A New Brutal Purge Upon the Serbs in the Making, Orchestrated by NATOstan

The goal of the Kosovo Albanians’ hidden agenda is even more blatant now in broad political daylight in the midst of the Ukraine crisis, Тatiana Obrenovic writes.

The Serbs are ‘up on the barricades’ yet again. The Kosovo Albanians-only police officers keep provoking the local Serbs.

They harass the Serbs only and arrest the innocent Serbian civilians only in a quasi failed state of Kosovo (and Metohija).

For instance, one Serb was arrested and detained by the police only because he lives in the same building where the electoral committee is located. Then a few others as well in a matter of a few days in the past week.

The Shqiptari taking endless photos of themselves with their index fingers stuck on the triggers of their machine guns go to prove the unprecedented brutality and unscrupulousness of the Kosovo Albanians-only police officers.

The goal of their NATO-maneuvered hidden agenda is even more blatant now in broad political daylight in the midst of the Ukraine crisis in which the Collective West is gasping for a chance to rid themselves of the Kosovo skeleton in their political closets from their recent political past knowing only too well that they had breached the international law, that they had committed an act of illegal aggression against Serbia 1999 and that they massively assisted the local Kosovo Albanian stooges to self-proclaim their unconstitutional and illegal independence in 2008.

Strangely enough, whenever they keep trotting out that Serbia has to recognize part of its own country as an independent country, the Collective West and their jackals seem to be ignoring the glaring fact that not one single country in Europe had a part of its country brutally taken away from it. That they are forcefully trying to rob one part of our territory illegally and make a quasi failed state out of it. Quasi it already is. Failed as well. Very much so (the Columbia of Europe with drug trafficking, human trafficking, organ harvesting by the Shqiptari mafia to name but a few). Now the concerted effort of USA, EU, NATO and the Collective West per se find fault with this skeleton in their political closets and want rid of it and in doing so, they want to make sure they convince the whole world that it is in fact Russia that breached the international law in Russian special military operation in Ukraine.

But the Collective West seems to be encountering opposition from a number of other countries in that they point their fingers at the USA now and rightly so that NATO and the Collective West have done very much the same in a much worse, brutal way far too often against too many countries ever since the Second World War.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has recently put a particular emphasis on this point in UN General Assembly that Kosovo was incidentally ‘recognized’ on false premises in 2008 and they also coerced a number of other countries to do the same under the ‘political duress’, which (his UN address to the audience) is something that the West were annoyed with to a great extent. They are very upset about President Vucic saying this in UN Security Council  and the way they want to rid themselves of this issue and wash their hands is to possibly speed up the Serbian capitulation on this issue by pulling a card of ‘how attractive EU is for a quasi state of Kosovo’ and by promising appealing new investments so that Serbia is forcefully driven or literally kicked in her teeth into accepting the terms at gunpoint. After all, the Collective West had already done this sort of thing a few times: coercing Slobodan Milosević, Momir Bulatović, Ivica Dačić and a few more literally at gunpoint.

The collective West wants to ram through Kosovo – a quasi, failed state into the UN even without Serbia ‘recognizing it’ in the first place if ever but this recognition and ramming Kosovo into the UN and as many other possible organizations and unions as possible seems undoable and illusory. They are closing their political ranks in that they have deployed many other ways and tactics to try and do so they try to tease, provoke, pressurize and unnerve Serbia to get her derailed from her principled views and standpoints on Kosovo issue. Kosovo is granted the ‘ludicrously grandiose’ role of ‘agent provocateur’ on behalf of the Collective West to get Serbia entangled in the political quicksand. As part of their agenda, they are announcing new forms of ever more brutal provocations and possibly a controlled false flag incident in a political and real time battle of nerves in an endless number of provocations by the Shqiptari and those who pushed them into all this. Yes, yes, the striking similarity with those with Zelensky and the Kiev regime come to mind because we have seen all this in the mirror image of the crisis in Ukraine, though, way more brutally and then in Afghanistan, Libya, Siria and many others.

Take for instance, Petar Poroshenko who was ‘the arch mentor’ of the Minsk Agreements. Even he gave the very same statement six months ago that they never had planned to abide by them. One can establish a political parallel with what Kurti claimed in Berlin that Priština has never heard of the ‘Brussels Agreement and knows nothing about it. How arrogant can that man be? Poroshenko, Kurti’s NATO stooge counterpart in Ukraine said the very same thing. One would think that is too much of a coincidence.

So we can expect some future Merkel or Baerbock in five to six years to say that they had no intention of implementing the Brussels Agreement in Kosovo because they were merely buying more time. Catherine Ashton was the U.S. mediator at the time. President Vucic mentioned these agreements Serbia has signed and implemented a couple of days ago as follows:

1.Kumanovo Agreement, 2. UN Charter, 3.1244 Resolution,4. Brussels Agreement and 5.Washington Agreement.

Belgrade has implemented everything from the Brussels Agreement to its every dot. It is then obvious who keeps throwing spanners in the works of the Brussels Agreement and other agreements signed so far.

None of these have been enforced in this context of Kosmet on the part of NATO, EU or Pristina.

President Vucic may have not wanted to mention one more element for diplomatic reasons but these agreements which have not been enforced were in fact passed by the Collective West.

Pristina is not the subject in the international law which means that they are an irrelevant party in theory.

The Collective West were the ones to have passed these i.e. the signatures of the Collective West are on the documents and Serbian signatures are there too. Serbia has enforced all the required clauses in them.

Priština and the Collective West have done nothing to this day. There seems to be no room for diplomatic maneuver for Serbia within these current coordinates. Serbian Parliament members have unanimously agreed this week that they will officially seek KFOR to enforce the part of Resolution 1244 to bring back our forces up to 1000 police officers and soldiers with the explanation that the local Serbs are subject to most brutal and unbearable pogrom, even though Serbian President told that we would wait for KFOR and EULEX to do their fair share and that Serbia would put trust in EULEX and KFOR for the time being; Serbia will officially seek the return of our 1000 policemen and military to Kosovo and Metohija.

Clearly Serbia will encounter obstacles in getting this approval even if the formal reasons to do so may well be in Serbian favour

President Vučić reassured that we should put trust in KFOR and EULEX up until the moment the political opposite occurs.

If the Serbian request is declined, they will have to provide elaboration on the legal grounds and reasons for rejection.

It was a binding resolution and it gives the same significance to all its directives for both the Serbian and Albanian side in the conflict; both sides had to enforce all clauses in the Resolution under the threat of using armed forces by the Security Council if both sides did not enforce these for any reason. But the minute that the Resolution was signed and passed, NATO came up with some lame excuse for the postponement in that the KFOR commander was vested with the discretionary power to decide on their own to send military troops without any elaboration. It is up to the KFOR commander as a military expert to determine the appropriate moment to do that but that right moment has to be within a reasonable time span and one cannot prolong it forever. Zoran Djindjić, late Serbian Prime Minister (brutally assassinated in 2003 by an extended hand of NATO) has put forth the very same request from UN as well, Boris Tadić refused with the elaboration that our soldiers and policemen in that case would be mere political clay pigeons, who would have fallen prey to the Shqiptari extremists. If NATO wanted to do away with that mandatory duty for KFOR to be in charge within the reasonable time span, that is against the UN Security Council and the non-severability mandatory status of that Resolution integrally, which means that it must be enforced and executed abiding by its non-severability with not one directive to be less important than any other.

Lest we forget, the moment that Resolution was passed, Bernard Kushner arrived there, having been given the instructions from the Secretariat, then came Richard Holbrooke, U.S. Ambassador in the UN, to publicly ask Kushner to not heed the instructions from the Secretariat at all but to do what he deemed fit, In other words, he had ‘American’ ways of doing things in mind i.e. to deprive Serbia of any form of its own legal and political presence in Kosovo and Metohija ‘with utmost professional expedience’ i.e. as soon as possible at any cost. Which he did at unduly accelerated speed. Others simply followed suit. It meant the absence of U.S. ‘political good faith’ to apply this Resolution the way it was meant to, because it presupposed Serbian sovereignty over Kosovo and Metohija. If we touch upon the issue of sending military forces to Kosovo back to 2022 now, it will not change the relations of the military forces yet it will be a symbolic gesture to affirm and reaffirm the application of the Resolution. The U.S., by way of NATO, has been given discretionary power of ‘governing’ in Kosovo and Metohija in this way. Serbia can only assume that they will refuse to bring back our 1000 Serbian soldiers and police officers there under the false pretext that it is not the right moment to do so in which case Serbia must seek further explanation in the UN Security Council as to why Resolution 1244 is not being enforced with its essential non-severability aspect. Besides, it is incumbent upon Serbia to kindly request answers from NATO aka KFOR what has happened to the return of the displaced persons due to the war. Namely, they were to return to Kosovo and Metohija aided by KFOR and EULEX and the competent institutions. The list of the requests which Serbia is entitled to according to the Resolution 1244 is rather long and surely long overdue. Serbia is adamant that Kosovo and Metohija will always be part of Serbia no matter what. You can take our word and our Kosovski zavet for it.

By Tatiana Obrenovic
Source: Strategic Culture Foundation

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