Argentina: Opposition Builds to Great Reset, Who’s Next?

UPDATE: Mea Culpa, this is not news. But an historical reminder of what happens when the people get fed up with a corrupt government incapable of serving their interests.

Rememeber this? The president of Argentina has left the building. According to the Daily Mail 20 years ago :

President Fernando De la Rua resigned and fled the government palace in a helicopter, driven from office by a devastating economic crisis and days of rioting that left 22 people dead and homes and supermarkets across Argentina ransacked.

Fast forward to today:

This is the news: Police faced rioters with stones this week.

This is what the face of real anger and desperation in the face of a government that is equal parts corrupt and inept looks like.

No one wants to see this kind of abuse of any other human being. It’s anathema to life itself. But everyone makes a choice. The police choose to put on their uniforms and riot shields to enforce immoral orders while the people make the choice to stand up to it.

It is the fundamental problem of rule through force that eventually leads to these regrettable outcomes. No one wants to see policemen, presumably decent men with the right motivations to maintain societal order, stoned in public.

But when people have had their ability to make their grievances heard peacefully taken away from them they will, eventually, make their grievances heard violently.

It’s who we are. It’s human nature.

And the lesson here is for all of these would-be tyrants currently laughing about winning a fraudulent election in the U.S. through changing the rules is that they will face this same moment as these cops did very soon.

Because elections are the opportunity for us to air our grievances with our government peacefully. And what so many in politics fail to understand, but what the people who voted for Donald Trump do, is that these past two elections haven’t been referenda on Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

They have been referenda on the whole political class and culture which has driven people to the edge of insanity, bankruptcy and despair.

So, laugh it up Stacey Abrams, Rahm Emmanuel, Barack Obama, Dan Crenshaw and Mitt Romney. Watch this video carefully. This is your future.

The same goes for Tony Blair, Emmanuel Macron, Bill Gates, Angela Merkel, George Soros and Benjamin Netanyahu.

You may scare people into taking your vaccine and issuing your medical passports but what happens on the day when the cops fail to show up to control the crowd for fear of being stoned?

The same people today screaming “my body, my choice” will line up for their COVID-19 vaccine if it means they can’t continue infecting the minds of students with Critical Race Theory.

Congratulations on turning everyone into a desperate, cognitivally-dissonant response monkey.

That stuff cuts both ways folks.

Obedience is not acquiescence. No one really loves Big Brother no matter how much you torture them. The longer you suppress the anger the worse it gets.

Until it explodes.

And people won’t be turning that anger on the idiots on the streets in Portland.

We’ve seen what it looks like when the would-be tyrants riot — the ideologically possessed race hustlers and commies in Antifa and BLM. We haven’t seen what it looks like when the conscientious ‘right’ who just want to live without abuse looks like.

Well, in fact we do. They vote twice, overwhelmingly for Donald Trump and throw British tea into Boston Harbor. They veto legislation designed to sell their people out to the Politburo in Brussels.

Italians will soon have to make their choice.

This isn’t a breakdown of the civil order, this is the beginning of a restoration of civil order that is already gone. The idea that we the people control our elected officials governing us is rapidly being revealed as a lie.

And it leaves people with no other option than violence.

This is why, in my mind, the election fraud is the single issue that we have to come together on, Democrat, Republican and, yes, you too feckless and cowardly libertarians.

Because it’s not about the mechanics of voting. It’s not about its inherent immorality. At certain moments in time the value of your vote and what it represents rises above all of that.

It is still the least violent act one can take in conjunction with others to say, “No more. That’s enough.”

I didn’t vote for Trump because I thought he did a good job while in office. I voted for Trump twice because I wanted to stick my finger in the eye of the people who have materially made my life and the lives of millions of people around the world worse.

I voted for Trump to bitch slap Nancy Pelosi, laugh at Chuck Schumer and put James Comey in jail.

I voted for Trump to blow up the false dyad of Republican v. Democrat, out Lindsey Graham and rein in the military-surveillance state.

I didn’t vote for Trump for a tax cut, though it was a nice bonus. My price is a metric shit-ton higher than that you wretched trolls.

Trump stood up to them for four years and by doing so exposed them to such an extent I never thought possible. And now, he and all the people who voted for him are being laughed at by corrupt state legislators, judges, election officials and party hacks.

The normie Republicans think the Georgia run-off elections matter. Without an overhaul of the voting systems themselves what does it matter if two Democrats win or two RINOs do?

And do you really think the outcome of that run-off hasn’t already been determined?

It’s all a rigged game. And now that that has been fully exposed what comes next?

Because how many people in the U.S. are coming to the same conclusions as those people throwing rocks at cops in Argentina, that their government is terminal, its authority illegitimate and its edicts unworthy?

I’ve been long guillotines and rope-makers for the past eighteen months, I may have to double my position.

By Tom Luongo
Source: Gold Goats ‘n Guns

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