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Martin Luther King Opposed Everything Liberal America Represents

There is nothing quite so nauseating as liberal America associating itself with the legacy of Dr Martin Luther King Jr., a man who stood against everything it stands for and represents, such as cozying up to Wall Street and the rich at home while unleashing war without end overseas. That Martin Luther King Day is …

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Did the FBI Conspire to Stop Trump?

The original question the FBI investigation of the Trump campaign was to answer was a simple one: Did he do it? Did Trump, or officials with his knowledge, collude with Vladimir Putin's Russia to hack the emails of John Podesta and the DNC, and leak the contents to damage Hillary Clinton and elect Donald Trump? …

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How Netanyahu Pulls Trump’s Strings

In the final presidential debate of 2016, Hillary Clinton famously called Donald Trump the “puppet” of Russian President Vladimir Putin. But what’s increasingly clear is that Trump has a more typical puppet master for a U.S. politician – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Since Sept. 18, when the two men met in New York around …

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Understanding American Presidential Politics

The winners of the respective political Parties’ Presidential nominations in 2016, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, both emphasized groupist appeals (to and for and against “Blacks,” “Whites," “Hispanics,” “Muslims,” “Gays,” “Women," etc. — dividing the electorate against each other), whereas the two Presidential candidates who scored at the very top of the Presidential field in …

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The Last of the Mad Pirates?

There is clear evidence of a world increasingly steeped in conflict and violence: The degradation of U.S.-Russian relations, territorial tensions in the South China Sea, the hostile rhetoric between North Korea and the United States, an escalation of the border conflict between China and India, growing tension between Israel and Iran, and the continuing wars in …

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The Possible Education of Donald Trump

Despite the chaos and ugliness of the past seven months, President Trump has finally begun to turn U.S. foreign policy away from the neoconservative approach of endless war against an ever-expanding roster of enemies. This change has occurred largely behind the scenes and has been obscured by Trump’s own bellicose language, such as his vow …

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Marines carry the flag draped caskets of four U.S. diplomatic personnel who were killed in a Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. The transfer ceremony was carried out at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, Sept. 14. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

Refusing to Learn Lessons from Libya

In recent weeks, the Washington Post’s Cairo bureau chief Sudarsan Raghavan has published a series of remarkable dispatches from war-torn Libya, which is still reeling from the aftermath of NATO’s March 2011 intervention and the subsequent overthrow and murder of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. On July 2, Raghavan reported on what amounts to Libya’s modern-day slave trade. According to his report, Libya is …

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Anti-Trump Mutineers are Blindly Pushing America Towards a Civil War

It’s just been announced that US President Donald Trump is planing to sign a controversial law that would restrict his ability to lift sanctions on Russia, which would result in a severe blow to his budding relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Against this backdrop, a number of statements that the White House has released …

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