Cold Start or Nuclear Winter

A Crisis of Sanity in South Asia South Asia is no stranger to conflict, for the region has always remained unstable for most of its post-colonial history, mainly due to the two regional powers, India and Pakistan, locking horns in an endless turf battle. It is not a good time for peace advocates on either … Continue reading Cold Start or Nuclear Winter


India’s Freaking Out Over China’s “BRICS-Plus” Proposal

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi announced on Wednesday that China would “explore modalities for BRICS-plus, to hold outreach dialogues with other major developing countries” because “we hope to establish extensive partnerships and widen our circle of friends to turn it into the most impactful platform for South-South cooperation.” This instantly prompted a jingoistic paroxysm in … Continue reading India’s Freaking Out Over China’s “BRICS-Plus” Proposal

Russian South Asia Complexity

Russian moves to improve relations with Pakistan to complicate its South Asian strategy? How Russia can mange relations with Pakistan keeping time-tested privileged partnership with India? Russian moves are tactical in nature or following a comprehensive strategy to deal with two rival neighbors? Russia requires a policy for South Asia region as whole? What would … Continue reading Russian South Asia Complexity

China’s Military Power Projection into Af-Pak

Last week, I looked at the recent string of attacks in Pakistan and attributed them to state-sponsored terrorism facilitated by Indian and Afghan security services. That opinion got plenty of support on the hawkish side of Pakistan media. Munir Akram Pakistan's ex ambassador to the UN declared "we know the hostile powers that have sponsored … Continue reading China’s Military Power Projection into Af-Pak

Geopolitics Behind Pakistan’s Sehwan Shrine Bombing

Mayhem stalks South Asia as a series of terrorist bombings ripped through Pakistan in February. The most horrific targeted worshipers at one of Pakistan's most famous and magnificent Sufi shrines at Sehwan. At least 88 people died and hundreds were injured as a suicide bomber detonated his vest filled with ball bearings and bolts inside … Continue reading Geopolitics Behind Pakistan’s Sehwan Shrine Bombing

India and Israel Agreed to Jointly Produce Missile Systems for India

Israel and India have agreed to a deal for a medium-range surface-to-air (MRSAM) missile system in order to jointly expand the Indian aerial defense systems and strengthen ties between the two countries, the Mail Today newspaper reported. According to reports, the deal, which marks 25 years of cooperative diplomatic ties, was approved by Indian Prime … Continue reading India and Israel Agreed to Jointly Produce Missile Systems for India

Nagaland Unrest: Fate of “Indian Balkans”

The Indian state of Nagaland is poised to once more create a major headache for India if the unrest there doesn’t fully stabilize sometime soon, although this story is almost completely overlooked by the Mainstream Media’s blackout on the topic. The large-scale riots from earlier this month have already led to the police killing three … Continue reading Nagaland Unrest: Fate of “Indian Balkans”

The Truth about “Digital India”

India is descending into one of the most unfavorable entanglements since her independence. This historic conspiracy gripping the subcontinent is utter cosmic. Since the announcement of so-called “Demonetization,” we have come up with several articles shedding light on possible issues. Some of the theories and predictions drafted in the 3rd week of Demonetization seem to … Continue reading The Truth about “Digital India”

Pakistan’s Response to Hybrid War on CPEC?

Pakistan was attacked by terrorists over the past five days when eight separate blasts ripped through the country and reminded the world that Islamabad is on the front-lines in the War on Terror. Unlike after the end of the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan, this time it wasn’t just ‘wayward freedom fighters’ boomeranging back to their home … Continue reading Pakistan’s Response to Hybrid War on CPEC?