Bagram – Bondsteel Connections

Afghanistan domino effect has started. It arrived to Southern Serbian occupied province of Kosovo and Metohija. Shqiptars are in the middle of creating more instability by their terrorist activities. The fact that they are rebranded from initially, terrorist organization (UÇK), to “freedom fighters” (UÇK) and then to “official police/military forces” (ROSU/KSF) of unrecognized, illegal and criminal “republic of kosova” does not change the other fact, that they are still terrorists, head choppers and drug dealers. The Collective West and its criminal mechanisms are well known for rebranding various terrorist, extremist, criminal or religious groups time by time, depending on the developments worldwide – for the sake of “its national interests”.

It is not that USA only has its “national interests” abroad. The same goes for other members of Collective West – Britain has invaded 171 out of 193 members of the UN. It may be presumed Britain had “national interests” in all those 171 countries. The same goes for Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Germany. All those together once invaded Northern America, too, performed genocide of indigenous people living there and created United States of America. After century and a half, they came back to Europe to destroy it and to create another United States of America. The criminal activities of the Collective West in the occupied Southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija fit in in the model of organized crime behaviour – the strong ties of criminal or terrorist groups (which often overlap) with reliable people installed deep into various sectors of state administrations. This model is disguised in the most pathetic, shallow and artificial stories of cowardish ideology of neoliberalism. One would need to come through very serious brainwashing in order to accept even one “principle” of neoliberalism as, at least not deranged. The fact that everything is packed to shine or, it is officially and internationally recognized, also does not change the other fact that all that packed to shine creates global criminal conglomerate; its prominent members are disguised as head of states, members of governments, military or police officials, lords, congressmen, professors, academicians, artists, various groups for this or that, etc.

United States of America (but also Canada and Australia) are training fields to perfect models and platforms to cover real aims and destructive Collective West plans throughout the world. Having in mind that the invaders and illegal settlers in Northern America were mostly Western European social trash and scum, from various socials groups, it is not surprising that the world now has to witness the madness of their deranged progeny. Not only that, but the world has to treat those post-humans as normal people and to deal with their extremely sick and perverted “values”.

That is how it was possible for the members of Shqiptar terrorist group UÇK to become “freedom fighters“. The same happened with MEK terrorist group – it also started as a terrorist group, but was rebranded to “freedom fighters” group, and it is now Western useful tool; it is too weak to act within Iran, but Western proxies and traitors of own countries in Western Asia are there to help MEK terrorists.

Fun fact: MEK terrorist group has its camp in Albania (Shqiptaria, as its citizens call it) – what a coincidence!

Another coincidence is domino effect from Afghanistan. Apart of the fact that many Shqiptars were US/NATO proxy fighters (terrorists) in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, etc, there is another ‘Afghan connection’. After US military seized Bondsteel military base in occupied Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija from international forces which were supposed to use it, Western neo-colonial, neoliberal conglomerate created its usual business – drug trafficking, a very lucrative business for financing black ops. Various experts in related fields claim that Bondsteel has become the biggest heroin warehouse in Europe. Heroin comes from Afghanistan, of course. It is transported from Bondsteel to other parts of Europe either via so-called Balkan Route or via Italy. For heroin to come to Italy, Montenegrin cocaine routes are used sometimes.

Fun fact: The same routes are used for drug trafficking and migrants’ influx from Asia and Africa.

USA’s “withdrawal” from Afghanistan affects its businesses originating from there. It also affects its criminal proxy structures, military or civilian, involved in US’ businesses of increased poppy production in Afghanistan. How it may reflect in those communities, whose members are involved in USA’s drug trafficking business? In Shqiptar community in Kosovo and Metohija, for example? What Shqiptars, not being very bright minds, can expect after Vietnam style disaster of their beloved masters? Are they able to face political or any other social process if their beloved masters fail in Kosovo and Metohija, too? It was not once that Shqiptars stated that they do not have own policy, but it is created in Washington D.C. Maybe not only there, but there, too.

The other wing of collective West, EU, is absolutely incapable to react in any meaningful way or to implement any of its proclaimed “values” among Shqiptars – maybe only among those who were sent to the West to live and learn how to perform their given roles after coming back to Kosovo and Metohija. EU is also incapable to enable and secure implementation of any of the signed agreements for many of which is guarantor or mediator. The only conclusion from the fact that Shqiptars have not fulfilled a single item from various agreements, from 2001 up to now, might be that collective West never had any intention to influence Shqiptars’ side to behave according to the signed agreements. Or, that collective West has had any intention ever to respect and act according to UN SC Res 1244. The only aim of the Shqiptars’ puppet masters was to acquire the legitimacy and legality for their proxy criminal gang by time and to transform Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija into independent “republic of kosova” which may be used for various purposes. Collective West counts only on procrastination as “meaningful act”, hoping that their siege will last long enough for occupied people to give up their country and rights and that Serbia will give up 15% of its territory, just because some globalist criminal conglomerate, hidden behind the fake name “international community”, attributes some exceptional rights to itself. It is one pair of sleeves that the territory is occupied and completely another if the country is forced on a daily basis to give it away and to claim it was willingful. For the maintaining of combined military (USA/NATO) and crawling administrative (EU) occupation, West uses Shqiptars in the field to oppress Serbs in their traditional homeland.

Fun fact: the origin of the words KOSOVO and METOHIJA. The word ‘Kosovo’ has the word ‘kos’ in its base, which is the Serbian name for a species of bird; the word ‘kos’ or ‘Kosovo’ does not exist in Shqiptar language vocabulary. The word ‘Metohija’ comes from the Ancient Greek ‘metochion’ (μετόχιον). It means monastery land cultivated by monks, or monastery or church donated by donors (or founders) to a larger monastery. In medieval Serbia it was also used to designate a church with an arable land. The Patriarchate of Peć, which is located on the territory of Metohija, is the first, ancient and current seat of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Apart of being involved in drug trafficking protected by the West, Shqiptars are instructed to perform some other actions. One day after Miroslav Lajčak (EU Special Representative for Belgrade-Priština Dialogue) left occupied Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, after “successful talks” with temporary Shqiptar administration, Shqiptars started their terrorist activities. UÇK terrorists disguised as ROSU policemen heavily armed seized Northern administrative crossings of Jarinje and Brnjak, toward Central Serbia. Their aim was to replace Serbian license plates with some delusional “republic of kosova” plates. But, some news say that in the North Eastern administrative crossing of Merdare, Serbian license plates are being replaced with temporary plates of delusional “republic of kosova” without protests. What a coincidence! Just when Lajčak left announcing everything nice and well. After Priština, Lajčak visited Skoplje and Belgrade. While he was in Skoplje and Belgrade, UÇK terrorists were having show of force in front of the eyes of the entire world. Show of force in front of unarmed people – what kind of force is that? A questions arises out of that chain of events: in which capacity Lajčak visited Belgrade? As EU Special Representative for Belgrade-Priština Dialogue or as negotiator on behalf of temporary Shqiptar administration? Or both?

Fun fact: Prior to UÇK terrorists‘ show of force in front of unarmed Serbs, temporary Shqiptars administration, headed by Albin Kurti (the individual who was in Serbian prison because of terrorism activities, up to 2001, when qusling Serbian president Vojislav Koštunica released him and another several thousands of Shqiptar terrorists, just because UK, USA, EU, NATO demanded). As the head of temporary administration in occupied Kosovo and Metohija, Albin Kurti used a usual method for coordination with his Western bosses. He sent an email to all Western embassies to announce the plan to send heavily armed UÇK terrorists to Northern administrative crossing toward Central Serbia. As collective West has been silent for days about Shqiptars terrorist activities in the North of Kosovo and Metohija, it may be presumed any unplanned developments may occur.

Official Belgrade rejected “a kind offer” by so-called Quint countries (UK, USA, Italy, France, Germany) for an “urgent” meeting and delivered its conditions to be fulfilled before it continues any kind of communication. EU called both sides to make compromise. Which is very strange choice of words having in mind that Serbs are not doing anything accept peacefully protesting, unarmed, without making incidents. While UÇK terrorists disguised as ROSU policemen, heavily armed, attack unarmed protesters who defend their rights. If the EU statement was really given by Borell, but not by AI, then it has to be concluded that EU is hypocritical and double faced.

Fun fact: Although UK wanted to proclaim Serbian people genocidal and to confirm it by the resolution in the UN SC in 2015, the fact is that there is almost no Serbs in all the places where Serbs allegedly committed genocide. As Serbs are mostly Orthodox Christians and suicide is not an option, even in the name of higher cause, it would not be possible that all of them had performed Seppuku (Harakiri).

But, during 1990s, whenever Serbs were defending their properties, neighbourhoods, cities or areas, they were proclaimed genocidal assassins, compared to Nazis. Which is another, deeper aim of the collective West, especially of Germany – to abolish the memories of its own genocidal history by declaring another people genocidal – not any people, but the people who defeated Germany in two world wars.

Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija are now obviously unarmed and it is not possible to proclaim them genocidal assassins. That is why collective West, via its talking head, EU, “calls for an immediate de-escalation in the north of Kosovo”. What de-escalation? The only de-escalation by Serbs may be that they stop to verbally make fun of UÇK terrorists disguised as ROSU policemen. It is UÇK terrorists disguised as ROSU policemen who should “de-ecalate” in many ways. If strictly following international law and signed documents, they should not be even existing. When it is about obvious criminal and terrorist activities by one, Shqiptars’ side, then “both sides” should “de-escalate”. Or, maybe EU sees problem in Military Police of Serbian Armed Forces which observes the area of Serbian occupied territory from across the administrative crossing of Jarinje, in Central Serbia? Maybe it is not nice image for Western snowflakes, it might remind them on Serbian Military in 1999 and NATO’s epic failure.

Not to mention the fact that all Western mechanisms’ activities, from EU to NATO and countless lobby groups are directed toward violating UN SC Res 1244, the roof document for all the following political, diplomatic or military activities on the territory of Kosovo and Metohija. That is why Serbia should officially proclaim the territory of Kosovo and Metohija occupied. Since it has missed to do it earlier.

Repeatedly performed double standards policy by collective West is just another proof that it is not possible to treat global criminal conglomerate and sovereign countries in the same way. It is not that it is about some NGOs, trusts, or societies (although many of them are involved), but it is about official military and civilian representatives of the states, about official state institutions of various Western states which all create this basis of the criminal conglomerate, whose tentacles extend from Afghanistan to occupied Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija and to many other regions and spots on the globe. The newly established practice by the fake “international community” is that international law is applied selectively, not only individual agreements. At the same time, the long tentacles of neoliberal, neocolonial criminal conglomerate work on violating local laws in various countries as a tool to dissolve institutions and to completely deprive countries of their sovereignty.

Fun fact: It happened these days that a larger amount of drugs was found in the vehicle of Macedonian Ministry of Interior. It is confirmed by the Ministry that drug was found in the vehicle of Macedonian police officers, employed in the Sector for Computer Crime and Digital Forensics. They were heading to Montenegro for training, and were stopped and searched at Albanian – Montenegrin border.

Another part of the Balkan tentacle leads to Montenegro, whose president is, these days, the fiercest enemy of Serbian people and Serbian Orthodox Church. He thinks church begins and ends where a state begins and ends. He also claimed earlier he would establish Montengrin state church. (Milo Djukaković is an atheist, by the way). At the same time, this concept of church within a state borders does not apply to Western Christianity, whose church, by the way, has its own state. What if Serbian Orthodox Church wants to use its entire property in Metohija, which is now occupied? Is that the reason why several NATO officials proclaimed Serbian Orthodox Church its biggest enemy in the Balkans?

Fun fact: It happened several times in the last year or so that Montenegrin army ships were seized and searched in various ports around the globe – and large amounts of cocaine were found.

Meanwhile, Montenegrin Constitutional Committee considers the proposal for initiating the procedure for determining whether the President of Montenegro, Milo Djukanović, violated the Constitution (connected to events in Cetinje at the beginning of September, when Milo Djukanović openly invited citizens to deprive Orthodox Christians and their Church of performing their religious rights, constitutionally based – so, the president of a country called on violation of the Constitution of a country whose president he is). At the same time, Milo Djukanović addresses UN GA in New York as legitimate representative of the Montenegrin state.

The long tentacles of globalists’ conglomerate go again to UN, where Željko Komšić (official leader of Bosnian Croats, but unrecognized by Bosnian Croats) addressed UN GA without (required) written permission by all the members of The Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although UN was informed that Željko Komšić was not an official representative of Bosnian Presidency at UN GA and that he is there in private capacity, he was allowed to address UN GA. The same goes for Vjosa Osmani, so-called president of delusional “republic of kosova” who can not talk in the UN officially, but she can wander around the corridors of the UN building and can approach the members of various delegations trying to lobby for the fake state to be recognized as real. Does a photo in the EU mission in New York, in front of EU flag, makes a representative of a fake state not fake? While Guterres said to Osmani that UN does not consider “kosova” a state, Borell takes photo with both official and unofficial representatives from the Balkans, in other words. Btw, is Vjosa Osmani a member of the Osmani criminal clan, as some media sources claim?

Vjosa Osmani would not be a problem if UN would really do something about heavily armed (and illegal) so-called “kosovo security forces” – UÇK terrorists disguised as ROSU policemen, actually. Apart of delivering some empty phrases about occupied Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, Antonio Guterres and all the other representatives of so-called “international community” (exclusively collective West representatives), did not do absolutely nothing to make their protected and heavily armed terrorist gang to behave according to agreements they had signed. But, none of Western (“international community”) bureaucrats is not able to do anything, apart of some strong words packed in empty phrases. Their behaviour indicates silent support for UÇK terrorists disguised as ROSU policemen to continue their terrorist behaviour toward Serbs in the ancient Serbian land of Kosovo and Metohija.

There are four levels of power and decision making in occupied Kosovo and Metohija at the moment. 1. UN, 2. EULEX, 3. KFOR, 4. NATO. Temporary Shqiptars’ administration is “fifth in line”in practicing power. But, if UÇK terrorists disguised as ROSU policemen are still all over occupied Kosovo and Metohija, someone from the upper echelons of present power structure gave them the green light. That is why all the statements by various “officials” from the fake international community which deliberately excludes ¾ of the world, are only empty phrases to deceive. They (collective West, fake international community) actually protect all the wrongdoings by their Shqiptar puppets. It is also common knowledge that all the Western officials, military or civilian, have their millions worth businesses in occupied Kosovo and Metohija – all of them ripped off Serbian state, Church and individual people of their properties. From Wesley Cohen Clarke to Madelaine Albright, to Bidens and Clintons (not to forget to mention Anthony Charles Linton Blaire, German officials from Kohl to Merkel, Norwegian quislings, Dutch businesses, their local gangs in Balkans, etc).

Fun fact: In 1999, Germany broke its Constitution and sent its pilots to bomb Serbia. It was the first time after WW2 that German pilots dropped bombs – and, what a coincidence, they dropped the bombs on Serbia, again. After that, it should be very hard for Germany to wash away its genocidal behaviour, historical and present.

It is also probably by the order of upper echelons that “experts” from German, Croatian and Montenegrin armed and police forces came to train and teach not so bright Shqiptars in occupied KosMet. As all of them are NATO members, it means chain of command exists and it is being applied. Having that in mind, the statements by Western officials sound even more stupid and fake. Especially having in mind that all of them are brainwashed with the artificial language of political correctness and that their words do not mean nothing or, are sign of completely opposite policy from the one loudly expressed.

The other problem of UÇK terrorists disguised as ROSU policemen is the announcement of the openning of UÇK archives from 1990s and beginning of 2000s. Shqiptars claim they have never possessed any archive. If this is really true, then Shqiptars were not “freedom fighters” and military, but a terrorist group. If they do have archives and if those archives were not selectively destroyed, thy will all have to be charged with war crimes and genocide of Serbian people. But, it is not only them who should be prosecuted – the entire echelons of Western officials for more than 20 years, who keep protecting and supporting criminals and terrorists from UÇK and rebrand them as freedom fighters or policemen, should be prosecuted.

Fun fact: After chaos USA military and civilian occupational forces caused at Kabul airport, some of the Afghanis who worked for the occupational forces were sent to occupied Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija (to Bondsteel military base), because their initial security screening for getting USA visa failed. Those who are not eligible enough to enter USA “paradise” are to be sent to Qatar, Kosovo and Metohija, Italy or Germany, before the security screening process is finished and they can (or can not) head to USA. Which means US military bases will now host very shady characters who were afraid to stay in own country as they are traitors – that makes them suitable for the globalist criminal conglomerate’s wrongdoings not only in Afghanistan. International arrest warrants have been issued for some of those who ended up in Bondsteel. According to US officials’ statements, it will be possible for those Afghanis to be accommodated in the US military bases up to one year.

It becomes obvious that disturbed channels of heroin income from Afghanistan began to reflect on some of the Western black ops in Europe. Lacking substantial evidence to list any Serbian wrongdoing, Collective West tries to use the same media matrix from 1990s – Serbs are evil and all the others are nice. Western controlled media and officials from the entire region (occupied KosMet, Croatia, pro-wahabbi Bosnian Muslims officials, sectarians in Montenegro and Macedonia, traitors and deranged minds from Serbia) make great efforts to justify any violence or any stupid statement against Serbs in the region and against the Serbian state.

Fun fact: While Albin Kurti was (and still is) hysterical, arrogant and violent toward Serbs in occupied Kosovo and Metohija, there was his wife’s book promotion in the capital of Serbia. The book “Freedom and Self-determination” by Rita Augestad Knudsen was translated and promoted by Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia. Serbian general public is disgusted by this enemy’s open activity in Belgrade, but pro-Western media in Serbia and pro-Western NGO sects are happy to report about this event. Serbian public is also disgusted by the collective West, its crimes and deranged policies toward Serbian people and state. It is not strange that more than 90% of Serbian people is against NATO. The support for EU membership is smaller every day and it is less then 50% these days.

The way events are described and news distorted and disseminated by Western or pro-Western sources confirms again that the West massively uses media as a weapon of war, in order to acquire or maintain power in the places where West obviously broke all the rules, violated local and international laws and where its military (KFOR, EULEX, NATO, or individual Western armies) violates the customs of war and performed many crimes.

And, here is how UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, started his speech a few days ago, during the 76th UN GA session in New York: “Mr. President of the General Assembly, Excellencies, I am here to sound the alarm: The world must wake up. We are on the edge of an abyss – and moving in the wrong direction”… “Let us restore trust. Let us inspire hope. And let us start right now.”… “We must get serious. And we must act fast.”… He also mentioned Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Sahel, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Palestine, Haiti and the zionist entity. But, he did not mention joint Shqiptar-Western criminal network, spreading from Afghanistan to occupied Serbian province and being covered up by “international community”. For the top UN official it is not important that Wesley Cohen Clarke, when visiting occupied Kosovo and Metohija, acts more like a pirate than an honourable military official.

Fun fact: Joint exercise of KFOR and UÇK terrorists disguised as policemen/soldiers, “Silver Saber” ended. It has been held since 2012. Instead of being neutral, KFOR is openly in the same mission as NATO and Western military and security agencies in 1998-99. The entire Western establishment is still active in adjusting, legitimizing a terrorist and criminal gang of UÇK.

Guterres expressed his worries and suggested solutions on September 21st. What does it mean “right now”, “we must”, “act fast” or any other phrase in this politically correct, but logically distorted and deranged language of pro-Western “international institutions”? Actually, it means nothing. As every single word by EU, EC, CE, KFOR, NATO or any other institution and lobby group working on behalf of further justifying and prolonging the occupation of Southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, of further violation of UN SC Res 1244 and further protection of Western officials’ criminal businesses in there.

Fun fact: One of the goals of the latest Shqiptars terrorist and criminal activities is to drag United States into the dialogue process, because US always openly takes side of the Shqiptars criminal and terrorist gang (EU does it to, but silently). Although there is no any formal or sufficient legal reason that US interferes EU’s conducted processes, all the efforts are directed toward accomplishing that.

After US circus in Afghanistan, Shqiptars in occupied Kosovo and Metohija are gravely afraid and would like to see more US/NATO troops and would like to drag US into the EU sponsored “dialogue” by all means, even criminal ones. Also, State Department sent some new lower echelon official (Gabriel Escobar) to deal with the Balkan issues. Current situation in occupied Serbian province is a good opportunity to promote Escobar and to silently drag him into the process of “normalizing relations” between two parts of Serbian state. If Shqiptars insist on presence of Yanks (and English, covertly), Serbia should loudly invite Russia and China to take part, too. The real ‘international community’ does not have any sense without the country with the largest territory on Earth and without the country with the largest population on Earth.

By Bobana M. Andjelkovic
Source: Katehon

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