The Vaccine Race is a Race Against Capital Flight

There is no greater story today than the race to get a vaccine for COVID-19 into the hands of as many people as possible. It’s not because the vaccines on order are so effective or that COVID-19 is so deadly.

It is needed because of the perception that COVID-19 is so deadly that a vaccine will provide some form of relief.

That perception is genuine in the minds of those still fearful of the virus.

But that perception is itself a political agenda created to keep enough people fearful of the virus that they will welcome the vaccine. This is simply manufactured demand and it has infected the entire market complex.

This was a race against time to keep the COVID-19 story relevant until they could get a vaccine together to build the next layer of the Great Reset’s foundation.

That’s why perception needed to persist through immense political blackmail engaged in by world leaders and their agents in the media.

This is why now that the election is mostly over, we’ve entered the next phase with endless propagandizing about second waves and huge (and mostly fraudulent) PCR positive test results giving governors cover to issue increasingly strident new lockdown orders in California, New York, Michigan and all over Europe.

Even though deaths are not keeping up with previous rates at all. The explosion of cases is simply just another psy-op to justify the wholesale destruction of society, usher in endless bailout checks and after the vaccine is distributed, pull back on testing protocols (i.e. run the PCR test through fewer cycles) to ‘prove’ with “DATA!” that we were saved from extinction and this is why anyone who argues against it is the true heretic and new flat-earther.

President-select Joe Biden is now asking for a 100 day ‘mask mandate’ as a ‘healing measure’ to lick this virus once and for all while the vaccines are distributed.

Joe trying to sell this as a small sacrifice to pitch into the big effort like this was World War II is, frankly, insulting at this point, especially since he’s not actually the president nor will ever be.

But this is all theater for a virus which has mostly run its course, and certainly would have if we’d treated it at a public policy level like smart, tool-using monkeys rather than poo-flinging ones last year.

The real agenda is now staring us in the face.

By the time this is all done the mask will be replaced with ‘the jab’ and the vaccine will become mandatory in order for any of us to be welcomed back into normal society.

I warned about ‘contact tracing’ last year early on and now the APIs are in your phone whether you wanted it or not and the medical passport (“Papers please!”) is already on the assembly line.

First you destroy people’s lives, then you print trillions in funny money to bail out the inept and continue paying the enforcers, ensuring they are fed. And then when desperation reaches its peak you create a new government program and turn people into snitches to ensure compliance.

We’re going to empower the worst busybodies who are already insane with fear to run around collecting data for the government.

All in the name of getting the economy back up and running!

I’m pretty sure when I read The Scarlet Letter in high school we didn’t consider Hester Prynne to be the bad guy. Because the person who is COVID-19 positive will now have a big red “CV” on them which will limit their ability to partake in society.

Now that will be replaced with the person who refuses to take the vaccine against last year’s virus, because it was never about public safety, it was always about control.

And the reality is that in a public health situation even disagreeable people can be ground down into accepting all sorts of tyranny if it will allow them to get through their day with only a modicum of annoyance.

It’s pathetic and sad but it’s true. And for those that think I may be overstating this, ask yourself a simple question, “Do you take your shoes off at the airport and step through the porno scanner?”

Of course you do.

If taking the ‘COVID-19 jab’ is the pre-requisite to go back to your cushy government job — the only ones that will be left after the Great Reset — will you still scream hysterically “MY BODY, MY CHOICE!” and “KEEP YOUR RULES OFF MY BODY?”

Wake me up when Alyssa Milano tweets that out.

And don’t think for a second that right now the markets aren’t slaves to this insanity as well. Every headline about a vaccine from Pfizer or Moderna sends the markets into paroxysms of extreme bullish or bearish behavior.

No one seems to care that the Russians are now dispensing, today, millions of doses of their Sputnik V vaccine because no one in the West is allowed to buy it or be jabbed with it.

I wonder why that is?

You know why.

That said, this is why Russian markets continue to hold up extremely well, if not outpace their Western counterparts in spite of financial lockdowns against investing in them even more draconian the latest drivel to come out of Gavin Newsom’s mouth in Commiefornia.

Latest numbers are all solid. Unemployment is 6.3%, finally plateauing, CPI is a svelte 4.4% and, most importantly, the demand for Russian assets continues at a torrid pace.

The Moscow Index is threatening an all-time high (see chart) putting in a strong one-bar monthly bullish reversal in November. This was also the highest monthly close on the MOEX ever, with strong follow-through in early December trading.

At the same time, the Russian yield curve, now finally upwardly-sloping after years of overly-tight monetary policy, is pegged 10 bps below the Bank of Russia’s benchmark rate at 4.25%.

This says to me there is another rate cut in the Bank of Russia’s future, probably to 4% or even 3.75%. BoR President Elvira Nabullina is notoriously slow in cutting rates and almost always waits until the bond market is a mess and ruble liquidity to be way too tight before finally pulling the trigger.

The ruble rose sharply versus the dollar this week, collapsing below the critical 76 level to close this week below 74. More evidence that with Putin’s announcement of Sputnik V vaccine distribution starting Russia the markets are looking for a home where capital can have a prayer in hell of being treated well.

Because that will most certainly not be the case in Europe. The only reasons the euro is rising in on political instability in the U.S. and the lack of forward budget thanks to the veto by Hungary and Poland. Because while the euro may be breaking out versus the dollar the bellwether bond markets in Europe, namely German bunds, are rising in yield.

While this isn’t a bear market in any sense since the selling hasn’t overwhelmed ECB buying, it’s also hard to determine if that would ever happen given just how much of the European sovereign debt market the ECB actually owns now.

Investors in the West are trying to beat the COVID-19 narrative, pinning their hope of economic recovery on the vaccine restoring normality. But if there is one thing I’ve noted over and over again over the past ten months, it is that the goal posts for normality keep getting moved.

Remember 15 days to flatten the curve? Now it’s a 100-day mask mandates with state-by-state full lockdowns. Anyone thinking that we’ll ever return to anything resembling the old world is terminally naïve.

The race for global capital begins now with Russia’s roll out of Sputnik V by the millions of doses. It doesn’t matter if the vaccine works or it doesn’t.

Pfizer’s doesn’t.

What matters is what excuses politicians can make to fit their agenda. Putin wants to make Russia a destination for global capital, keeping Russia open for business. Russia pushing Sputnik V out the door this quickly is forcing the West’s hand. They wanted bigger lockdowns for longer. Asia will stay open while the West plays games resetting its system.

They are really angry at the Russians for being good at math and science.

That is why the race for the vaccine is actually the race for global capital in the end. Because the rollout of the vaccine asymmetrically around the world will be followed by where watching where the capital will flow to.

Russia will be one of those places along with everyone they sell it to and everyone they do business with. COVID-19 is a litmus test of governments. Investors are looking around now looking for where the political risk really lies over the next decade. Sanctions, threats and capital controls can only slow the outflow but it can’t stop it.

By Tom Luongo
Source: Gold Goats ‘n Guns

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