The End of the Netherlands and Germany

A protester, blown away by the police’s water cannons, during the riots from the last few days. The Netherlands, a unique country where freedom is the most important lifestyle among all other countries in the EU, is now losing its freedom and culture due to the Corona crisis which resulted in the making of an unprecedented police state.

The Netherlands

In recent days and weeks, the Netherlands saw its biggest riots and demonstrations ever since 1981 when half a million people rushed into Amsterdam to protest against nuclear weapons and the Reagan Administration’s arms policies. Back then it was the largest demonstration that the Netherlands had ever seen before. Usually the Dutch are content and peaceful people, live and let live is their credo, but it all changed for the worse since the outbreak of the Coronavirus. First they complied and obeyed the rules set up by the government of demissionair Premier Rutte, but now it changed completely. Many people have figured out what is really going. The Dutch are a peaceful and freedom-loving people, but also, they’re not stupid and the government has gone too far…They realize that the neo-liberal government has sold out healthcare and is making business with PCR tests and vaccinations. Before, they already saw their culture being wiped out. The unique festival of Sinterklaas was stolen by George Soros’ Black Lives Matter (BLM), which resulted in total madness. But BLM is also behind some of the riots which were going on last weekend and over the past few weeks. The Netherlands has had a problem for years already with the multicultural neighborhoods. They call them ‘black‘ areas and this problem has been known by politicians for a while but they failed to act.

The protest started with peaceful demonstrations, but turned nasty due to the infiltration of undercover agents (I reported from them already in August 2020), the use of disproportionate violence by the police and the curfew, which was the first curfew since WWII, not done once before since up until now in the free and tolerant Netherlands. The downfall of the government is due to the big scandal in social benefits (children allowances) and their participation in the “The Dirty War on Syria“, Ukraine coup d‘etat, Russia-Hoax and MI17. The huge propaganda which was and still is coming down on the Dutch people (and other EU countries as well) stating that we will never ever go back to “normal“ is another trigger for the people to go on the street to demonstrate and riot. People are sick and tired of lockdowns, the incompetence of the Dutch parliament, and politicians failing to come up with solutions. Also, according to the Dutch Central Bureau of Statistics: In 2020, 169,000 people died in the Netherlands, about 15,000 more than expected. This is not a pandemic anymore, it is nothing like the Spanish flu statistics or the flu in 2018 where 9,444 of those who died were mostly elderly people above 80. If you compare it, it‘s the same, taking into account that we have in 2020-2021 more eldery than in 2018 which die from flu- or virus-related illnesses called coronaviruses! Also, it must be noticed that the medical sector is overreacting due to the propaganda, and all deaths reported are related to or from COVID-19: no more heart attacks, no more cancer, no more diabetics, and most of all, no more flu. Old people die of normal flu as well, but that was before the madness of COVID-19. All deaths are now related to COVID-19 to keep the statistics high. The warning of new mutations is just propaganda to scare us the people even more.


As I often reported, Germany is a country with very old people, third in the world, after Italy. They are dying now, which is actually quite normal. But the problem is also that the government also consists of very old people, the majority is above 60. They make irrational decisions. Preoccupied with health, the economy and younger people are suffering under the real harsh lockdows. But the saddest part is that there is chaos in the German parliament. They promise so many things. For instance, coronavirus financial help. Half of the money has not been paid as of yet and many people, especially small businesses, are bankrupt. Vaccinations turned out to be a big illusion. Germany, and for that matter the EU, is failing. Germany was head of the EU for the last six months and they failed to buy vaccinations for a virus, which they call the killer virus. How ironic!

In August last year there were big demonstrations, even Robert F. Kennedy came to Berlin, but until now it‘s been silent, perhaps due to the harsh measures of threatening to open so-called corona-camps, not done in a country where the word ‘camp‘ should never ever be mentioned anymore since WWII. But the resistance, as I found out, has gone underground and we will hear from them most likely very soon in March, according to my sources. There are many groups in Germany, the biggest one is ‘Querdenken‘. They are not what the regular MSM want you to believe, a right-radical-wing group, but they consist of people from all parts of life. This is the way that politicians use propaganda against people who resist.

Germany is such a rich country which can‘t even get vaccinations, only 2% of its population is vaccinated. It has failing infrastructure, and its harsh lockdowns destroy more villages and cities, especially in the Northern part called North Rhine Westfalen, which looks so ugly. You nearly start to cry or get depressed when you enter cities like Dortmund or Dusseldorf. The large multicultural communuties live in poverty. If you travel to former Eastern Germany (GDR), it‘s even more terrible. Nothing has been done there, only the city centres of the big cities are renovated, the rest is as it was in 1989. Some argue they are kept as monuments, but even monuments must be maintained or renovated. Now the government, like in the Netherlands, doesn’t‘t seem to have any solution, only propaganda spread in the big media outlets like Welt or der Spiegel making the people so frightened. Due to this propganda, some people committ suicide. Is this the way to handle a crisis? No way! It will end this year, I am convinced about this. It‘s the end of the neo-liberal system, especially with the upcoming multipolar world. It can‘t last, it‘s doomed to fail and we are in the middle of it.

By Sonja Van Den Ende
Source: One World

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