Russophobia – Symptom of US Implosion

There was a time when Russophobia served as an effective form of population control – used by the American ruling class in particular to command the general US population into patriotic loyalty. Not any longer. Now, Russophobia is a sign of weakness, of desperate implosion among the US ruling class from their own rotten, internal … Continue reading Russophobia – Symptom of US Implosion


Only a Fool Would Trust Rogue State USA

The United States suffers from a chronic trust deficit, to put it mildly. Anything that its leaders say must be weighed against years of deception and relentless criminal conduct by US governments. Only a fool would trust anything that comes out of Washington. US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson visited Chinese President Xi Jinping at the weekend, vowing … Continue reading Only a Fool Would Trust Rogue State USA

Russia Builds Where US Destroyed

Referring to ongoing peace talks on Syria co-sponsored by Russia, President Vladimir Putin said the negotiations marked the beginning of “rebuilding” this war-torn country, as well as other conflict zones in the Middle East region. Already several rounds of talks have been held in Kazakhstan’s capital Astana between the Syrian government and opponents, under the auspices of Russia and Turkey. … Continue reading Russia Builds Where US Destroyed

File photo: Russia's President Vladimir Putin interacts with Turkey's President Tayyip Erdogan © Damir Sagolj / Reuters

For Allies & Foes Alike, All Roads Lead to Moscow as Mideast’s Main Player

In the same week that the United States sent thousands of additional troops to Kuwait for deployment in Iraq and Syria, Russia was busy pursuing a heavy-duty diplomatic deployment. The contrast speaks of a paradigm-shift in geopolitics. Russia has become the main player in the future of the vital Middle East region, where the US … Continue reading For Allies & Foes Alike, All Roads Lead to Moscow as Mideast’s Main Player

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson delivers a speech on the first day of the Conservative party annual conference at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham, central England, on October 2, 2016 © AFP 2017/ Adrian DENNIS

Britain Needs to Get Off High Horse on Russia

For a small nation with a has-been imperial past, British rulers appear to still suffer from the delusion of strutting around the globe as if on a high horse. Now less of a splendid steed and more like a broken-down hobby horse rocking on its overblown pretensions. Senior British government figures are reportedly due to visit Moscow in coming weeks, … Continue reading Britain Needs to Get Off High Horse on Russia

Trump’s Reckless Pimping Off Germany for NATO Fix

US President Donald Trump has German ancestral roots, but his unfolding policy on NATO shows little regard for the Fatherland. Indeed, the signs are that Trump wants to recklessly pimp off German economic prowess as a short-term fix for the United States’ chronic problems. When Trump’s vice president, Mike Pence, and his defense secretary James … Continue reading Trump’s Reckless Pimping Off Germany for NATO Fix

Moscow Sights © Sputnik/ Grigoriy Sisoev

Western Russophobia in Psychotic Phase

Western irrational fear of Russia – Russophobia – is no longer a random prejudice. It has become endemic pathological thinking among Western states. Divorced from reality this mindset has become psychotic. Western politicians, military leaders and corporate news media increasingly blame Russia for all manner of perceived transgressions. Whether it is alleged interference in national elections or alleged aggressive … Continue reading Western Russophobia in Psychotic Phase

Flynn’s Head Rolls. Is Trump’s Next?

Just three weeks into the Trump presidency, and his political enemies in the Washington establishment have scored big, with the forced resignation of Trump’s National Security advisor Michael Flynn. The establishment includes state intelligence agencies and aligned corporate news media, who have been gunning for Trump ever since his shock election last November. It’s a … Continue reading Flynn’s Head Rolls. Is Trump’s Next?