We Have Entered the Eye of Davos’ Storm

Congress recessed for the summer passing neither the infrastructure nor spending bills that were the focus of all of Washington’s attention for weeks thanks to Krysten Sinema from Arizona. She personally torpedoed the Biden Administration’s signature piece of legislation that took months to wrangle to that point and then gave the whole thing a big John McCain-like thumbs down.

The debt ceiling suspension put in place under Trump has not been renewed. We are currently more than $6 trillion over it as I type this.

Fungal President Joe Biden looked up from his jello cup long enough to implore Congress to extend the eviction moratorium for those behind on rent and mortgage payments which has been in place for more than a year. Estimates are 6.5 million people will now face eviction who are behind on their rent.

U.S. tax-cows have drawn down their savings at an alarming rate while facing this eviction cliff. But, hey, your per child tax credit is now showing up as a monthly check as long as the Post Office stays on the job. By the way, they are refusing to go along with Biden’s plans for forcing all government employees be vaccinated against a virus which isn’t killing anyone anymore.

This latest wave of homeless people wandering the streets of the U.S. over the next year will be used by the Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) to demonize the evil Republicans for not DOING SOMETHING about this new crisis.

Never mind that it was wholly manufactured by locking down parts of the world and blowing up both the financial markets and disrupting the natural flow of goods that is a functional economy.

The panic many will feel will be real but the question is who is actually panicking?

Is it the “dirty spreaders” and “anti-science” losers who refuse to take an experimental gene therapy or the ones who ordered all of this insanity in the first place for their own personal and political gain?

Sometimes Losing is Just Losing

At every turn the Biden Administration lost major political battles in the past week. There is no denying that. That is an unqualified good thing. It ensures the anger and frustration over the direction of the country post-Trump will be unstoppable come the mid-term elections despite even the expected voter fraud next fall.

We can count on that just like we could count on it in 2020. But the bigger question I have now is whether or not we’ll actually have those elections if it looks like we’ll have a landslide on the populist side of the political ledger?

What the little people want is anathema to those that congregate every year at Davos, Switzerland to plot out their dystopian future plans for humanity.

So, the odds rise everyday that they will suspend elections in Germany or France as a trial run for next fall’s mid-terms. Book this prediction and double down on it regularly, you might make more on it than in the coming crypto bull market, but only just barely.

When you stop to think this through in normal political calculus, how can Biden and Pelosi spin their failures as anything like victories now? The truth is plain to everyone. They lied, cheated, stole and by all rational accounts staged a coup on January 6th.

They have everything they ever wanted… all the power of the Legislative and Executive branches while simultaneously cowing the Judicial branch into irrelevance …

… and a MILF from ‘Zona undid it all with a press release?

Don’t underestimate the chutzpah of these venal people to try because in Davos’ New Normal all instances of public decency are simply a dog whistle for latent fascists and white people racists.

But given this string of failures it is no wonder Pelosi is thinking about finally giving up her House seat. After all, what’s left to do after nearly single-handedly destroying every aspect of U.S. legislative procedure. I feel her ennui, there are just no more glass ceilings to break.

Pelosi bluffed hard on the spending and infrastructure bills but forgot that having a 50-50 split in the senate and a united Republican front who knows they are in the mid-term driver’s seat meant that any single Senator with a nominal “D” after their names could take ‘awesome power of the speaker’s gavel’ and shove it right up her saggy, angry bottom.

Cue Sinema, who is truly a free spirit. She also knows the situation in Arizona is a powder keg she doesn’t want to be near when it finally explodes over the results of the election audit.

Action Jackson Reaction

The Davos-beholden Democrat and GOPe reaction to these losses has been increasingly strident and desperate jawboning about the Delta Variant bogeyman while everyone in the West is sick and tired of this nonsense.

Then remember, it was just Monday where Biden was offering $100 to ‘please get the vaccine’ and by the end of the week we’re listening to this ….


This is honestly a bigger needle scratch then when the media turned on a dime about the COVID Lab Leak theory two months ago.

And all of a sudden millions of voices cried out in anger and couldn’t be silenced.

At every turn those in the highest cabinet positions of the Biden junta embarrass themselves with doublespeak and cognitive dissonance that even the most mind-virus addled normie can see as illogical. I know there’s no getting through to some people but it doesn’t take them to have a critical mass simply step back, fold their arms and say, “You know what? No.”

Saying “No” to Davos, however, comes with a terrible price. Just ask the Brits who’ve been locked down for more than a year since winning their ‘freedom’ from the EU via Brexit.

Now add in the vagaries of Mother Nature dealing with an increasingly precarious dance between the Earth’s weakening magnetic field and the Sun’s increasing activity and we have extreme weather all over the globe making the day of every climate alarmist ninny with a diaper on their face and a stick up their ass.

The Western half of the U.S. is either on fire or suffering from a crop-destroying/herd depleting drought which has everyone there looking to a dysfunctional, if not outright paralyzed, FedGov for help but there is none forthcoming. Supply chains for basic goods like meat, lumber, electricity and water are failing and the damage done to them will take years to undo.

These natural disasters wouldn’t be so difficult to deal with if Davos hadn’t pursued this Great Reset operation in the first place and carried it through the first six months of Biden’s anti-Administration.

But, you know, in for a penny, in for millions dead for the greater good.

Davos doesn’t even care about the people who are its staunchest supporters, no less those that it wants to destroy — meat eaters, individualists, white people and Christians, you know, most Americans.

Just look at their home turf of Europe. Floods wiped out whole towns in Germany while the presumed incoming leader, hand-picked of course Davos style, cried crocodile tears over hundreds dead while virtue signaling about Climate Change and laughing at the plight of the plebes he’s expected to lead in a few months.

At the rate the protests in France are going, the ECB will go bankrupt just supplying the Gendarme with tear gas and water cannons.

If you don’t realize that the Delta Variant only exists to make the excuse to cancel any election that is set to go against Davos then you really aren’t paying any attention at all.

Do You Really Need the Jab?

We have reached the moment where Davos’ plans to vandalize the American and European people are coming to fruition.

From this week’s events forward we will be in a state of ’emergency’ described brilliantly in V for Vendetta where the media is used to ratchet up the fear beyond any reasonable level and the people increasingly say, “Oh, bollocks.”

Or, as we say here in the States, “Fuck this noise!”

The ride from here will only get worse and our only recourse is to look to shoring up our local communities rather than hope for any saviors at the ballot box. The rules have changed.

Democracy has been outlawed and the courts neutralized. The push for total control over your movement, your thoughts and your basic right to make your way in the world is no longer protected by law.

In fact, the law is openly hostile to your very existence. Just ask Australians and Canadians.

We’ve always known that public health was the cheat code to tyranny. Now we’re seeing it weaponized in a way that isn’t just creepy, it’s chilling in its inhumanity.

But the kids still think Communists care about them.

There is an urgency to this now that wasn’t there before. In the days after neutralizing Trump they backed off thinking there was more time, that there was more than a full year to stepwise up the pressure on us.

But it turned out that COVID-19 simply wasn’t deadly enough and therapeutics for it strong enough to unmask the agenda behind the operation.

So, Don Lemon can get stuffed if he thinks we’re going to give up our livelihoods when we could just buy ivermectin over the freaking counter and man up. But, that’s not something Don’s good at.

I suggest locking Don in his office and he can Door Dash his tofurkey and bean sprouts between segments of his unwatched television gig subsidized by fake Fed funny money. But no toilet paper for him or the vaxxed. That needs to be reserved for real men eating the meat and growing the soybeans and the sprouts while we sort out the pulpwood shortage he helped create.

So while they think it’s time to turn the unvaxxed into the scapegoats for why we all can’t have nice things, it’s quickly going to turn against them.

People like Don are there to create the consensus to justify the pogroms they envision in their oxygen-starved brains.

I’d smile and say something pithy like molon labe but it would be a little too on the nose.

The Long Dark or Just Long Dollars?

In the end, it’s not all doom and gloom. The signs are everywhere that the bonds holding this cartel of oligarchs together are breaking. I’ve talked about this in previous pieces. Honestly, you have to be a complete nincompoop to think Jamie Dimon and the narcissists on Wall St. will roll over to Herr Schwab without going a few rounds in the Oligarch version of the UFC Octagon.

Yellen may be trying to destroy Wall St. for Schwab but Powell and the FOMC are still on the job, even if they sound as incoherent on inflation as the CDC Director does on, well, everything.

I ask you to think again about the last two Fed meetings.

First, he drained overseas markets of dollars by raising the Reverse Repo Rate to 0.05%. This week he created a standing Repo Facility for foreign counterparties to hand them back those dollars. They’ll do this only because they are now desperate for them but it will drain them of their high-quality Repo collateral, i.e. US. Treasuries.

Since the Fed knows there will be no new U.S. Treasuries issued for the next few months thanks to the debt ceiling kerfluffle being unresolved, they need a supply of them to hand back to the banks they know are going to be in need of them.

The result was the first $1+ trillion print of the Fed’s domestic Reverse Repo Facility, which hands Treasuries back to the banks in exchange for dollars providing them with now very scarce collateral.

Downstream this should further destabilize overseas markets (read: Europe) while handing Wall St. and domestic banks all the collateral they could ever need to cover this dangerous period we are entering.

This, to me, doesn’t seem like Powell is playing in the same key as Yellen.

My bet is that whatever the Fed says at Jackson Hole will tell us just where the Fed stands in all of this and that will tell us whether or not we have any friends at all in high places.

The storm created by Davos has made landfall. The next two months will tell us just who is and who is not still on their payroll or is compromised by them. To me the key is the Fed. We’ll find out soon enough if Wall St. really isn’t down with the Commintern.

Either way, we’ve run out of time to prepare.

By Tom Luongo
Source: Gold Goats ‘n Guns

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