The Final Solution. Full Digitization. “The QR Codification of the World”

Imagine humanity would one day – very soon – decide to stop wearing masks. In unison. Not in the streets, not in restaurants, not in shops, not in sports events – simply nowhere. Against all orders of a good portion of the 193 UN member governments, or at least the western governments. And, indeed, against the entire UN system – against the orders of Mr. Antonio Guterres, himself. Yes, indeed. Many of the UN agencies, not all yet, have started mandating vaxxing for their staff… or else.

How come, it hasn’t occurred to everyone yet, that there is something wrong? Badly wrong. Can it be that it is simply cognitive dissonance? You know that there is something horribly wrong, but your comfort zone doesn’t allow you to admit it? That was the case in the Third Reich – that brought forward Hitler’s tyranny. The rest is history.

The alternative to imagine would be that all those who have decided not to get vaxxed – stick to it and make it public. They defy the totally illegal and unconstitutional orders of the government, the UN system which gets their marching orders from the dark invisible cult, that threatens with death, those who don’t comply.

But just imagine, nobody would listen to these absurd and anti-constitutional orders, not even the police, nor the military – both law enforcement bodies would side with the people – with the very people, whose rights they have sworn to defend.

Actually, the latter has happened more than once already around the globe, where police brutality used to be particularly strong, suddenly a group of front-line police have taken off their helmets and marched with the people – in France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and elsewhere. Lately, a similar trend may be crystallizing, in Australia’s State of Victoria, where people of Melbourne have been in a lockdown literally for months.

A police lady quit and came to the fore giving interviews and divulging that the majority of her colleagues think alike, but they are afraid of losing their jobs and / or being punished by Victoria’s tyrannical governor. This is a good start. See this.

It has to happen in unison. In solidarity. In most European countries you are not allowed to go to restaurants or any public event unless you can show the vaxx-certificate – an infamous QR-code on your cell phone, that would be read by another cell phone, programmed to read your QR-code.

You have no idea what is or what will eventually be put on this QR-code. The goal is all your personal information, from your complete health record to your criminal record, your bank accounts – just everything. But you wouldn’t know. You cannot read what is on the QR-code. “They” can, since it is programmed that way.

The objective is to have in essence this QR-code implanted in your body. That’s pretty much what Klaus Schwab proudly said in his brief (about 2 min video below ) interview with the French Swiss TV in 2016. He frames it something like this: Humans will become “transhumans”.

Video: Towards Digital Tyranny with Peter Koenig

Click here to link to bitchute version

The video has since been “fact-checked” out of the internet. Mr. Microsoft, Bill Gates, actually spoke of an implanted Operating System in the human body. So, we, humans, need to have a body that can respond to electromagnetic waves, in other words our bodies have to be transformed to electromagnetic fields (EMF). That’s being done, by the mRNA- “vaxx” that is injected into our tissues.

Have you noticed, Pfizer and Moderna, the frontrunners of mRNA – which are absolutely not vaccines, you better believe it – are the only ones that are allowed in the West? Now they have added AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson — they are only different in as much as their “killing” mechanism is different.

They also produce blood clots and spike proteins. The former may lead to respiratory blockages all the way to embolisms of the lung or brain, or even heart. The spike protein spreads to all your cells. They eventually attack your immune defense system making you much more vulnerable to any kind of disease, especially cancers. Why are they not allowing the Russian Sputnik V or any one of the Chinese vaccines, both of which are based on traditional vaccination methods?

The Russian and Chinese ones do not work for the population reduction agenda.

See this, well-researched horror story / video by Dr. MadejDr. Carrie Madej: First U.S. Lab Examines “Vaccine” Vials, Horrific Findings Revealed. No, this is not to scare anyone. This is to bring reality into your comfort zone and hopefully throw you out of comfort into a world that you and everybody must help resisting.

Do you know that the mRNA vaxxes inject you with graphene, a highly poisonous fluid, that creates of your entire body an electromagnetic field (EMF), receptive to 5G and soon 6G ultra-short shortwaves that eventually will be able to manipulate your brain and all your info, now gradually being stored on your personalized QR-code, transforming you, human, into – in Klaus Schwab’s words, a “transhuman” – no longer in possession of your own will or your bank account?

Your money, by the way, if you haven’t noticed already, will soon no longer be physical money that you can touch and hand over to a cashier or a provider, but it’s going to be all electronic, digital money, over which you still may have control, because “they” let you. But once they decide that you must give up control, it will be gone.

Have you noticed at what speed ATM machines are disappearing? How cashiers in banks disappear? They will soon no longer be necessary, because you don’t control cash anymore. There are entire countries in northern Europe which are almost there: Full digitization. In some countries, among them Sweden, some people have already voluntarily let a nano-chip be implanted under the skin of their wrist. The chip works like a built-in bank account. Young people love it. It’s so cool. You swipe your hand, not even a card anymore – and the payment is made. Except, these people have no idea, how this will be played out in the future.

Mind you, this only applies to the people who survive the false vaccination – or rather inoculation campaign. Because, do you know, that considerably more people have died and are dying from receiving the poisonous mRNA-jab, than from covid itself? – No, of course not. Government and the paid mainstream media won’t tell you about it. The MSM gets billions from governments for lying to you.

So, all the above only applies to those people, who survive the inoculations in the long run. Because chances are you may not survive. From the false vaccine, not from covid. See this: Video: A Final Warning to Humanity from Former Pfizer Chief Scientist Michael Yeadon.

Let’s go back to mask wearing. This was the first step – in the Lockstep Phase – remember the 2010 Rockefeller Report – where the authors describe the “Lockstep Phase”, as meaning that all 193 UN member countries do the same at the same time – in “lockstep”? – Well, we are already beyond this phase now.

This Lockstep phase has every government in the world order their people to wear masks, everywhere. Unbought science has long proven that mask wearing does not prevent covid nor any viral disease, but causes tremendous damage, as it reduces oxygen intake by 20 to 50 percent, depending on the type of mask. Instead, you are breathing your own CO2.

But that’s not all, the psychological damage done by forced mask wearing is tremendous. It’s sheer humiliation; it’s depressive. You talk to people, but you cannot recognize them in many cases, the voices are muffled, often difficult to understand – and the facial expression that says so much in a conversation is gone. Depressions have skyrocketed, and so have suicides. But the governments and the well-paid mainstream media, as well as the bought science, do not report about these disastrous effects.

About the “bought science”: Many people can simply not imagine the corrupt world we have become in the span of, say, two decades.

Let’s put the beginning of the countdown at 9/11.

That’s when the Big official lies started, and the coercion of the truth tellers took hold. Most scientists, police or other first-hand witnesses have families, they have a career, they have a steady income. They do not want “trouble”. And trouble can go from harassment, to job loss to death. This is no joke. That’s how the “system” works today. You are either in the Matrix and live a life of a certain comfort, or you take the Red Pill – and you are on your own.

Lately it has gone a step further – to the internet, “the goldmine” of all information, is being severely censored.

All inconvenient information is either completely deleted or is being “fact-checked’ away. If you check who is behind the fact-checkers, something most people don’t do, you see that they are big interest groups, in the case of covid, mostly pharmaceuticals, helped by Bill Gates et al. It is therefore ever more difficult to find referenced information.

Youtube just declared that any information, no matter how scientifically proven it is, that goes against the classical “climate change narrative” will be deleted. So simple. We are dominated, no – more than we – the TRUTH – is being dominated and manipulated by private interests.

Yes, the world needs a Great Reset, but no à la Klaus Schwab, not according to the WEF, but according to a design growing out of the people. That’s why solidarity and not submission is so important. – When do we wake up to this simple matter?

There are nevertheless some excellent exceptions. In the US at least Texas and Florida and others, mostly Republican States, do not follow the mask-wearing mandate, nor all the consequential narrative that goes with it, like testing. People are free to wear or not to wear. Most don’t wear. And the covid-incidence is actually also less than in other States, say California, where this absurd rule is strictly enforced. Maybe this “lesser covid incidence”, like in Texas, goes hand-in-hand, with the number of people who do not opt getting the jab and also, State Government reporting is more honest than in vaxx-mask-imposing states.

Something to think about.

To increase the cadence of fear – Bill Gates declared already in 2018 that there may be a much deadlier disease than covid waiting for humanity, a Marburg-R epidemic. See this.

It is a hemorrhagic fever which was first described in 1967, with a brief outbreak that killed 376 people. It’s described as being about as deadly as Ebola. In the video below is a message from Kieran Morrisey – University Hospital Manager, Dublin. See also this.

Real or false? It doesn’t matter. It’s first designed to instill fear, and fear, we now know, lowers our defense system and makes us vulnerable to obey orders – just what we as humanity should stop doing and becoming ourselves again: Sovereign human beings.

The next step is full digitization. Make-believe vaccination which are coerced by any means by the Biden Administration, which is a prime example for many European countries, and the QR-code are progressing fast, without the people not even noticing.

Don’t forget Agenda ID2020 – also a Bill Gates invention – is in full Swing. See this and this.

It’s now being tested in West Africa, where people have “volunteered” to partake in an exercise where they have access to their money only through a body-implanted “bank account”. This account can and is being monitored from outside. It’s part of what is awaiting us in the west as the great reset takes hold. See also this (last third of same video as above) Dr. Carrie Madej: First U.S. Lab Examines “Vaccine” Vials, Horrific Findings Revealed.

To some extent it’s also being tested by some people in Sweden who have voluntarily implanted a chip under their skin that caried the details of their bank account. Maybe more and they don’t know it?

This is the future QR-codification of the world.

Therefore, be aware of what QR-codes are really destined for, what they can and will do in the future, if we do not stop them. It’s time and again the same question. We have to be aware – and we have to become free of fear, we have to become disobedient and instead becoming ourselves again. We have to return to what we were born to be, sovereign human beings.

And – we have no time to lose. We must act fast.

Featured image: Public domain image from Wiki’s COVID-Protest page.

By Peter Koenig
Source: Global Research

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