in this new security architecture founded upon win-win cooperation has been a game changer with Earth shaking consequences.

Perhaps even more importantly for the present circumstances, Russia has managed to unveil an array of defensive hypersonic delivery technologies since 2018 which have rendered the insane program of “full spectrum dominance” useless, since the idea of a winnable first strike capability once believed possible by think tank fanatics at Rand Corp and the Pentagon, are now demonstrably fraudulent.

Yet despite this fact, certain geopolitical players among the west believe that it is still 1992, and sincerely believe their outdated New World Order script is still relevant.

As Putin, and leading strategists of the growing multipolar alliance have demonstrated through consistent policies and speeches, such thinking is as delusional as it is dangerous.

Due to the historic nature of the September 30, 2022 speech delivered by the President on the occasion of the accession of the new members of the Russian Federation, and since even now, simply finding Putin’s entire speech whole and without spin is nearly impossible across all corporate media channels, I thought it appropriate to share the video and transcript below so that you can appreciate the full weight of the ideas and message on your own terms. It is fully worth the 40 minutes to take this in.

Transcript of the President’s full speech

By Matthew Ehret
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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