The Tightening Noose or Widening Gyre of the Woke Revolution?

I expect the Great Reset to fail. Completely.

I also expect the Great Reset unleashes chaotic forces no one can control.

Honestly, it’s already done so. Look around the headlines today and you can see all the strings pulled by Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum but you can also see the uncontrolled events which reverberate as consequences.

I think the little conflict between Israel and Hamas, soon-to-be Hezbollah, qualifies, so does the growing protests against ‘vaccine passports’ over a virus that just replaced the flu in its actual effects.

Alistair Crooke recently pointed this out in a piece titled “The Tightening Circle of Replacement Politics.

One wing to this ‘bird’ is evident in a powerful and (controversial) monologue delivered by Tucker Carlson, a leading (conservative) American political commentator, that is devoted to explaining just why one U.S. party is importing a new electorate to dilute, and replace, the existing U.S. electorate – and has been doing so for a decades. It is the dominating impulse within U.S. politics, Carlson avers; It is ‘replacement politics’.

Replacement politics is nothing new. Obama used zip code targeting to flood Minneapolis with Somalis. Now they are represented by one in Congress while the city has been ground zero for the abdication of responsibility by local government at the direction of the WEF.

Replacement politics has also morphed pretty quickly, thanks to the race-baiting during Obama’s first two terms, into the corporate/government (or do I repeat myself) program known as the Woke Revolution. The radicalization of maleducated twentysomethings into literal black bloc wearing Brown Shirts was always part of this plan.

And the more the Biden Obama administration pushes policies to make life in the U.S. less ordered, the more their ranks can swell regardless of the puppet masters’ wishes. Things like this take on a life of their own. Such is the politics of envy and hate.

The Replacement Killers

Replacement politics been carefully nurtured with money, training and organization. And the effects of it will be with us long after it burns itself out.

It’s also been pursued aggressively in Europe. Remember Saint Angela Merkel?

She started this process, under the demands of Schwab and George Soros, after Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton blew up Syria and North Africa, quaintly termed the “Arab Spring” and millions across those regions flooded Europe.

Since then Merkel has been flip-flopping back and forth, her political fortunes in Germany ebbing and flowing based on how she reacts to shifting poll numbers over this very issue, immigration.

If it weren’t for Trump being in the White House I’d almost believe the Coronapocalypse would have been sprung on us if only to save Merkel’s political career until this year’s Bundestag elections, which now look like the increasingly neoconservative Green party will win.

This is an outcome created through the manipulations and machinations of the WEF and their dutiful servant Merkel, who has used the Greens to set policy through their presence across the Bundesrat (German Upper House) for years now. Now they’re likely to become the dominant party in the next German government, if the polls are anything close to correct.

The thing to try and assess at this point is how much control do Schwab and Co. still have? Because from where I’m sitting and looking at history, these things always spiral out of control. W.B. Yeats’ image of ‘the widening gyre’ in his poem The Second Coming rings true here and there is precious little anyone can do to control the chaos once it starts.

That’s what chaos is, after all, by definition.

Crooke rightly points out that Mao’s Cultural Revolution quickly got away from him and became an absolute mess which eventually had to be put down. He agrees with me that the ‘fabulist’ program of the Great Reset both from a domestic and foreign policy perspective across Europe and the U.S. will fail.

And it will most likely fail. The stresses imposed on U.S. societal cohesion by the launch of the woke cultural revolution may prove too great. The Chinese Cultural Revolution, launched by Mao (as part of his 1966 purge of Party rivals), very quickly devolved into a decentralized, semi-chaotic movement of Red Guards, students and other groups who shared ideas and programs, but who acted quite independent of the Party’s central leadership.

Hollywood Vice

For me, the best way to assess what’s happening and whether we’ve reached Peak Woke or not is in entertainment. Artists are the ones most open to shifts in the cultural landscape. The good ones get there first, while the propagandists fulminate and seek to block them from having influence. The early indicators are that the stresses caused by ‘going woke’ are forcing major brands to shift course quickly lest they lose their audience.

From a culture war perspective Woke-a-Cola had to backtrack on its ‘be less white’ training. Disney had to do the same thing. Both are feeling the pinch in their bottom line. Coke will never recover. Disney will because they didn’t completely destroy Star Wars.

Disney’s other major property, Marvel Studios, is thin gruel, culturally and iconographically, and therefore ultimately irrelevant. It was always beatniks, hippies and unrestrained Spiritual Boomerism in four colors.

Star Wars matters to the generation on the cusp of taking political power from Schwab’s Boomers. It’s why the anxiety over Disney taking it over was stoked cynically by the big tech firms to divide the fan base. I put nothing past these people. They screwed with the Major League Baseball All-Star Game for pity’s sake. You don’t think they wouldn’t go after a cultural touchstone for a generation like Star Wars?

With two good guys who have deep storytelling chops now effectively running Lucasfilm, Dave Filoni and John Favreau, Star Wars will regain ‘the high ground’ in the culture war over the next decade.

The other big fight is happening over DC’s pantheon of heroes. There is such internal division within Time-Warner over the direction of DC Comics’ film universe that Warner Bros. and Warner Media are literally fighting a civil war in the trade press. It’s part of what’s driving today’s $43 billion merger between AT&T and Discovery which will split off the whole mess, including CNN and HBO, making a pure media company under the direction of Jason Kilar, who greenlit The Snyder Cut of Justice League in the first place.

That’s how much Warner Bros. executives hate Zack Synder and the basic message of his DCEU films. Chaos is bad, men need to be strong and unite against madmen who are irredeemable.

Management are furious by the runaway success, across the globe, of his version of 2017’s Justice League. It’s glorious, by the way. This movie touched a deep nerve with a lot of people, especially in China (330 million views in the first 7 days), and whose release, in and of itself, feels like an inflection point. Snyder’s DC films aren’t woke, they are archetypal. The more this story about how Waner Bros’ execs screwing Snyder over gets out, the worse it looks for them and the more momentum the fans have to get stories they want, not the stories the powers want to give them.

DC’s icons are, like Star Wars, real mythology and the soulless woke (I would just say ‘commie’) hacks that run Warner Bros. have never known what to do with them because good stories don’t fit the replacement politics agenda. Hollywood is being overrun by Chinese influence looking to tear down our mythologies and the backlash against that as people have begun demanding something better. But the rejection of the Oscars, the cancellation of the Golden Globes, and the rejection of the narcissistic back-slapping of Hollywood by itself are telling you where this is headed.

It’s early days in this, but watch these developments carefully. In the culture war business, timing is everything. Maybe 2017 was the wrong time for Snyder’s Justice League, but 2021 was obviously right. Just like 2017 was the wrong time to release The Last Jedi to anxious Star Wars fans.

Qualitative Tightening

Which brings me back to the tightening noose/widening gyre of replacement politics. Because today there is no coming back from what Schwab have unleashed. BLM and Antifa have given rise to the very race war they said they were fighting against. Black on ‘XXX ‘violence is rising in ugly ways and when the culture war bus turns back the other way everyone will get runover — BLM and, unfortunately, those blacks that didn’t support it.

In any ideologically-possessed movement there is no purity test too stringent to weed out the uncommitted. Purity tests are themselves gyres of increasing intolerance. This is what Mao learned the hard way.

To me, Schwab and his Davos Crowd realize now they stepped out from the shadows too early and are in damage control mode. But their Brown Shirts will turn on them too. They sense this shift as the political situations across Europe turn ugly in places like France, where they have no answer to the failing of President Macron and the French military leaders, despite neocon bloviating to the contrary, being proud and capable men of honor who won’t put up this for too much longer.

Even as Davos tries to hold onto the power they’ve engineered for their insane Climate Change agenda, the heartland of their woke agenda is boiling over and turning away from them. There is policy inertia, however, we won’t overcome easily and this sets the stage for the chaos of the next decade.

So, today Bill Gates is being thrown to the #MeToo sharks as chum hoping that will satisfy our revenge over vaccines that make people sick and don’t stop COVID. Tomorrow it will be Dr. Anthony Fauci for his covering up the origins of COVID-19.

The Woke Revolution will turn on AOC as quickly as they’re turning on Bernie Sanders and Nancy Pelosi. Give it another year of BLM/Antifa violence on anyone not them and they’ll be the ones storming the Capitol and they won’t stand around taking pictures and walking within the roped-off areas like the Trump Domestic Terrorists did on January 6th.

Unleashing chaos and believing you can control it is the ultimate in hubris. But those the gods seek to destroy first make mad.

A theme that plays very well in Snyder’s depiction of Lex Luthor in the unfairly maligned Batman v. Superman – Dawn of Justice. A film sabotaged by its own studio for political and philosophical reasons under feckless leadership.

Kind of like the U.S. and Europe today, right?

But, more importantly, it’s also a film that shows us clearly what will happen when a madman like Schwab is thwarted, when his carefully crafted plan falls apart because at the moment of peak madness we are reminded of our shared humanity.

He unleashes Doomsday, saying, “If man cannot kill god, then the devil will do it!”

This is the thing I fear the most, the refusal of men like Schwab to realize when they’ve lost one war and stoke another, turning the tightening noose of replacement politics into an intentional gyre which consumes everyone. It’s been clear to me for more than a year that no matter what happens in the U.S. politically over the next two years, a weaker U.S. means a world where old enmities are let loose, humanity’s darkest impulses encouraged and there aren’t enough people willing to put out the fires.

By Tom Luongo
Source: Gold Goats ‘n Guns

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