Testaments and Blood Samples to Establish a “Global DNA Data Bank”?

Have you ever had to answer the question whether “you have your personal things in order” when entering a hospital? “No”, I guess is the answer for most of us. Well in Switzerland, the epicenter of neoliberalism and the home of the WEF, this question has become a standard feature in Swiss Hospital Admission forms, since 1 October 2021. Maybe in other countries too? Or is Switzerland a trial balloon for yet another covid atrocity?

To the question, “why” and “what does it mean?” “Does it mean, whether I have made a testament?” I didn’t get a straight answer by the rather flustered and embarrassed receptionist. In a quiet voice she then told me,

“Most people don’t even notice it.”

Yes, that could be expected from a society in denial or suffering from cognitive dissonance. But why the It in the first place?

Is it a clever pre-screening of capital that can be scraped off in the “case of all cases”? Is it the type of info that may eventually find its way onto your all “storage” QR-Code? See this.

It is a very disturbing feature of the profit-centered medical society we have gradually become embedded in over the past 40-some years when the new neoliberalism took hold in the western Thatcher / Reagan era of the 80s – and ongoing. Most of us haven’t even noticed how we were progressively transformed from “medical patients” to “medical clients” to subjects of sheer exploitation by the pharma-medical system.

Fortunately, not all of the medical-science society goes along with this new financialization of illness and disease. But those who don’t have an ever-harder time to resist. Covid is the sheer proof for it. Depending on the country where you live, your medical license may be withdrawn if you don’t follow the official narrative. Some with integrity – and perhaps financial independence – stick to science. Others literally prostitute science for their well-being.

No matter how many real but non-mainstream news reports, especially from the US VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), indicate that more people died from the so-called covid vaccines – actually gene-modifying injections – than from covid, the bulldozer of lies and deceit moves on, relentlessly, as if truth wouldn’t exist. The mainstream media are doing their dirty job letting themselves be prostituted by the governments around the globe, at least in the western world, for billions and billions of dollars and euros.

Video: Towards Digital Tyranny with Peter Koenig

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There is no limit to what money can buy as money is freely produced. “Debt” in the western sense of the word has seized to exist. The money flow in most western economies has not been backed by a country’s economic output and debt just accumulates – never to be “paid back”. These covid debts are simply considered “investments” – investments into perpetuating lies, into deceiving people, into holding back the truth, for criminal, even murderous purposes. For an agenda that is not even the agenda of western governments, but the agenda of an obscure cult, of which the World Economic Forum (WEF) is one of the driving forces, if not THE driving force.

The WEF has already designed the next generation of Vaccination Certificates, or “Green Pass”. It’s blood-based.

Yes, you read correctly – “blood-based”.

To make sure that you have had your mRNA gene-modifying killer-shot, in the form of one of the multiple boosters that will soon become compulsory, there will be blood-sample spots around countries. So as to extend your covid-vaxx certificate, you will have to give a blood sample.

These labs, probably floating truck-labs, will be able to determine within seconds whether you have had your latest shot. According to the noble motto, “Leave No One Behind”.

Is there perhaps a much different and much more evil agenda behind these blood-based passes? Namely the collection of individual DNAs? Your DNA might go onto your QR-Code and into a central DNA data bank. Just imagine what could be done with 7.8 billion individual DNAs! They could be grouped according to different ethnicities, races, origins… diseases could be patterned according to diverse DNA backgrounds. Algorithms and AI could do the job. It would put “them” – the Masters of Globalization – totally in control of our lives and deaths, and everything in between. The perfect tool for the eugenists depopulation agenda.

As many as worldly possible have to be jabbed, as often as necessary, to bring as many as possible “down” by the killer shot. The WEF knows what they are doing. This is a population reduction program, remember? The WEF stands fully behind it. The blood-test, i.e. DNA collection, is one step closer to making sure that no one escapes with a fake certificate – and to a Global DNA Data Bank. See this for details.

However, we are not there yet. We are informed. We will not allow this further intrusion into our very blood cells, the entire composite of them. Not just the vaxx status, may eventually be uploaded onto our QR-Code. Be aware of the Evil behind the QR-code. Once you are impregnated with it, and that’s the ultimate goal, it’s too late. There is for now no known return. Indeed, that’s what Klaus Schwab was referring to when, in a 2016 interview with the Swiss French TV, he said something to the extent, “We will eventually all receive a chip under our skin, [where personal data will be uploaded], transforming humans into “transhumans”.

Indeed, transhumanism has almost become a household word. Elon Musk and the like applied the term freely, mind you – he, Musk, is always cautious and cautioning when using it in the context of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotization. He is afraid that humanity may be so arrogant to create AI robots that are more intelligent than humans – which would be the demise of the entire humanity. This is his warning to humanity to societies and societal cultures – but it goes by almost unnoticed.

We are not there yet, at the stage of “transhumanism”. However, there is no time to lose.

To wake up – and take our lives back into our own sovereign hands, and own sovereign countries, building strong and solid economies, based on the premises of

“local production for local consumption, with local money, public banking and a publicly-owned central banking system – with win-win trading, taking advantage of comparative advantages, primarily dealing with like-minded sovereign nations.”

Bringing back the almost forgotten concept of “comparative advantage” is crucial.

We have to fight Globalization with tooth and nail. “Local production for local consumption” is a key instrument, for getting back our independence and sovereignty, politically, culturally and economically.

Color Revolution USA? The Globalists’ Plan to To Get Rid of Donald Trump?

This is what (f0rmer) President Trump advocated in his speech before the UN General Assembly in 2019, and again in his speech before the January 2020 WEF in Davos; see video below.

After this speech in Davos, the world elite, the globalists, mostly so-called US Democrats, decided that Donald Trump could under no circumstances remain President.

So, he had to go. With voter fraud and the most likely coerced US judicial system, Trump’s proven claims of fraud were and still are not admitted by any US court.

It is not an exaggeration to claim that an NGO registered in a suburban village of Geneva (aka WEF) has taken on monstrous powers, has more power than the entire UN system, as it subordinated the UN system and all its agencies under its mandates.

The WEF is a multifaceted NGO, driven by the world’s richest corporations and banking system, but also including so-called “successful” medium-size enterprises from all over the world, granted, most of them with US and European roots. See here for the WEF organization, platforms and membership in alphabetical order.

The membership is vast and not necessarily uniform and unilateral in its opinions.

There may be some approaches, ideas by the WEF’s leadership and by the cult that pulls the strings on the WEF, with which the members may not individually agree. There lies the hope – some of the hope. There is no omnipotent organization. And especially, when humanity wakes up and takes life back into our sovereign hands.

But waking up we MUST.

By Peter Koenig
Source: Global Research

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