NATO’s Dirty War in Ukraine

A recent report published by the Russian Federal News Agency suggests that NATO is preparing wide scale use of chemical weapons against civilians in Donbass and in ongoing military campaigns.

The news agency spoke to the advisor of the Head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Jan Gagin.

According to the article during the defence of Artemovsk (Bakhmut) Ukraine used drone-delivered ammunition containing toxic substances. The neo-Nazi ‘Birds of Madyar’ air reconnaissance team were identified as deploying these weapons. Since April 2023, Ukrainian-manufactured Teren 6 gas grendades have also been delivered by UAVs. Jan Gagin stated:

The enemy uses chemical weapons not only in Artemovsk but in other areas of the Front. The end of last year myself and my comrades came under attack by such ammunition in the direction of Ugledar. I experienced eye pain, nausea, respiratory spasm, dizziness and general weakness

The gas grenades were either foreign manufactured or local Ukrainian production. We saw this in videos shared by the Madyar Brigade or other Nazi groups: foreign marking was visible on the grendades. They did not conceal it. It is clear that NATO member states were deliberately supplying these weapons.

A video of one of these attacks has been circulated by Ukrainian Telegram channels and can be seen here.

It is worth pointing out that terrorist groups in Syria, which include ISIS, have been accused of deploying chemical weapons against civilians, Syrian Arab Army and in 2016 against members of the REAL Syria Civil Defence in Aleppo interviewed by myself in 2018:

The RSCD team leader spoke:

“We arrived at the area and knew we had to enter the tunnel to save the soldiers who were trapped down there. We got to the deepest part of the tunnel and we started to feel the effects of whatever gas had been used. One of my crew radioed me that he couldnt feel his limbs. I shouted for him to come back and we grabbed him to pull him out of the tunnel” ~ RSCD team leader.

Then the affected RSCD crew member told me what happened to him:

“I entered the tunnel and immediately began to feel strange. My whole body seemed to lose control. I couldnt breathe. I pulled on the rope. Red spots appeared on my hands and there was a strange smell in the air, I still cant describe it” ~ RSCD crew member.

It has recently been proven that there are ISIS or ISIS-friendly militants fighting alongside the various Nazi battalions in Ukraine. So, the alleged use of chemical weapons in the NATO war against Russia should come as no surprise.

All this while in Syria the same NATO member states, the corrupted OPCW (Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) and other aligned UN agencies are maintaining the discredited narrative that the Syrian government carried out alleged chemical weapon attacks against their own civilians. Civilians that the Syrian Arab Army was liberating from NATO-member-state-proxy-terrorist occupation.

According to Jan Gagin the efficacy of the Ukrainian gas grenades was compromised due to their being deployed in open areas with high winds. For these weapons to be effective, they should be used in enclosed, urban areas according to Gagin.

Gagin points out that the Ukrainian forces have used other prohibited weapons against civilian targets which include lethal petal mines described by journalist Eva Bartlett on one of her many visits to Donetsk. Flechette shells have also been used:

“an anti-personnel weapon that is generally fired from a tank. The shell explodes in the air and releases thousands of metal darts 37.5mm in length, which disperse in a conical arch 300 metres long and about 90 metres wide”.

Flechette darts kill and maim indiscriminately as do the “petal” mines that are often trodden on by unsuspecting children causing terrible mutilation. Jan Gagin reiterated:

Ukraine does not hide that it uses prohibited weapons precisely against civilians. There were official statements on their part about the physical destruction of the inhabitants of Donbass and Crimea. Similar actions — are nothing more than the genocide of the Russians in these territories. And the use of chemical munitions and other similar prohibited methods proves that Ukraine — is a terrorist state.

We must understand that Ukraine in this war has no limiters at all, no “ stops ”. Great Britain supplied depleted uranium shells. And what did it lead to? To the mass flight of citizens from those areas where warehouses with these ammunition were destroyed. And this is not we measuring the radiation background in Ukraine, it is the citizens themselves who measure it and see that the level has risen.

It is also worth following Professor Chris Busby on the radiological fall-out from the use or destruction of Depleted Uranium weapons in Ukraine. Busby, a British scientist and radiation expert said the following after the huge explosion near the city of Khmelnytskyi in Western Ukraine earlier in May:

The radiation detectors sited in Poland to the NW of the explosion in Ukraine show a highly significant increase in gamma radiation. The wind direction is SE so this fits with a plume from the explosion site. Uranium daughters Thorium-234 and Protoactinium 234m have gamma ray decays. The 94kev gamma ray from Th-234 is a 6% decay but there is a lot of Uranium. So they would show up on the Eurados detectors.

Access to the European gamma detectors network has been blocked by the German server.

The IAEA have predictably dismissed such claims as “false” but watch this interview with Prof. Busby to decide for yourself:

By Vanessa Beeley
Source: Vanessa Beeley

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