Poppy Day Poppycock

The abuse of the Poppy goes back over a century, to the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour of the eleventh month, November 11th 1918.

Derry City’s Sunday, Bloody Sunday. Acting on direct orders from the British Cabinet, members of Her Majesty’s 1st Battalion, Parachute Regiment deliberately murdered 14 unarmed protesters and injured scores more; a week earlier these same criminals perpetrated Belfast’s Ballymurphy massacre when they gunned down a further nine Irish Catholics, including Fr Hugh Mullan, the local priest.

In my previous article on British death squads operating in Ukraine, I mentioned how Greek-Cypriot Costas Georgiou, aka Colonel Callan, one of the perpetrators of those war crimes, was later executed by firing squad in Angola for crimes against humanity. What I should have added is that the relatives of those slaughtered Derry and Belfast Catholics are supposed to wear poppies this Sunday, November 13th, in remembrance of those psychopaths and others like the Special Boat Service’s John Joe Magee, who ran the IRA’s counter intelligence murder gang.

James McClean, one of very many Derry Catholics who refuse to wear this hate symbol, is a professional footballer in England. He and Serbian Nemanja Matic get dogs’ abuse and death threats galore for being two of the very few professional footballers or sports pundits who do not play along with this state sponsored glorification of war criminals like Magee, Colonel Callan and their buddies of 1st Para.

This abuse of the Poppy goes back over a century, to the eleventh minute of the eleventh hour of the eleventh month, November 11th 1918, when the Armistice came into effect on the Western Front., even as fighting continued on Russia’s borders and thousands of young Anglo American soldiers died charging the German lines in the minutes and seconds leading up to the Armistice for no other purpose than their officers’ glory.

Following the end of that war to end all wars, revolution and more was in the air, almost all of it fuelled by the cavalier way in which The War of The Three Cousins caused such unfathomable human misery. In an effort to mitigate some of that misery, The Royal British Legion’s Poppy Day Appeal was launched by Britain’s upper class in 1921 as a means of helping the millions of British Empire veterans who badly needed help and, more importantly, as a means of welding officers and men together into one reactionary mass to stand vigil against the rise of radicalism, which was rampant across the “civilized world.”

This process was solidified in 1925 when the Legion was granted a Royal Charter. Although millions of veterans still needed help in 1925, the Legion had already taken the reactionary form we see today, where the British and their flunkeys use their Poppy Day appeal as the benchmark for King and Country patriotism. Those like McClean and Matic who do not play along have to watch out as such crass forms of patriotism deliberately fuel the raw hatred of far right terrorism which, following the Armistice, saw Catholic ex servicemen being butchered in the Belfast Pogroms for no other crimes than their mothers had previously baptized them as babies into the Catholic faith.

Whatever about 1920, today has no need for such a reactionary colossus as the RBL. The British have never suffered casualties on the scale they suffered in The Great War, the war to end all wars; even their casualties in the Second World War were less than half those they suffered in The War of the Three Cousins and their casualties in all subsequent conflicts have been minor by comparison helped, in no small part, by the willingness of Ukrainians and others to be their unthinking lemmings.

Although their financial accounts purport to show what they do with the £150 million they score every year, it is apparent that something more than feather bedding must be taking place to justify the RBL’s budget and the adulation it receives in the British media. Because the RBL’s budget cannot be justified by the number of ex-servicemen and women who currently need their help, it pays for itself by the way it keeps the United Kingdom united under the banners of King, Country, NATO and the City of London.

So, this Remembrance Sunday, as King Charles, Tony Blair, Liz Truss, Sir Kier Starmer, Rishi Sunak and Britain’s other Zionist apologists observe a minute’s silence at London’s Cenotaph, spend a moment in silent thought for all those English and other families whose lives and dreams were crushed for the greed of the well-fed charlatans who pay hollow homage to their fallen at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of this eleventh month of 2022. Lest we forget.

By Declan Hayes
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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