We’ve got 6 mega-media companies, about 8 mega-banks, and about 10 mega-processed food companies. The oligarchs give you the illusion of choice.

The average sheeple is more concerned with the rise of robots than the fact that nearly everything they eat is made by just a handful or corporations whose primary goal is to make money for their owners and shareholders.

Make everyone obese and diabetic with poisonous foods, feed them a steady diet of “distress porn” so they’re worried about what a Kardashian fucked or squirted out then send ’em to the medical industrial complex to be treated for every ache and pain plus treat them for depression which qualifies them for welfare disability. It’s the circle of life in corporate owned ‘Murica.

The mega bank is the Federal Reserve which provided the counterfeit money for the Vampire Squid’s takeover of America. PS: Hillary’s America is worth the time and money; the Left made a real enemy for life when they put Dinesh D’souza in prison for a campaign contribution. The Republicans are being reformed by Trump but the Democrat Mob grows by every secret nighttime load of Muslims and illegal immigrant. PSPS: Harpy’s campaign ad says she handled Putin; well, she didn’t lay a glove on him because he is alive and well. Hope Putin releasing some hacked DNC emails is just the start and November is a long way off for the Benghazi Bitch.

Source: investmentwatchblog.com

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