Full Spectrum Dominatrix vs. Off Spectrum Narcissus

Full Spectrum Dominatrix vs. Off Spectrum Narcissus

 History can be a damned good screenwriter – currently presenting an excruciatingly agonizing, do-or-die choice (“Love trumps hate” vs. “Lock her up!”) not only to US voters but also to the whole planet, which will be affected, directly and indirectly, by this choice.  On one side we have a populist over-the-top billionaire pop Narcissus, a.k.a….

Largest Military Aid Package Ever Offered to a Foreign Country in US History Just Got Bigger

Already set to be the “largest military aid package” the US has ever offered to a single country in history, the Obama Administration has written a lengthy letter to US Senators today, informing them of intentions to “substantially sweeten” the already record offer in an attempt to try to get the Israelis to sign on…

US only country to oppose UN holding Israel accountable for war crimes, yet again

US vote against “ensuring accountability and justice for all violations of international law in” the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) The US was the only country in the world to oppose a resolution calling for Israel to be held accountable for war crimes, at the 29th regular session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC),…

Saudis Lobby Washington Insiders To Support U.S. Led Regime Change In Syria

Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, left, walks into the West Wing of the White House in Washington escorted by Mark E. Walsh, center, Deputy Chief of Protocol, Friday, June 17, 2016. The audacious undermining of Obama by the Saudis in their backing of a Washington revolt against the president’s policy strongly suggests…