Pakistan’s Response to Hybrid War on CPEC?

Pakistan was attacked by terrorists over the past five days when eight separate blasts ripped through the country and reminded the world that Islamabad is on the front-lines in the War on Terror. Unlike after the end of the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan, this time it wasn’t just ‘wayward freedom fighters’ boomeranging back to their home … Continue reading Pakistan’s Response to Hybrid War on CPEC?

US soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division practice medical evcuation skills during a training session at the Forward Operating Base Ghazni on May 24, 2013.   US-led coalition forces are winding down their operations before a scheduled withdrawal of the bulk of their 100,000 troops by the end of 2014, and racing to prepare Afghan forces to take over responsibility for security.  AFP PHOTO/Dibyangshu SARKAR        (Photo credit should read DIBYANGSHU SARKAR/AFP/Getty Images)

Make Up Your Mind, Mr Trump – Disaster Looms in Afghanistan

The erratic presidency of Mr Donald Trump is careering from policy to policy, mixing some up, cancelling others and inventing a few on the hoof while trying to cope with self-inflicted crises affecting important international affairs. The recent debacle over the enforced exit of National Security Adviser, General Flynn, was more than just a PR … Continue reading Make Up Your Mind, Mr Trump – Disaster Looms in Afghanistan


How to Lose the War in Afghanistan

It is now official beyond question. The senior ranks of the U.S. military and foreign-policy leadership have now fully succumbed to the belief that all problems in the Middle East and South Asia must include, at their core, the application of lethal military power. No other alternative is considered. Worse, the military solutions they advocate … Continue reading How to Lose the War in Afghanistan


Saudis Deport 40,000 Pakistanis Out of ‘Fear of Terror’

Saudi Arabia has reportedly deported over 39,000 Pakistani workers over the past four months for alleged visa violations and heightened threats of terrorism but some speculate there’s more to the story. According to the Saudi Gazette, the Saudi government claims that the recent deportation of 39,000 Pakistanis is the result of criminal investigations, visa expirations and … Continue reading Saudis Deport 40,000 Pakistanis Out of ‘Fear of Terror’


Hawkish US Think Tanks

The two leading US think tanks namely ‘Hudson Institute’ and the ‘Heritage Foundation’ have advised the Donald Trump administration to adopt tough measures against Pakistan. In their view Pakistan is not doing enough in controlling terrorism and is making its soil available for export of terrorism into Afghanistan, thereby threatening the US vital security interests … Continue reading Hawkish US Think Tanks

Firefight in the Waterpur Valley

US to Review Its Strategy in Afghanistan

Army Gen. John W. Nicholson Jr., the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, told lawmakers on February 9 that thousands more American or NATO troops are needed to break the «stalemate» between Afghan forces and the Taliban insurgent group while the Islamic State also remains active in the nation. According to him, outside powers, including Russia and Iran, complicated … Continue reading US to Review Its Strategy in Afghanistan


Pakistan’s Eurasian Solution for Afghanistan

Moscow will host six-party talks about Afghanistan on 15 February, with Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, Iran, India, and naturally Russia expected to be represented. Moreover, ZamirKabulov – thought of as being the leader of the “Islamophile” South Asian faction in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – extended an invitation to the US as well, though stipulating … Continue reading Pakistan’s Eurasian Solution for Afghanistan