UK and USA Riven With Hatred and Division

If you think that distrust and mistrust in politicians is going to disappear with the packing cases as Trump leaves the White House you should think again.

If you also think that the massive chasm between left and right is going to be packed away with Trump’s trinkets you need to wake up and smell the coffee.

And if you think the UK is that different to the USA, you need to give your head a serious wobble.

Society on both sides of the pond is riven with hatred and division at a time when we face the very real threat of Covid-19.

We need to unite to fight a common enemy but instead we are fighting each other.

Many people in the UK don’t trust the government because the messaging on lockdown policy has been so confused.

There has been a large slice of the feeling that the rules and lockdowns are just for us, ‘the little people’ and that the ‘nobs’ can ignore them.

So why are the establishment now surprised when their clear success with rolling out the vaccine is being dangerously trashed and overshadowed by fake news and cynicism about both the lockdowns and the trust in the vaccines?

Matt Hancock self-isolating today, after a weekend of playing rugby in a packed park whilst we were all told to stay at home is the final icing on the Covid cake.

Eighty percent of Brits say they will take the vaccine but there is a sizable and well organised minority who are trying to derail the system and say they will refuse to have an injection.

Meanwhile in the States armed militia on both political sides and increasingly on both sides of the race divide are tooling up for what looks like a potential civil war. I don’t mind admitting that the thought of which frightens the hell out of me.

Trump came to power promising to ‘drain the swamp’ but he has clearly failed. Some of this is his own fault but some is down to the fact that ‘the swamp’ has proved to be a formidable opponent.

However, the bottom line is that Trump is now going and for the life of me I cannot see why Biden and Pelosi need to indict him in an attempt to totally humiliate him and of course stop him standing for President ever again.

Remember Mandela

They’re not just damaging Trump, they are potentially inciting more trouble and strife for many Americans.

Like it or not, 73 million people voted for Trump and not all of them are knuckle dragging racists as the MSM, on both sides of the Atlantic, are now portraying them. This does nothing to heal the rift and in fact I would suggest that it increases the tension.

They should have acted more like Nelson Mandela when he emerged from 27 years in captivity by the South African regime. They should have looked for ways to heal division, not create more.

Likewise, Trumps childish petulance and refusal to accept defeat and a peaceful transmission of power is an absolute disgrace.

His stupid decision this morning to try and reinstate flights between the USA and Europe in the middle of the pandemic is the political equivalent of a toddler screaming and having a dying fly tantrum at the supermarket checkout.

It’s not the indictment, if it ever happens, that will finish any hope of Trump standing again – it’s his own actions these last few weeks that have done for that.

Combined with his appalling and terrible handling of the Covid pandemic, Trump has managed to snatch his own defeat from the jaws of victory.

Trump is now being painted as the devil incarnate after the riots at the Capitol.

Of course, the violence has to be condemned but history is being rewritten by the MSM as if the BLM riots that made America burn during much of the last year never happened.

Political violence cannot and should not ever be condoned.

However, even if Trump’s ambitions are dead in the water there is no way that Trumpism is dead, I don’t even think it is fatally wounded.

It is becoming clear that some Police officers may have been involved or even facilitated the storming of Congress and the subsequent deaths.

The FBI are now even checking the backgrounds of the 25 thousand forces who are presently in Washington to protect the inauguration to make sure they don’t present a threat to Joe Biden and his team.

This is scary stuff.

Washington has been shut down amid threats of violence and the inauguration will resemble a ‘virtual’ North Korean military style display of power with the people locked out.

Remember Kennedy

Is this the way to rebuild trust in politics and mainstream politicians? I think not.

Joe Biden needs to make the speech of his life tomorrow and channel his inner Kennedy and tell the American people, all of them, that they need to ask not what their country can do for them but what can they do for their country.

Likewise, Boris needs to man up and along with Hancock admit their mistakes during this pandemic and actually tell us why we have the largest death rate of Covid in the world as well as bragging about the success of the vaccination roll out.

We need politicians to level with us. Tell us the truth and then maybe, just maybe, trust can begin to be re-established.

By Jon Gaunt
Source: Sputnik International

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