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British Spies who Busted ‘World’s Most Wanted People Smuggler’ may have got Wrong Man

An Eritrean man accused by British authorities of being one of the world’s “most wanted people smugglers” may actually be a victim of mistaken identity, Italian prosecutors have admitted. In an embarrassing blow to a high-profile investigation led by Britain’s National Crime Agency (NCA) and GCHQ, it appears the real Medhanie Yehdego Mered remains at large and an innocent man...

Germany Mulls Deporting Half its Afghan Refugees, Karzai Says it’s a Good Idea

Germany is reportedly seeking to deport around 40,000 of the 79,449 Afghan refugees that have applied for asylum as part of a deal with Kabul. Former Afghan President Karzai said deportations would be “a good solution” for his country’s reconstruction. Berlin wants to deport roughly 40,000 Afghan asylum seekers, including refugees willing to return to their homeland voluntarily, as well...

ISIS-Linked British Glamour Model Denies Plans To Join Terrorists In Syria

A former British glamour model being groomed online as a ‘jihadist bride’ by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS, ISIL) says she is considering visiting the Turkey-Syria border for a third time in the next few months, but denies she wants to join the terrorist group.

Kimberley Miners, a former page three girl who has posed topless for the Sun newspaper, has allegedly been in contact with a British fighter in Syria, Abu Usama Al Britani, who is trying to recruit women to the terrorist group via Facebook.