COVID as a Bioweapon, Hard Questions from Behind Closed Doors

Analysis of the worldwide COVID pandemic by a team of former intelligence officials from a number of nations has been ongoing for since January 2020. Findings are reported to clients under the highest security. Even the names of the clients are highly classified.

A number of things are tracked and assessed using open-source material primarily but not exclusively.

  • Anomalies in the spread of COVID 19 and the potential for bioweapon targeting.
  • Anomalies in the production and distribution of vaccines and their potential use, even therapeutically, as weapons of war
  • Dark funding behind the anti-Vaxx and anti-science movements
  • Patterns of investment that indicate foreknowledge of pandemic vectors.
  • Patterns in social media postings intended to undermine efforts to limit the pandemic.
  • Patterns in “dark financed” media (Fox-Carlson-Murdock for one) that parallel “black propaganda” programs of certain intelligence agencies
  • Widespread gross indifference and profiteering by corporations and individuals that follow patterns of “deadly influence” and “guilty foreknowledge.”
  • Patterns in hoaxes and conspiracy theories that show “operational coordination.”

Analysis of these factors has yielded sufficient modeling to support a single hypothesis with a number of sub-facets:

  • COVID 19 was likely purposefully released after creation and or distribution from more than one research facility in China, Europe and the US
  • Governments, including and especially that of the US under Donald Trump, were fully complicit.
  • Early policies of said governments between October 2019 and April 2020 not only guaranteed the success of the pandemic but followed an operational plan.
  • That operational plan involves re-engineering at a planetary level, altering “expectations” for key world populations and “conditioning” for “dark political outcomes.”

Beyond this, the same hypothesis has determined that COVID 19 is likely a test or “dry run” for more specific vectors. For some background, from Stewart McMillan’s “Bio-warfare over Cuban Skies, from 1998:

Once again, the world is on the brink of another war – this time, supposedly, because the US thinks Saddam Hussein may be hiding biological weapons stockpiles. That the US already has its own such stockpiles – and uses them – is less well-known.

Could the US government be so hypocritical as to threaten military strikes because Saddam Hussein might potentially be making weapons of biological warfare, even as it was being accused of deploying similar weapons against another nation?

Still leading the league

The US leads the development and production of bacteriological and chemical weapons on a worldwide scale. Their use by the US military in the wars in Korea and Viet Nam is well documented by US government documents and the by media. What is not as well documented is US use of such weapons in covert operations. On the official books, all US biological weapons were destroyed in 1972, after signing of the Biological Weapons Convention. In this way, the US is much like Iraq. Unofficially, however, research, development and use of biological weapons by the US government has long been suspected, and recently, a strange incident involving a US plane has brought the subject to light once again.

On October 21, 1996, an S2R crop-dusting plane registered to the US State Department was en route from Florida to Colombia via Grand Cayman island. The plane was flying over an area known as the Giron Corridor, heavily travelled by international aircraft. The plane had Cuban permission to overfly, supposedly being part of a regularly scheduled US narcotics eradication operation.

Flying over the same area was the regular flight of CU-170 Cubana de Aviacion from Havana to Las Tunas. The pilots noticed the US plane flying in an almost parallel direction to them, 1,000 feet above. The Cuban pilot saw a “white or greyish mist,” as they put it, discharged from the plane in an intermittent fashion some seven times. The Cuban pilot immediately reported the discharge of unknown substance to Flight Control.

The Cuban Air Controller made contact with the US plane. The Cuban Air Controller’s tape records them asking if the aircraft was having any technical problems, to which the American pilot answered “No.” When asked what type of plane it was, the answer was “a single-engine AY-65.” Which it was not; it was a an S2R. How strange that a pilot would forget what kind of plane he was flying.

On December 18, 1996, the first sign of a foreign insect pest occurred in a potato plantation on the Lenin State Horticultural Farm. Samples were sent to the Central Quarantine Laboratory of the National Pest Control Centre, the insect being totally unknown to Cuba. An investigation identified the organism as Thrips palmi karay.

Trouble with Thrips

Thrips palmi is indigenous to Asia. Since 1985, it has spread across certain Caribbean countries such as Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Jamaica. It infects practically all crops, weeds and ornamental plants. It is self-propagating in the field and is easily transferred when transporting any plant material or soil. It is resistant to temperature changes and many insecticides. In short, it is an agriculturalist’s nightmare.

Could the two incidents be connected? The Cuban government certainly believes so and has organized considerable amounts of information to prove it, information which it submitted, in a formal complaint, to the UN.

After registering its complaints with US diplomats, the Cuban government complained to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, charging that Thrips “strikes and severely damages practically every crop and is also resistant to a considerable variety of pesticides.”

We will, similarly, look at ASF, African Swine Fever and its use as a bioweapon, from Dr. Steinbock for FX Trade (2019):

The costly and deadly African swine fever is penalizing food security in China and more than half a dozen Asian countries. Despite the official ASF story, the virus has been used as a bioweapon in the past. The suppression of such bio-threats requires multipolar cooperation.

On August 20, Agriculture Secretary William Dar confirmed the BAI report on the growing death rate of pigs raised by farmers in their backyards. The Philippines is tightening biosecurity awaiting lab results.

Along with Myanmar, Philippines may prove the most recent target of the Asian swine fever (ASF). The virus is already present in six Asian countries: Cambodia, China, DPR Korea, Lao PDR, Mongolia and Vietnam. Current losses represent more than 10% of the total pig population in China, Vietnam and Mongolia, respectively.

But how did the African swine fever (ASF) outbreak start?

The official ASF narrative

The ASF is a devastating hemorrhagic fever of pigs with mortality rates close to 100 percent. It causes major economic losses, threatens food security and limits pig production in affected countries. There is no vaccine against the virus. It persistently infects its natural hosts, warthogs, bush pigs, and soft ticks, which likely act as a vector with no disease signs.

Historically, the first African swine fever outbreak took place in Kenya in 1907. The first spread of ASF outside Africa was to Portugal in 1957, presumably as a result of waste from airline flights being fed to pigs near Lisbon airport. Outbreaks of ASF were reported subsequently in other European countries.  

Cuba was the first country in the Caribbean region to report infection with ASF in 1971. It was believed to have been introduced from Spain. ASF was further reported in the late 1970s in several Caribbean island countries and in Brazil 1978. Presumably, it was introduced from Spain or Portugal through food waste carried by transcontinental flights.

After a decade or more relative quiet, the ASF in 2007 spread to Georgia in the Caucasus and thereafter widely to neighboring countries, including Armenia, Azerbaijan and several territories in Russia. After another decade of quiet, the number of ASF outbreaks suddenly soared after September 2018, especially in China, although it had not been detected in China or Asia before. Since then, over 2.8 million hogs have been culled globally due to ASF, although according to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE). Industry observers believe the actual number is much higher.

That’s the conventional wisdom, which implies that ASF remained restricted to Africa until the late ‘50s. In reality, ASF had arrived in North America already in the early 1950s, when Fort Terry, a US biowarfare facility in Plum Island New York, housed seven deadly virus strains.

Now we get to the crux of the matter:

ASF in biological warfare

After World War II experimentation, US biological warfare was launched for offensive purposes. During the Cold War, ASF attracted great interest among anti-animal viruses, such as foot and mouth disease and cattle plague. By 1954, according to biowarfare historians, three viruses were available as agents for the destruction of food-bearing animals, including ASF.

Between the mid-1960s and late ‘90s, Cuba accused the United States of 10 biological warfare attacks following serious infectious disease outbreaks. None were proven conclusively, but several probably occurred. In 1971, pigs in Havana hog farm were diagnosed with ASF virus, which spread and caused half a million pigs to be slaughtered. Cuba suffered food shortage. The UN labeled the outbreak the “most alarming event” of 1971.

In 1977, the investigative journalists of Newsday, a Long Island daily, reported the virus was delivered from a US army base in the Panama Canal Zone; the site of joint Army-CIA covert operations in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Reportedly, anti-Castro saboteurs, backed by the CIA, had introduced ASF into Cuba six weeks before the outbreak to destabilize the economy. US Army denied involvement. Nevertheless, Norman Covert, historian of Fort Detrick, Maryland – the center of US biowarfare from the mid-50s to late ‘60s – has said that CIA had access to these laboratories. Later, a CIA document confirmed that biological warfare was used in efforts to destabilize Cuba.

Such efforts did not end with the Cold War. In 2000, neoconservatives behind the Bush administration flirted with the idea of “politically useful” ethnic bioweapons. That led Russia in 2007 to ban all exports of human bio samples.

In October 2018, Russian Defense Ministry claimed that the spread of viral diseases from Georgia, including African swine fever since 2007, could be connected to a US lab network. In the area, more than 70 Georgians had died in mysterious conditions, which Moscow attributed to US toxins or bioweapons. Russia believed bio agents violated the prohibition of biological weapons.

The lab network is part of the Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP), which is funded by Pentagon’s Cooperative Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). The CBEP labs are located in 25 countries, particularly in Eastern Europe, and the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia, including Philippines.

As Pentagon denied that US was developing biological weapons in the labs, Vladimir Shamanov, head of Russia’s State Duma Defense Committee, called for a “comprehensive evaluation” suggesting “joint inspections.” Yet, these multilateral demands have been ignored.

In its 2020 multimillion-dollar budget, the DTRA characterizes the program in Asia by its biosecurity functions, but also as “the partner of choice in a region competing against Chinese influence.” So while virus outbreaks operate across borders, multilateral cooperation is shunned for geopolitics.

ASF is one of several diseases suspected of being created and released though this pattern of laboratories that Russia believes the US is running along its borders. Both Veterans Today and New Eastern Outlook have published materials by former US Army NBC (Nuclear-Biological-Chemical) warfare officer Jeffrey Silverman relating to these labs, particularly the “Lugar Lab” in Tbilisi, Georgia.

In fact, these reports have elicited attacks on both individuals and media sources that carry them by “truth-telling” organizations dark funded by NATO and western intelligence agencies.

Such efforts are taken by professional intelligence analysts as supporting evidence that not only are the assertions made about the Tbilisi facility and others of genuine substance, but that intent is show that such operations are to be continued or intensified.

By “continued and intensified” we may well be speaking of COVID 19 itself or something far worse. You see, COVID 19, and it can be tracked to Tbilisi where graduate students from the region would spend summers in bat caves getting virus samples for “research.”

Previous reports on that facility found it to be run by military and intelligence agencies and, in actuality, not an “agricultural research” facility at all.

Analysis has also found a pattern of “black operations” using chemical and biological weapons in the region with similar players, including Ukrainian intelligence officials, tied to not only bioweapons but delivery of sarin gas to special operations groups to be deployed in false flag attacks in Syria. From Jeffrey Silverman, 2014:

Jeffrey Silverman interviewed by Maia Chubinishvili

On August 27, 2013 the famous American political investigator and principal editor of the ex-US State Department and intelligence service publication Veterans Today, Gordon Duff, published an article entitled “US Contractors Cited for Syrian Chemical Attacks,” and a video entitled “Syrian Gas Attack Proof Syrian Army Has No Involvement.”

The commentary to the video states, “The video which you are watching right now was filmed in Syria and shows the chemical weapons which were sent from Georgia. The US is standing behind all this.  Former US Senator Richard Lugar is the person whose assistance made it possible to transport weapons from Georgia via Turkey into Syria, with the support of the United States and Turkey.  Look at the weapons contained in the video and observe how they have been made operational.] A US chemical weapons programme supplies the Syrian rebels with weapons of mass destruction. A team of investigators has determined that chemical weapons were supplied from this region, which is under US control. They followed the trail of these chemical weapons to the Georgian Republic. Turkish Army subdivisions transported them to Al-Qaeda terrorists operating in Syrian territory.

Journalists Jeffrey Silverman and Lika Moshiashvili are credited with having discovered the secret and illegal operations taking place in the US-controlled Central Reference Laboratory (CPHRL) in the Tbilisi suburb the Alekseevka Settlement.” As soon as this scary information was made known to the public, Georgia & World contacted Tbilisi based American journalist and researcher Jeffrey Silverman.

Silverman: I learned back in 2004 about the Bechtel National Project bio storage facility in Georgia from US Defense contractors, including Turkish ones. They were working at the lab facility being constructed near Tbilisi airport. I then started deeply investigating the facility with Georgian and Norwegian journalists.  My first questions were, why near the airport and why in Georgia?

I soon realised that the US government and the Department of Defense, DoD, wanted to study new infectious strains, such as Anthrax, which were evolving in the wild amongst cattle herds in rural regions of Georgia. It should be mentioned that this small country and Tbilisi were once centre stage to the Soviet Union’s system of bioweapons research, for both animal and plant warfare.

I have been able to access the design plans for the facility and, through speaking to contractors and whistle blowers, I have learned that the US Department of Defense operates a network of labs in Georgia and that they have an offensive capacity.

Some even go so far as to claim that the US government is using Georgia and its population as part of ongoing research. I also suspect this, and that is why I am trying to obtain solid proof of this allegation right now.

The question is whether Georgians are being utilised for sinister bio programmes and vaccine field trials. This may be difficult to prove, but even the United States has experimented on its own population over the years, and it can use the population of Georgia as part of field trials for vaccines without their full informed consent.

A number of labs, strewn across Eastern Europe, are linked like an umbilicial cord to the Biological Weapons Proliferation Prevention (BWPP) programme and various projects within it. This programme provides a cover for what is most likely an offensive programme. If the strains they are investigating turn out to be antibiotic resistant, this implies they are conducting ongoing research into special organisms that can eat bacteria and attack infections that are antibiotic resistant, which can be quickly accessed.  Whoever has the capacity to release these controls the bioweapons battlefield.

For months, many months now, official channels in the US and elsewhere have alluded to certain abnormal aspects to COVID 19. This is all a percentage game, from a scientific standpoint, look at factors of the likelihood of a virus migrating between species, or traveling magically from state to state like an ISIS (banned in Russia) terrorist heading to Syria from across the globe.

Please excuse the analogy, I can’t help myself.

Simply put, the science does say that a laboratory “accident” is a “likely” source for COVID 19. Those who choose not to follow this subject publicly after veiled pronouncements and allegations do so to “avoid panic.” This is always the excuse when those things happen that might alter the accepted narrative fed to the public and it is why conspiracy theories have found such fertile ground nowadays.

There was certainly COVID research in Wuhan but also at the alleged US run bio-weapons lab in Tbilisi, Georgia that has been reported widely and censored widely as well.

The most startling research was done at the University of North Carolina. Here, a US team made up of top “former” bio-warfare experts created one or more SARS COV2 viruses as part of a USAID (CIA) study to “assess US vulnerability to a bio-warfare attack” From ProPublica:

“From Jan. 1, 2015, through June 1, 2020, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill reported 28 lab incidents involving genetically engineered organisms to safety officials at the National Institutes of Health, according to documents UNC released to ProPublica under a public records request. The NIH oversees research involving genetically modified organisms.

Bottom of Form

Six of the incidents involved various types of lab-created coronaviruses. Many were engineered to allow the study of the virus in mice. UNC declined to answer questions about the incidents and to disclose key details about them to the public, including the names of viruses involved, the nature of the modifications made to them and what risks were posed to the public, contrary to NIH guidelines.

UNC said in a statement that it ‘notified the proper oversight agencies about the incidents and took corrective action as needed.’”


When we say, “behind closed doors” we refer to that “other side of the mirror” that differentiates what is told to the public or to most elected officials and, in particular military and intelligence “hacks” and the “dark world” that really exists.

Briefings only go to selected “trustworthy” individuals representing the world’s great financial powers and the clandestine organizations, some totally unheard of, that wield unimaginable power over events. Yes, these things exist and, quite frankly, there are few that will dispute a word of this.

In the process of disseminating otherwise unavailable information such as we are dealing with here to an audience unlikely to be able to properly contextualize same may well be considered “experimental” in itself.

To push that process along, we will look at some possible conclusions.

  • Powers much greater than any single government may well be using bioweapons to alter not just world events but history itself.
  • COVID 19 may be only a test and that many odd occurrences that have “accidentally” allowed the pandemic to run wild aren’t accidental at all

And here we will end.

By Gordon Duff
Source: New Eastern Outlook

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