EXCLUSIVE: Turkey nuked the Kurds inside Syrian territory

CNN photo taken on Kurdish territory near the Turkish-Syria border, 23rd October, 2014.

Photo analysis by Jeff Smith, nuclear physicist; inspector for the UN/International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

Smith’s analysis of this photograph confirms 100% that this was a tactical nuclear weapon; several times in the past we have discussed the diagnosis of nuclear explosions by identifying scintillating pixels that appear when the radiation from the blast hits the digital sensors of cameras filming the explosion.
Well, here we present just about the clearest case of scintillation you could ever see – just look at the left and right sides of this picture, where the bright scintillating pixels stand out against the dark sky.
Jeff Smith is willing to testify at The Hague or any other international tribunal or gladly debate any amateur of standing who tries to deny this was a nuclear explosion.
The IAEA, by orders of the Secretary General and Security Council of the United Nations has been ordered to suppress reports of attacks like this one, the May 4th, 2014 nuclear blast near Damascus and the March 2015 nuclear bomb that struck the outskirts of Yemen’s capital, San’a.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7UHl3CxP-A]
All of these were identified positively, without question, however orders were given to prevent teams from collecting soil samples and other evidence from the scene (which is why the IAEA exists); worse still, decontamination teams were never sent out, as required; nor were local medical personnel advised in order to be able to deal with both the long and short term effects of ionising radiation; the expected rash of multiple myeloma cancers and birth defects ad infinitum.
The IAEA would be able to quickly identify the origins of these nukes, which is why they were prevented from doing any analysis; similarly, when medical teams were blocked from giving diagnosis and treatment of ionising radiation, a very nasty part of the cover-up, a solid death sentence for a generation of Kurds and their unborn children was written.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vm7ObVSix7w]
Did Erdogan blackmail NATO into giving him a nuke? One only has to think of the millions of ‘refugees’ Turkey sent into Europe to imagine the blackmail terms.
VT has acquired evidence that the investigations of earlier attacks such as those in Iraq – Fallujah, Ramadi, Baghdad Airport, that have lead to a spate of diseases, were derailed using controlled activist groups from America, France and Italy. There organisations run by ‘dissident’ nuclear scientists in the pay of security services who were fully knowledgeable of the nuclear explosions were tasked with moving the blame to depleted uranium (DU) munitions.
For those unaware, the powerful nuclear lobby, which includes the massive press resources of the Koch brothers and the Murdoch organisations, including both Fox and Sky news channels have a well-established in-place black propaganda operation for defending DU use. They have been selling the waste by-products from their nuclear reactor fuel production programmes as state-of-the-art anti-tank munitions for years. It’s a very lucrative business – turning a profit from garbage that should be buried in long term storage facilities.
In steering investigations towards the DU dead-end and away from the rogue nuclear arsenals, the UN and the activist groups are acting as cover for the world’s rogue nuclear states and the factions within the US and NATO that work with them.
When we speak of rogue nuclear states we are not only referring to Israel, but Saudi Arabia and even Turkey and their potential access to NATO nukes as well.


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