Biden’s America Would Be a Dystopian Hellhole

If Biden’s “deep state” backers succeed in their rolling coup attempt against Trump, then America risks transforming into a dystopian hellhole within the next four years in the event that their puppet successfully implements their vision for the country’s future.

The “Deep State’s” Psyop

The decades-long Hybrid War of Terror on America reached a new intensity after the Mainstream Media’s massive psyop over the weekend which manipulatively “projected” that Biden won the election despite the outcome still being litigated and far from legally certain at this time. The purpose in doing so was to preemptively thwart patriotic Americans’ employment of “Democratic Security” measures through the expression of their constitutionally enshrined right to freely assemble across the country in support of Trump by demoralizing them with the false impression that doing so wouldn’t change anything. This speaks to the fear that Biden’s backers in the US’ permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies (“deep state”) have about their superficially “democratic” coup potentially being reversed by the Supreme Court, which if anything should only motivate patriots to stream out into the street with more gusto than before (albeit after organizing their peaceful activities on VK instead of Facebook considering the latter’s latest censorship spree).

Puppet, Not President

Nevertheless, despite the outcome of this struggle presently being uncertain, it’s worthwhile exploring the worst-case scenario of what might happen if the “deep state” succeeds. If anything, this thought experiment might inspire even more patriots to peacefully resist the coup and possibly change the course of American — and by natural extent given their country’s prominent international status, even global — history. In the event that Biden is inaugurated on 20 January like they plan to have happen, then the first thing to point out is that he’d simply be a puppet of the wannabe dictators that compromise the Democrat Party and their “deep state” backers. He himself is nothing other than a placeholder for the so-called “powers that be” who are pulling his strings behind the scenes. This is visibly evident from the fact that his mental senility is on full display practically every time that he speaks. It’s entirely possible that he’ll even be formally replaced by Kamala Harris through the 25th Amendment either on legitimate health pretexts or to distract from his family’s alleged corruption.

The Path To One-Party Rule

The power structure that decided upon making Biden their public face (at least for the time being) will do everything to ensure that one-party rule by their Democrat proxies becomes the defining feature of American politics for the indefinite future. All their plans that will soon be described are driven by this insatiable desire, which must be kept in mind when analyzing everything that will follow. Being the masterful manipulators that they are, however, they’ll continue disguising their intentions with high-sounding rhetoric about “peace”, “love”, and “equality” in order to facilitate their “perception managers’” gaslighting operations of misportraying opponents to their policies as being in support of “violence”, “hate”, and “racism”. Patriots mustn’t fall for this and should do their utmost to call out this Orwellian doublespeak at every opportunity, though they’ll likely risk being deplatformed by Big Tech if they speak out too loudly. After all, totalitarian censorship policies are typical of one-party rule, and existing trends in this direction will only get worse.

Mass Disarmament Will Be The First Step To Dictatorship

One-party states always seek to disarm their citizenry in order to reduce militant resistance to their rule, which is why Trump warned about Biden’s plans to go on a gun-grabbing spree if he successfully seizes power. It’s unclear at this time exactly how that process would play out, but there shouldn’t be any doubt that the Democrats have been endeavoring to do this for years but might now finally have the “publicly plausible” pretext for executing this scheme. Their Mainstream Media allies will likely market it as “disarming fascist, racist Trump-supporting militia terrorists” and then take steps “to ensure that no guns ever stance a chance of falling into their hands”, after which they’d radically restrict sales prior to outright banning them. It should be pointed out, however, that this probably won’t stop inner-city drug and gang violence, especially not if the Democrats decide to arm their de-facto street militias of Antifa and “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) for these ends or others.

The New “Cops” Will Be Much Worse Than The Old Ones

It’s here where the “defund the police” movement comes into play. The Democrats will probably keep this institution in place to a certain extent no matter what, and likely won’t begin “reforming” it until after it carries out their planned gun grab, but their vision for the police should send chills down every American’s spine. There’s already talk about gradually replacing many police with “crisis/social workers”, which is just a euphemism for replacing them with Antifa and BLM, therefore politicizing this institution. Once the citizenry is disarmed, they’ll be at the mercy of these mobs and their members (whether formal ones or just “fellow travelers”) who’ll be bestowed badges to replace the police. It’s not difficult to see how this could become a disaster, especially for those who disagree with the party in power. Many crimes against humanity were committed throughout history by politicized police forces such as the one that the Democrats want to create through their so-called “reforms”. Americans would arguably be much less safe and many would live in terror.

State-Sponsored Racism Will Return With A Vengeance

This dire prediction would be all the more true for the country’s majority-Caucasian population which would once again be victimized through Biden’s planned reimposition of so-called “critical race theory” as the de-facto national ideology. This philosophy is inherently racist since it wrongly claims that people of a “whiter” skin color have a natural advantage in society, which in turn implies that (“reverse”-)racist policies must be implemented against all people of this demographic in order to “improve the odds of success” for people who don’t look like them. The inevitable conclusion of this radical theory is that Caucasians must pay so-called “reparations”, which in practice would amount to the vast majority of Caucasian-Americans whose ancestors never owned slaves paying more of their hard-earned income in taxes to fund programs intended to exclusively benefit the vast majority of non-Caucasian-Americans whose ancestors were never enslaved (remembering that African-Americans are no longer the country’s largest non-Caucasian minority after being overtaken by Hispanics).

Amnesty & Open Borders Will Revolutionize The Electoral Landscape

Biden’s backers are also in favor of amnesty for the estimated 10-20 million illegal immigrants in the country, the majority of which are of Hispanic origin and tend to vote Democrat by large margins. This would revolutionize the electoral landscape by turning Texas into a Democrat stronghold, among other changes that it could effect across the electoral landscape. The resultant outcome would greatly ensure the likelihood that the Democrats are able to indefinitely perpetuate one-party rule even if they don’t eventually do away with the Electoral College like the majority of their supporters want. Add the likely policy of open borders to the mix alongside amnesty and it’s clear that America might soon experience an influx of what Ivy League scholar Kelly M. Greenhill previously referred to as “Weapons of Mass Migration”, or the wily manipulation of migration processes for strategic ends, be they electoral, economic, military, or whatever else. All of this, it must be said, will probably be promoted by the Democrats on the basis of “ensuring freedom and democracy for all”.

The Great Reset” Will Institutionalize A Master-Servant Class Hierarchy

The Connection Between World War C & Psychological Processes Is Seriously Concerning”, as the author wrote earlier this month, since central governments across the world and especially the Democrat-led ones in many US states are weaponizing fear over this virus in order to impose their vision for “The Great Reset”. This is a euphemism for the AI-driven “Fourth Industrial Revolution” which will result in mass unemployment and most of the population’s unprecedented dependence on the government, especially if plans for a “universal basic income” are implemented. The combination of artificially created economic desperation and the subsequently manipulative lifeline extended by the government will institutionalize a class-based hierarchy between state overlords and their “servants”. The vast majority of the population will depend upon the government for subsistence, which in turn is intended to cultivate their supreme loyalty to the state and the Democrat Party in particular which plans to indefinitely rule over them as the only future political force in the country.

Concluding Thoughts

It’s the author’s sincere wish that his ominous predictions are proven wrong in the scenario that the “deep state” succeeds in certifying their coup through the Electoral College, but there are plenty of reasons to fear that the dystopian hellhole that was described in this analysis will come to pass in one form or another even if it takes some time to fully impose upon the population. All patriots who resist the “revolutionary” transformation of their formerly (but always imperfectly) free country into a totalitarian dictatorship must do so peacefully and in full accordance with the law. Nevertheless, they must urgently exercise their constitutionally enshrined freedoms of speech and assembly before it’s too late otherwise they risk the unthinkable consequences of what could happen if the “deep state” successfully seizes power and shortly thereafter decides to take revenge against the patriots that some Democrat lawmakers publicly flirted with placing on their de-facto “enemies list”. The courts might still save America from this dark future, but if they don’t, then the worst is yet to come.

By Andrew Korybko
Source: One World

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