Time to Plan for a World with No ‘United States’

A game is afoot. Laws are being passed, in state after state, that disenfranchise eligible voters, tens of millions of them, not criminals or “illegal aliens” but working Americans who are now living under regional governments that have abandoned any system of justice or decency as much of America descends into fascism.

There is a deeper game behind this, one easy to predict. A dismembered America will still have its nuclear weapons, its massive navy, its bases around the world. With Trump gone, the US has become a less reliable resource for the cabal of “bankers” and extremist cults that have kept hidden behind the scenes for centuries.

They believe that they can still “have the milk” and kill and eat the cow at the same time. They may very well be right.

They want their power back and America’s few surviving institutions, the hand full of real leaders in the military, a military filled with cowards and mama’s boys, a few honest judges and prosecutors, a few dozen legislators, won’t be able to stop them.

Billions in corporate cash, cartel cash, polluter cash, poured into Washington, poured into the Pentagon, has created a tinderbox that threatens the planet.

The United States is still the world’s largest economy, certainly the world’s most powerful nation militarily and yet it is nearly a very real collapse. The problem originates from its federal system of government.

The stage has been set for either states to leave ‘the union,’ such as it is or for the nation to surrender entirely to organized crime rule. These may sound like harsh words, perhaps even alarmist but for any nation to plan to move forward, contingencies must be established to move forward in a world with no “United States.”

The federal system, as outlined by the “Founding Fathers,” is understood by none in the US. Nobody teaches about the constitution, where it came from, who really wrote it and what the game was some 250 years ago.

There were 13 states, some no bigger than a postage stamp, like Rhode Island and Connecticut, who wanted equal power but had no people. Compromises were made, insane ones.

At the time, those who penned the constitution, according to scholar Charles A. Beard, in his Economic Interpretation of the Constitution, much of the impetus for getting rid of the Articles of Confederation was to create a central government capable of supporting bond and land speculators, grifters not unlike today’s Trump family, who didn’t fight against the British for independence.

Instead, they waited around like vultures to “engineer” a government that would feed off working Americans, feed off war veterans and build the America we have today, where one percent own the government, own everything and make the rules.

This group wrote inherent weaknesses into the constitution, giving two senators to tiny states and leaving the door open, as we now know, for the Senate to be controlled by the wealthy.

State after state was added that would never be populated, no water, no arable land, only mineral resources and cattle grazing, always under control of the railroads and bankers who then used the three dozen “fake state” senators to control the government.

There is one especially deep and dark secret hidden in the US constitution. Disputed elections are sent to the House of Representatives to select a president.

Let us establish the root of the issue very quickly. Well over forty million people live in California and yet only two hundred thousand people live in Wyoming. Yet, under the system the US is governed by Wyoming has the same voting power as California in choosing a president.

The State of Wyoming is entirely controlled by a single coal company that chooses its two senators. Other states, more than a few, are similarly controlled by the GMO agricultural giants, Monsanto and Archer Daniels Midland Company having more political representation than regions with a population of one hundred million.

This bizarre system was recently discussed, for the first time, by former Vice President Al Gore who may well have won the 2000 election. The “overt” system, an “electoral college” which no one understands, is to choose a president based, not on popular vote, but by state “electors.”

Wealthy, advanced, populous states are disenfranchised by this system whereby massive pluralities for one candidate are simply wiped off the books.

In 2000, it went further, a fake protest was staged in Florida by less than a dozen millionaires, the “Brooks Brothers Riot,” named after a high-priced clothier favored by Wall Street types, which gave a Supreme Court, stacked with corporate lawyers, an excuse to stop vote counting and name illiterate weakling George Bush as puppet president.

No lawsuit could correct this as the fallback is turning the election over to the House where “fake states” with no people control the system.

At state level, this problem has existed since day one. Cities like Detroit, which once had 3 million people would get one representative in the Michigan Senate or House, and we are talking state government, while counties in the near frozen north with one tiny village and endless miles of trees would have the same, the exact same representation.

The result was urban decay, environmental disaster after disaster, infrastructure collapse and a total breakdown of public education.

Not only is this no accident but endless millions, even billions, in funding from corporations, most often with agendas in climate denialism, or other dangerous environmental ploys like fracking or defective nuclear power plants or, worse still, flooding the nation with opiates, flood cash into these efforts.

And, as we have so often said, any attempt to stop this open bribery that has made this injustice possible was outlawed in 2005 by a 5/4 vote of the corporate controlled Supreme Court under Citizens United v. the Federal Elections Commission.

Corporations can simply pay any amount to any local or regional politician but even that isn’t enough. They now fund armed extremist militia’s as well and, as we have seen, work hand in hand with police to silence any opposition.

Do you wonder why millions of Americans fill private prisons owned by corporations that backflush their stolen gains into the hands of corrupt judges?

The easiest part is, as is simple to grasp, the total control of the press and social media. It didn’t take five minutes for Wall Street to show up in Silicon Valley and take control of not just the social media platforms but technologies as well, the same way they control the news networks that pretend to oppose and offset one another.

The reality is that both the right and left are equally orchestrated to create a theatrical fake reality with clowns and actors in the public eye playing roles written for them. These clowns and actors are our political leaders, and it isn’t just the United States. Think “Boris Johnson.”

No tale about America’s political peculiarities is complete without a personal touch. To avoid redundancy, we left out the usual references to America’s Federal Reserve System, something that nobody understands and, as with the bizarre system of selecting presidents, no one is allowed to discuss.

You see, the same Rothschild family that long ago took over the banking systems of France, the Netherlands and Britain, took over the United States after a century old legal battle and a Civil War that few are aware was much a part of that struggle as well.

One of the first things they did was to have congress, yes, the Senators and Representatives of the “fake states” controlled by corporations owned by banks, and nobody knows who controls banks, make it a crime to tell who owns the private European banks that are the Federal Reserve.

There is no list, no place to find the information and looking for it is a crime.

It goes even further. Ever wonder why nobody ever writes about the process that brought his about, created “the Fed” and made it illegal to talk about both the process itself and who “the Fed” actually is?

Instead, Americans talk about UFOs and aliens, but UFOs and aliens aren’t causing wars and killing millions and “the Fed” is.

Back some years ago I flew New Orleans for a conference, defense technology issues. Part of that trip was a layover in Raleigh, North Carolina lasting 4 hours. Their airport had three barbeque restaurants, quite impressive regional foods they do so well but what it didn’t have was functioning toilets or “bathrooms” as Americans call them.

The bathrooms had “attendants” who accepted gratuities and handed out towels but the toilets themselves were not just broken, some clogged and beyond unacceptable.

Yes, you could get memorable food, even visit a toilet where you could dry your hands with a clean towel, but it was impossible to not be struck with the certain insanity that you had entered another world.

This is Southern rural America where “church” means snake handling, speaking in “tongues” a form of fake Christianity steeped in violence and hatred.

Short decades ago, the American South was still suffering from the collapse that lingered for a century after the end of the Civil War. Public education was almost non-existent as were indoor toilets.

Today there are schools, they look like schools anyway, modern homes replace the shacks, in most places anyway and people who can barely read drive seventy-thousand-dollar pickup trucks, but the old ways live on, as we are seeing today.

This week, the State of Tennessee made it illegal to vaccinate children, in response to fabricated news stories carried on the Murdoch owned Fox News network. No nation of earth has made vaccination illegal, the idea stinks of insanity but then, as few outside the US have any remote idea, Tennessee “stinks of insanity” and has since the days of Andrew Jackson.

But today, we are talking political collapse and how this may or will play out. What we have seen is state after state passing bizarre laws, said to be “shameful” by President Biden, disenfranchising tens of millions of legal voters.

In Texas, democrats in the state government were forced to flee in order to block the passage of voting restriction laws that are utterly insane, the specifics of which are never discussed or allowed to be discussed on the news or social media.

The governor of Texas, a strange man name Greg Abbot, has contacted private militias designated as “terrorist” by the US Department of Justice to hunt down the state’s fleeing legislators.

You didn’t know the US is this insane?

So, what is our point then, why is a melt down inexorable for the US? Imagine an election, a mid-term for house and senate or a presidential election, as we see in 3 years.

How can votes from a state with blatantly unfair voting practices be accepted in a national election?

How can representatives from such states be seated in a national assembly when their election itself spits in the face of any democratic principle?

This is a “lose-lose” situation. You seat illegally “elected” politicians or you block them, either way, the United States fails.

In the end, as we saw during Trump’s failed attempt to set up a dictatorship based on Hitler’s assumption of power in 1933, the goal is the end of representative government.

It is being sold in the South and rural West, quite openly, as a “theocracy” based on their version of Christianity, a Christianity utterly foreign to anything in Europe, be it Roman Catholic or of Orthodox origin.

This is religion that promotes racism, that promotes nuclear war, that promotes human slavery and child sex trafficking.

The government it would give the world’s most powerful nation, militarily at least, would use biological weapons, would keep no treaties and seek hegemony over the planet.

In fact, for many years, on and off, it has done exactly that as can be easily seen after Al Gore was pushed aside in 2000.

By Gordon Duff
Source: New Eastern Outlook

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