Ethiopia Had a Good Reason to Vote Against the UN Resolution on Ukrainian Reparations

The “international register” for tabulating damages from Russia’s special operation and the corresponding “international mechanism” for obtaining restitution from it, both of which will be established as a result of this scandalous resolution, set the precedent for the US-led West’s Golden Billion creating the same against Ethiopia too in order to also punish it through similar “lawfare” means.

The General Assembly’s approval of the UN Resolution on Ukrainian reparations amounts to the creation of “lawfare” tools that’ll be weaponized by the US-led West’s Golden Billion for Hybrid Warfare purposes against the jointly BRICS– and SCO-led Global South in the New Cold War. The “international register” for tabulating damages from Russia’s special operation and the corresponding “international mechanism” for obtaining restitution from it set the precedent for creating the same against others too.

The Northern Ethiopian Conflict was hitherto the top proxy war of the New Cold War prior to the peace agreement that was signed between the Government of Ethiopia (GOE) and the TPLF earlier this month. That outcome was made possible by the GOE convincing the TPLF that they were being exploited as proxies by the Golden Billion, who wanted to fight the former to the last Tigrayan as punishment for its pragmatic policy of principled neutrality in refusing to take their side against China and Russia.

That US-led New Cold War bloc was understandably upset by this surprise development since they expected to indefinitely perpetuate their proxy war against the GOE. That explains why “The US Continues To Disrespect Ethiopia By Playing Word Games With The TPLF’s Name” in order to signal its displeasure with this peaceful outcome as well as desperately attempt to rekindle hostilities. In the event that it fails with the latter objective as expected, it’ll likely try taking revenge in a different way.

To that end, it could weaponize the illegitimate “International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia” that was also created through a scandalous UN Resolution similar in spirit to this week’s one regarding Ukrainian reparations in order to punish Ethiopia under this false pretext. To explain, that framework could unilaterally expand through the participation of a US-led “coalition of the willing” to establish its own related “international register” and “international mechanism” against the GOE.  

The purpose behind doing so would be to “legitimize” the fake news about the so-called “genocide” and war crimes that their target was accused of committed by the Western Mainstream Media (MSM) of committing across the past two years of the Northern Ethiopian Conflict. Upon manipulating popular perceptions to that end via this latest “lawfare” dimension of Hybrid Warfare, the US could then have the artificially manufactured basis for continuing to meddle in Ethiopia’s domestic affairs.

Even though the peace agreement already mandates that the GOE will assist with the Tigray Region’s rehabilitation and cooperate with international agencies to that end, the US might nevertheless resort to “humanitarian imperialism” to politicize this process by claiming that Addis isn’t doing enough. It could refer to the tabulations shared by its “coalition of the willing’s” “international register” as supposed proof, after which the corresponding “international mechanism” would be weaponized.

In practice, this could result in grossly exaggerated calculations exploited as the basis upon which to impose further sanctions against the GOE, all with a view towards trying to influence its independent foreign policy after the latest proxy war against it failed to accomplish this despite two years of trying. That scenario can’t be confidently dismissed by the GOE since its “lawfare” infrastructure is already partially in place, hence why it voted against this week’s resolution as a means of preemptive defense.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: One World

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