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Susiya village on brink of destruction by Israel

Children in a playground in Susiya in April. Israeli occupation forces may move within weeks to destroy the West Bank village.Oren ZivActiveStills 6 August 2016 Charlotte Silver  Israel’s high court placed the fate of the Palestinian village Susiya and its 340 residents in the hands of defense minister Avigdor Lieberman on Monday, leaving it to him…


Beijing sends bombers, fighter jets on combat patrols over contested South China Sea

A Chinese military plane H-6 bomber © Reuters Published time: 6 Aug, 2016  China has said it carried out a combat air patrol over contested islands in the South China Sea. In a separate incident, roughly 230 Chinese fishing vessels and Coast Guard ships were spotted near East China Sea islets, triggering an angry response…


The Reluctant Enemy

Meet the General Who’s Going to War for Hillary Clinton. August 5, 2016 By Israel Shamir The Enemy according to Trump is unemployment, outsourcing, immigration, wars abroad, neocons and free-wheeling allies, the Clintonites chose, Russia as the enemy. The DNC 2016 reminded me of The Triumph of the Will, the paradigmatic film of Leni Riefenstahl….

Hillary, Queen of War: The Road Map Ahead
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Hillary, Queen of War: The Road Map Ahead

It all starts with a Wahhabi-Zionist lovefest. The Saudi Foreign Ministry was forced to go on a non-denial denial overdrive about a visit to Israel on July 22 by a delegation led by retired Gen. Anwar Eshki. Eshki happens to be close to Saudi intel superstar and onetime close Osama bin Laden pal Prince Turki bin Faisal, who recently met in the open with former Israel…


Neocons Promote War on Syria: Drone and Cruise Missile Strikes to Take Out Assad

4 August 2016Timothy Alexander Guzman Controversial New York Times Article In an opinion piece written by Andrew J. Tabler, a Martin J. Gross fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) along with Dennis B. Ross also a William Davidson Distinguished Fellow at the institute titled ‘The Case for (Finally) Bombing Assad’ calls…