How to Talk to Deep State Deniers

Anti-Trump activists attempt to delegitimize any analysis of factionalism in the permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies (“deep state”), which they outright deny has ever existed anywhere at any time in the history of the world, but this can be powerfully counteracted by sharing some ancient and contemporary historical examples which will force all but the most dishonest gaslighting deniers to acknowledge that they’re wrong.

Denying The “Deep State” Is Denying Reality

We all know someone who denies that the “deep state” exists. They might be our friends, family members, or even just random folks on the internet, but they’re usually very rude, arrogant, and oftentimes pretty aggressive in their denialism. They treat those of us who acknowledge the existence of permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies (“deep state”) and especially factionalism within them as crazy, though half of the time they’re just gaslighting out of an intent to emotionally manipulate us into supporting whatever their preferred narrative of the day may be. Still, there are some who are just confused or misled and sincerely deny what was just described. There are other times where the “deep state” denier (DSD) is someone close to us and it’s difficult to distance ourselves from them no matter how toxic they become, hence why some of us try our utmost to help them realize the ridiculousness of their ways. Remember, you’re not crazy, they are, and this brief guide for how to talk to DSDs will hopefully convince all of those who aren’t dishonest gaslighters to finally admit that they’re wrong.

Step One: Acknowledge That Militaries, Intelligence Agencies, And Diplomats Exist

Denying the “deep state” is symptomatic of a very serious mental illness strongly suggesting that someone is on the brink of a psychological break with reality. Military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies veritably exist as proven by the fact that all countries in the world have publicly appointed people to lead those institutions. It’s almost surreal to have to remind others that such things as the military, intelligence agencies, and diplomats exist, yet that’s the point that we’ve come to. The first thing that those of us concerned folks should do when dealing with a DSD is to ask them point-blank whether they deny the existence of those institutions. They should be reminded that Obama said that he used the military to kill Osama Bin Laden, that former Obama-era Director of National Intelligence James Clapper was one of the nation’s leading Russigate conspiracy theorists (which will be relevant to bring up once again a bit later), and that former First Lady Hillary Clinton was Obama’s Secretary of State. At this point, the DSD will likely concede that they do acknowledge hearing about all three of these. If they don’t, then they’re on the brink of a mental breakdown and urgently need help.

Assuming that they’re at least making an effort to appear semi-”rational” (which they’re more inclined to do if you hold this discussion around others since they might then feel pressured not to go full-on crazy by denying that they ever heard of the three aforementioned examples), then the next step is to bring history into the mix just to cement the existence of the “deep state” in their minds. These three institutions — the military, intelligence agencies, and diplomats — existed all throughout history. Every empire had them and they were responsible for their expansion. Confronted with these facts, the DSD will likely begrudgingly agree. After all, failing to do so is denying humanity’s very history, key facts of which are universally acknowledged by people all across the world regardless of their contemporary partisan disposition. It’s also a matter of religious record in the Old Testament, New Testament, and Holy Quran that the military existed. Jews are aware of the ancient Israelites’ wars, Christians believe that the Romans crucified Jesus, and Muslims learn about the proper way to defend themselves. Even atheist communists recognize war since the USSR defeated the Nazis for example.

Step Two: Reference Religion For Rhetorical Reasons

None but the most dishonest DSD will blasphemously condemn their own religion or ideology just for the sake of winning a ridiculous argument with someone who’s trying to convince them that the “deep state” exists. If they double down on their denialism, immediately end the conversation since it’s about to get real toxic and consider contacting a mental health professional. For all others, expect their retort to be something along the lines of denying that factionalism ever existed within the “deep state”. It’s here where you can once again put them on the spot by reminding them for instance that the holy texts of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all acknowledge that Pharaoh’s magicians at one point or another disagreed with their leader and recognized God’s supreme power. The truly faithful among the DSDs won’t dare to claim that nothing of the sort was ever revealed to those who wrote their holy texts even if they regard their accounts as figurative. Those who continue to deny “deep state” factionalism should rhetorically be asked whether they’re anti-Semitic, not because there’s any reason to suggest that they are, but just to provoke them into defending themselves.

Step Three: Accuse Them Of Anti-Semitism If They Don’t Acknowledge “Deep State” Factionalism

The rhetorical anti-Semite accusations can be taken even further using two comparatively recent historical examples which prove the existence of “deep state” factionalism. The first is the failed assassination attempt against Adolf Hitler in July 1944 which was carried out by some of those who were closest to him. Had it succeeded, the war might have ended shortly thereafter, as would the Holocaust. Denying this matter of historical record could rhetorically be compared to supporting the continuation of the Holocaust. On that topic, most people in the West have heard of Nazi party member Oskar Schindler after Stephen Spielberg’s famous 1993 movie celebrating him for bravely saving over 1000 Jewish lives. Schindler was even awarded one of “Israel‘s” most prestigious honors, the Righteous Among the Nations, for what he did. DSDs, however, would deny that any such thing ever happened since they don’t believe in the “deep state” factionalism that Nazi party official Schindler exemplified. In essence, they’re denying a key part of Holocaust history and even casting doubt on the credibility of “Israel’s” award to him, which amounts to anti-Semitic historical revisionism.

Nobody wants to be wrongly labeled an anti-Semite so the DSD will likely acknowledge, once again begrudgingly, that “deep state” factionalism veritably exists, but possibly claim that it never happened anywhere in the world other than in Nazi Germany and only to stop the Holocaust. At this moment, pat yourself on the back for making some tremendous progress in the conversation since the DSD had earlier denied that any such thing as the “deep state” even existed, let alone factionalism within it, yet they’re now probably very proudly claiming that they do indeed acknowledge it (since failing to do so could result in them being labeled an anti-Semite), though only in this one particular instance. Make sure to remind them of that too, rub it in a bit because they deserve it and need to be emotionally shocked in order to break out of their cognitive dissonance of refusing to acknowledge the widespread prevalence of “deep state” factionalism throughout history, which you’ll now proceed to remind them of in more current times. The following examples will make their head spin and force them to either admit they were wrong or condemn CNN and the Democrat Party instead.

Step Four: Pressure The DSD Into Condemning CNN & The Democrat Party If They Remain Delusional

Remember the earlier reference to James Clapper? Well, be sure to remind the DSD that he was a leading Russiagate conspiracy theorist, which the DSD must acknowledge as factually true even if only because it was shared by CNN, which is likely one of their favorite and “most trusted” media outlets. It shouldn’t be your purpose to persuade them that Russiagate was completely bogus, just to remind them that their party spent the past four years bleating like sheep about how Putin supposedly stole the US’ 2016 presidential election and the key role that former officials played in propagating that narrative. Clapper is the perfect example in this context because of the powerful position that he once held in the Obama Administration, and his public criticism of Trump and obsessive support of the Russiagate conspiracy theory prove beyond any doubt that “deep state” factionalism exists. Many other examples can be cited, but Clapper’s is the best since he used to be the Director of National Intelligence, which made him the official leader of the “deep state’s” intelligence faction. No DSD would ever deny that Clapper existed, nor what he said, let alone Russiagate.

Backed into a corner entirely of their own making due to their denialist delusions, the DSD might screech that “he’s a patriot, all Obama-era officials love their country, they’re saving it, but that damn Trump is overseeing a dictatorship and nobody in his government is allowed to ever disagree with him!” Well, well, well, is that so, dear DSD? You must now immediately make them aware that outgoing “deep state” official Jim Jeffrey recently boasted that he purposely misled Trump about the number of US troops in Syria in order to prevent the President from withdrawing them all like he originally wanted to do. This isn’t a “conspiracy theory” either since his exclusive interview with Defense One where he revealed that bombshell information is being widely reported upon by the Mainstream Media (MSM)…unless the DSD now wants to condemn the MSM for being fake news and, lo and behold, align themselves with Trump? That’ll never happen, ever, which is why they’ll finally be forced to acknowledge that “deep state” factionalism veritably exists in the Trump Administration, after which you can then bombard them with the many other examples of this such as John Bolton, et. al.

Rhetorical Review

We could have simply started off the conversation with Jeffrey or Bolton’s example but that wouldn’t have been as much fun. Nor, for that example, would it have prevented all but the most dishonest gaslighting DSDs from instinctively arguing with you just for the sake of it. Instead, however, they’d have already acknowledged that the primary military, intelligence, and diplomatic elements of the “deep state” exist — particularly as confirmed in religious and communist history — and that denying factionalism within them is akin to questioning the Holocaust, at least insofar as the example mentioned pertaining to dissident Nazi member Oskar Schindler receiving “Israel’s” prestigious Righteous Among the Nations award for defying his government by saving over 1000 Jews. “Politically correct” DSDs can’t ever bear being accused of anti-Semitism, even if it’s wrongly weaponized against them for this purpose just like many of them have likely weaponized it against you before for other purposes, so they’ll be forced to concede that “deep state” factionalism not only exists, but also saved Jews during the Holocaust.

Then it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump away from getting them to acknowledge that it existed between the Obama and Trump Administrations as embodied by Clapper (among other officials including subversive Obama-era holdovers in the Trump Administration) and even within the 45th President’s Administration itself as seen by the example of Jeffrey for instance. They can’t deny it either because acting as if they never heard of the Russiagate conspiracy theory that the Democrats harped on for over a four-year period makes them either literally insane or unbelievably dishonest. The DSD also can’t deny Jeffrey’s proud boasting of subverting Trump’s Syria policy from within otherwise they risk delegitimizing the MSM and therefore by default siding with the man who they disdain. That’ll never happen, though some might anxiously seem to be moving in that direction until they’re called out for it if they overreact to you bringing that up right away without first getting them to concede that the denial of “deep state” factionalism is anti-Semitic since it denies that dissident Nazis such as Schindler saved Jews from the Holocaust.

Concluding Thoughts

So there you have it folks, follow the steps outlined in this article and you’re guaranteed to get all but the most dishonest gaslighting DSDs to admit that they’re wrong. You’ll not only feel vindicated, but you’ll also be liberating their mind if they’re truly just misled or confused and aren’t trying to emotionally manipulate you into thinking that you’re crazy as a means of preventing you from speaking out against the Democrats. Moreover, you’ll then be able to accuse all stubborn DSD of anti-Semitism, a charge that is literally career-ending and something that they’ll never be able to live down. After all, in today’s hyper-”politically correct” environment, drawing into question even a single detail of the Holocaust — let alone ones as significant as Schindler’s heroic rescue of over 1000 Jews and “Israel’s” subsequent bestowing of one of its highest honors onto him for his legendary acts — can ruin someone’s life. Few, if any, are willing to publicly deny that dissident Nazis saved Jews out of the mistaken belief that this historical revisionism can help them win an argument that’s about a “greater cause” than that. Watch them squirm, then they’ll admit they’re wrong. It’s fun!

By Andrew Korybko
Source: One World

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