Unwitting Traitors of Iran

The first step towards liberation begins in the minds and consciousness of all ordinary people who allowed themselves to be misled and deceived by Western propaganda.

Following the reports of the “protests” in Iran, we cannot help but wonder if the immediate participants in these violent riots really know what they are doing and who they are doing it for. The fact that numerous Kurdish terrorist organizations are actively participating in the attempted color revolution in Iran is not really surprising because both Turkey and Iraq have problems with Kurdish separatists. The Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, the Kurdistan Region, the Kurdistan Free Life Party, and the Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan have been ready to join the open war against Iran since the very beginning of the protests and riots in mid-September this year. The ultra-leftist People’s Mojahedin Organization also participates in the violence on the streets, and the brutal terrorist attack in the Shah Cheragh shrine in the city of Shiraz, in the south of Iran, in which 15 innocent people died and 10 were wounded, clearly exposed that ISIS also is part of the latest attempt to overthrow Iranian state. Dozens of members of the Iranian security forces, as well as ordinary people, died at the hands of all the terrorists and thugs listed above. Arman Ali-Verdi, a 21-year-old Iranian man, was kidnapped by the organizers of the bloody riots, brutally beaten and tortured, and after severe brain injuries, he fell into a coma and died in hospital. His only sin was loyalty to his country and people. We never hope for anything good from terrorists, but how can we explain the ease with which ordinary citizens of Iran were deceived and taken to the streets?

First of all, what was used as an excuse to launch an attempted color revolution, the sad and unfortunate death of Mahsa Amini, is not a case of excessive use of force by the police, and even much less a murder. The investigation unequivocally proved that no physical injuries were inflicted on Mahsa Amini, and that her death was the result of cerebral hypoxia and the consequent failure of a number of organs, and not “blows to the head”. The journalist who first published the fake story about the death of Mahsa Amina, Niloofar Hamedi, according to the information presented in the joint statement of Iran’s IRGC Intelligence and the Ministry of Intelligence, is in fact a CIA agent and has undergone training in conducting hybrid warfare through disinformation campaigns. She was later arrested for spreading fake news. Mahsa Amini was not tortured or beaten as the proverbially lying Western and other Iranophobic media claimed, and the Iranian police were in no way responsible for her death. A video of her last moments of consciousness, which is now easily accessible to everyone, has been published on the Internet, showing her brief verbal argument with a policewoman who admonished her for the way she wore her headscarf. The video clearly shows that there was no physical contact between the policewoman and Amini. At the moment when the policewoman stopped the conversation and turned ready to continue on her way, probably as a result of the stress of the unpleasant event, Mahsa Amini began to lose consciousness and the Iranian policewoman ran to help her as she was falling over a nearby chair. The photos of Mahsa Amini from the hospital also testify that she was given the best medical care and that there were no traces of physical violence on her face or body. Unfortunate Amini had health problems in her early childhood that are most certainly connected with her death. Namely, when she was eight years old, she underwent brain surgery at the Milad Hospital in Tehran. After that operation until the moment of her death, Amini suffered from improper functioning of the hypothalamus gland and was under constant medical treatment. All attempts to save her life failed and the unlucky girl sadly passed away.

At that moment, the well-known devil’s factory of lies was put into operation. The first move was made by a “journalist”, an above-mentioned CIA agent Hamedi by publishing a completely false news story that was quickly covered by the Israeli, Saudi and Western media. For the CIA, Mossad, and MI6, Amini’s death was the ideal opportunity to launch a long and carefully prepared color revolution in Iran. All terrorist organizations under the control of the USA, Israel, the United Kingdom, and Saudi Arabia were launched simultaneously and taken to the streets. However, the memberships of these organizations are small, and that is why, by spreading fake news and most likely by bribing influential people, among them, unfortunately, some clerics too, it was necessary to ensure a massive turnout of people for street protests. In vain Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei, the current Supreme Leader of Iran, pleaded with the protesters to remain restrained at least until the end of the official investigation and the death of Mahsa Amini. Thousands of deluded citizens took to the streets, thinking they were demanding justice for the brutal murder of a young Iranian woman. That murder, of course, did not happen and when it started to become clear to everyone, the CIA, Mossad, and MI6 made their next move. The protests turned into demands for a “better position of women in Iran”, and for the “introduction of democracy”. Thanks to members of terrorist organizations who began attacking and killing members of the Iranian security forces, initially non-violent protests quickly turned into bloody riots. The state of Iran, like any other, has an internationally recognized right to react with the use of physical force in order to protect the safety of citizens and preserve public order and peace, and when street violence began, the Iranian security forces had to react. The terrorists slyly hid behind the backs of the citizens, carrying out deadly attacks on the Iranian security forces, and therefore bloodshed became inevitable which exactly was the priority goal of the enemy’s intelligence services. Why was such a tragedy necessary? Mahsa Amini was not tortured and was not killed by the Iranian police, but terrorists did kidnap, torture, and kill Arman Ali-Verdi, they did kill 15 innocent people in Shiraz and about 50 security forces across Iran. Is it possible that among the participants of the protests and riots there are people who sincerely believe that completely unnecessary violence has occurred because of wearing the hijab, women’s rights, and democracy?

In fact, it is true that women’s rights in the West are at a much lower level than those in Iran. Let’s start with one of the most important rights, the right to education, which in the life of every individual opens the door to a successful career, family fulfillment, and personal happiness. Unlike in Western countries, university education in Iran is free for all those who show good results on the entrance exam, and about 50% of all students are young women. While a young, hardworking and talented American woman will just give up her education for which she has no money and get a job at McDonald’s, an Iranian woman similar to her will enroll and complete her studies for free, at the expense of her country. When you add to that the fact that Iran ranks fifth in the world in terms of the number of graduates in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and that every second Iranian student is female, then you get a clearer picture of the real position of Iranian women in Iranian society. In modern Iran, about 90% of women are literate compared to 28% in the period when Iran was ruled by the American puppet Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, whose reign of terror over the Iranian people led to the nationwide Islamic Revolution. Iran is the first-ranked country in the world in the development of literacy with a very good education system and a dense network of universities that have a good reputation in the world. Iranian women are therefore very emancipated and successful, and even dominate the world of science and engineering compared to men. Women in Iran not only drive cars, unlike the situation in some other Islamic countries, but also actively engage in politics, are very often in prominent leadership positions, and there are even elite police units composed exclusively of women. Very often, it is the woman who earns more than her husband; she manages the budget and runs the household. The biggest misconception of all is that women in Iran must wear the Hijab. Such claims come from the West and have nothing to do with the truth. Of all the rules regarding the mandatory covering of the head and body required of women in traditional Islamic societies, the most lenient ones are applied in Iran. The strictest type of body covering for women is Burqa, followed by more and more moderate versions: Niqab, Chador, Khimar, Al-amira, Hijab, and only then comes Shayla. So, in Iran, women wear Hijab only if they want to, while others are required to wear Shayla. It is a decorative headscarf of vivid colors and patterns, which covers the head only partially, revealing the entire face, hair above the forehead, and the front of the neck. Shayla is more of a fashion detail than a form of strict religious dress code. No one denies that Iranian society and the state cherish the strict moral rules of Islam. However, the goal of those rules is not strictness by itself, but the decency required of women by the Koran. If that legally prescribed minimum of decency is abandoned, the worst of Iran’s young girls would immediately appear on the streets half-naked, with freaky rainbow colors hairdos and faces full of tattoos and piercings, dressed as prostitutes or creatures from sci-fi and horror movies. Young men would very quickly follow the same trends and that would be only the beginning of a cultural terror of the wild pro-Western minority over the absolute majority represented by traditional Muslims, in a similar way in which the LGBT minority terrorizes normal people in Western countries. In Western countries, the rules are such that minorities terrorize the majority because there is no real democracy in those societies. It is exactly from Iran that Western countries could learn a lot about what real and direct democracy in which the people elect their authentic representatives really is. In the West, the plutocratic elites finance all the participants in that theatrical performance, false and rigged “democracy” and ensure the victory of those political forces that will protect their financial and other interests at that moment. Thus, in the name of Western nations and false democracy, harsh sanctions will be imposed on other nations, merciless military interventions, bloody and protracted wars will be launched or drastic economic measures will be introduced against their own people to cover the debts of the rich, privileged and irresponsible members of the elite. In contrast, in Iran, business elites are unable to manipulate elections and it is the citizens who actually elect their president, legislature, and members of the Assembly of Experts (which elects Iran’s Supreme Leader). In addition, unlike the American two-party political system, Iran also has 6 competing major political parties and 13 smaller ones.

If Iran were to give up its own culture, tradition, and democracy, and embrace the Western false democracy — plutocracy that is, the Western way of life, rules of behavior and dress, it would not only lose its soul, but very soon the gates would be open to all other forms of immorality and corruption which would ultimately lead to its destruction. Since all corruption always ends in high treason, Iran would return to the equally miserable state it was in during the reign of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. It would again fall under Zionist and Anglo-Saxon control, be torn apart, and what would be left of Iran would be ruled by the enemies of the Iranian people, traitors, criminals, and sodomites. Instead of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, LGBT parades would march through Iran; pornography, prostitution, corruption, and crime would rule its every corner. Gender change in very young children, LGBT ideology, Western liberalism, and non-traditional, quasi-religious teachings would be propagated in schools and even in kindergartens. All those who brought Iran into a state of instability by unknowingly agreeing to be de facto, voluntary soldiers of the CIA, Mossad, and MI6, would bitterly regret it when they finally faced such fruits of their unwitting betrayal of Iran. Anyone who in any way participates in the protests and riots in Iran, helps or supports them, whether they are aware of it or not, is working directly in the interests of the biggest enemies not only of Islam but of all humanity. The participants of protests and riots, with their activities, directly pave the way for the rule of cabalists, satanists and sodomites in Iran and the destruction of the ancient Iranian nation and civilization that has lived and flourished for over 3 thousand years. The ultimate goal of the color revolution in Iran that the U.S., the UK, and Israel so much desire is nothing less than the destruction of Iran both as a state and as a nation. The protests and riots have nothing to do with the unfortunate death of Mihsa Amini, the optional Hijab, or democracy. The Color Revolution aims to bring Iran into a civil war and prepare the ground for direct military intervention by the U.S., the UK and Israel, which would then try to occupy parts of Iran, primarily those rich in oil and gas. The collective West has destined Iran for the fate of Libya or at least Ukraine and Syria. Do protesters and rioters really want them, their children, and their grandchildren to spend the rest of their lives in a state of constant war, suffering, and death in which normal family life, education, and work are completely impossible?

Of course, there are no ideal states anywhere in the world, but the only real “sin” of Iran as a state and nation is that it did not submit to the interests of the Zionist and Anglo-Saxon elites and that instead, it is building an increasingly tight alliance with Russia and China, advocating at the same time for broader Eurasian and pan-Islamic integration. And while Iran calls the Eurasian nations and Muslims for unity and harmony, the Eurasian nations and Muslims who serve the interests of the Zionists and the Anglo-Saxons, the vassals of the West, in their political short-sightedness, harbor open or hidden enmity towards Iran and thus work directly against themselves and their own national interests. Iran is the heart and key to the future and certainly necessary and inevitable, integration of the countries of Eurasia and Africa. The U.S., the UK, and Israel know this very well. By destroying Iran as a strong state and nation, a bastion of freedom that for decades has defied the Zionist-Anglo-Saxon Axis of Evil, the only Axis of Evil that has ever existed, the integration of the free peoples of Eurasia and Africa would be sabotaged and perhaps even stopped, and the greatest horror of the collective West — the political unification of Muslims — would be prevented.

However, it is Russia that could play a key role in the reconciliation of Muslims and the end of sectarian conflicts that weaken Islam and strengthen its enemies. Saudi Arabia, until recently under the strong influence of the USA, Israel, and the UK, is increasingly showing signs that it is fed up with American pressure and blackmail. After recently Saudi Arabia, protecting its own interests, decided to reduce oil production and opened the way for its price to rise, open threats from Washington began to arrive in Riyadh. Saudi Arabia has been accused by the collective West of aiding Russia’s war effort. Similarly, Iran has been accused of violating United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231 of 2015 by allegedly exporting its deadly drones to Russia, which both Russia and Iran deny. However, according to the aforementioned resolution, Iran’s embargo on the export of conventional weapons already expired in October 2020. It is, therefore, only about an extremely malicious interpretation of the resolution by Western diplomats. Such pressures strongly turn Iran and Saudi Arabia both towards Russia and towards each other so that reconciliation of once bitter rivals is on the horizon. Similar reconciliations are possible throughout the Eurasian and Islamic worlds and will represent a powerful response to the Western hybrid war being waged against them all.

However, the first step towards liberation from Western tyranny begins in the minds and consciousness of all ordinary people who allowed themselves to be misled and deceived by Western propaganda, misused for the benefit of the interests of Western powers, and turned into more or less unwitting traitors of their countries without even realizing it because they naively believed to fight for justice and a better world. That kind of awakening in which the individual becomes aware of the mechanisms of the special psychological operations of the hybrid war waged against the free Eurasian and Islamic nations, and thus becomes completely resistant to them, is the key to the freedom not only of individuals but also of entire nations and geopolitical spaces. Otherwise, as a result of global deception, collective blindness, and stupidity, brothers will continue to kill brothers as before, until all the once proud nations and states disappear one after the other so that the Zionist-Anglo-Saxon elites and their vassals became even richer and greedier.

By Davor Slobodanovich Vuyachich
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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