Social Engineering in the West; the Shutting Down of Human Consciousness

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of human behaviors, thoughts and opinions is the primary element in society. Those who hold the knowledge and manipulate these unseen mechanisms in society constitute the invisible government and are the true rulers of humanity. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes are formed, and our ideas are suggested, by men we never heard of”.

The above quote was made by Edward Bernays in 1928. He was referring to then already highly effective forms of mind control programs that humanity was subjected to in the manipulated 3 dimensional control matrix as we still know it. Close to a century later and with the help of numerous think tanks and institutes that serve the ruling elites like the Tavistock institute, mind control techniques have been refined to unimaginable levels, where humanity is on the brink of becoming fully robotized and ready to serve in the new world order, without even knowing it. Anyone who claims not being under the influence of social engineering/Mind control or is not aware of it at all, is clearly lost and does not have a clue what is going on in their manipulated minds and therefore they do not understand what is going on around them as well.

Following quote by überpsychopath Zbigniew Brzezinski:

“The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities”.

government_mind_controlNow bear in mind that this statement was made almost 50 years ago and think about the endless technological possibilities the psychopathic social engineers have access to today. Fact is that most of humanity embraces his/her enslavement and illusionary state of freedom, not only due to ignorance but also because it helps avoiding any responsibility and/or precious time consuming Self-work. We just do not want to know the unpleasant Truth that our minds are owned and controlled by Satanic dark occultists. The result of lifelong (trauma based) refined mindcontrol programming is a shut down of consciousness on a massive scale. As a result of that we see the rise of an engineered obedient slave with a total lack of any impulses of authenticity and free will, that operates from the vibration of fear.


One of the main game tools of the occult social engineers is Eugenics. Eugenics is an ancient satanic social ideology advocating higher rates of sexual reproduction for people with traits and characteristics desired by its proponents and, reduced rates of reproduction and sterilization for those with undesired traits and characteristics. This satanic practice is a primary religious tenet of the psychopathic rulers, who believe that it is simply “natural order” for the most ruthless of humans whose genes are the fittest to rule over the rest of the human herd. They truly see themselves as the chosen ones, as gods, because they are genetically superior over those they rule over. From that deceased psyche emanates the twisted belief that they can decide who is allowed to live and who must die. And this morbid form of human harvesting happens in plain sight for those who are willing to see the Truth.

Garbage in, garbage out


The occult ruling class discovered long, very long, ago how to influence the breeding process within entire populations for the purpose to make these populations easier to control. The controlling of human breeding is done by manipulation of the human consciousness. In other words; population control through mind control.

They are also creating humans with horrible traits and characteristics through the manipulation of human biology, biochemistry, and consciousness via chemicals in our food/water and air. Exposure to insane levels of unnatural electro magnetic fields are interfering with, and changing human physiology for the worse. It is literally a form of “down” breeding since the tactics are clearly used to weaken and destroy the targeted population i.s.o. improving them. Of course this is part of the depopulation agenda as well.

A blatant indication of a deeply mind controlled human being, that is in a solid state of denial, is someone who claims that this is all just the result of normal evolution. Where eugenics is one of the pillars of Satanism, ego worship and self preservation is another one. Most people do not want to hear the ugly Truth that we are ruled by occultist with a Satanic mindset. Let alone consider the idea that the hijacked human consciousness is being morphed into a pseudo satanic, false self obsessed clone of its rulers through social engineering. But all you have to do is look around you to get a confirmation of this unpleasant Truth.



The end product of this programming is a self obsessed human being that is totally disconnected from reality, and full time occupied with (false) self serving activities. That product is lost in non relevant behavior and thoughts and is entirely establishment serving and non establishment threatening. The perfect obedient slave. Because this “product’ is fully ego identified and self obsessed, it is unaware of its connection to the collective reality;  it is operating by a consciousness that is in a shut down modus. On a deeper level this engineered contracted type of consciousness operates from the vibration of fear, self loathing and ignorance. And because of that it will feed (while being unaware of it) the ongoing manifestation of more chaos, control, and suffering in the “external” collectively manifested reality.

The current manifested reality that we as a collective experience, is the aggregate of the consciousness of the individuals. So in order to change the current external reality, large numbers of people have to change their inner reality by (re) gaining the sacred knowledge of human consciousness and how it operates and manifests in accordance with Natural Law. Understanding the concept of non separation from the external reality, is an indication of knowledge of a True Self that operates from non duality.

War on the True Self

Through the relentless eugenics and trauma based mind control programs we see the clear emerging of a false self/ego identified, socially engineered woman and man that operate from the vibration of fear and that is stripped from “it’s” genuine masculine and feminine modalities. The desired by products of this engineered madness are: further destruction of the sacred masculine and feminine dynamics; break down of traditional family bonds and the break down of the sacred emotional, spiritual and sexual bond between man and woman. (if you google sacred bond man and woman you will see mostly pop ups from Hillary Clinton)

The engineered woman is being culturally conditioned to no longer be attracted to any of the qualities of the genuine man. Such genuine qualities include high holistic intelligence, real/natural confidence emanating from healthy self-esteem, being very vocally opinionated, independence, a rebellious attitude towards authority and placing very high values on individual freedom. Such traits are, of course, seen as highly dangerous to the goals of the rulers, who wish to see society produce weak men, since weak emasculated men are very unlikely to resist the State, while the genuine man will rebel against it.

10214666-prince-and-princess-on-white-horse-stock-vector-cartoon-love-768x795The socially engineered woman wants to be placated, revered and pampered through relentless princess programming at early age where they are programmed to: value only what can be gained for themselves through relationships with men, to seek only a man who can “provide for them”. To place obsessive importance on their looks to “lure” a male, to devalue the importance of their own intelligence, to seek money as main value system and to think that “no man is good enough” for them. This false self identified woman is motivated by the psychological desire for attachment and security. “Love” is seen primarily as a form of co-dependent permanence and attachment and a search for an illusionary form of security, rather than a deep autonomic healthy familial bond with another human being. Hence the irrelevant first and foremost question when a woman and a man meet for the first time: “What do you do for a living”?

This search for security in a man with money and/or good looks or the desire to be taken care of by someone else is an integral part of the ego-gratification. And self preservation is the primary pillar of a Satanic mindset. An inconvenient Truth that most will refuse to understand and/or admit. Most people prefer to attribute this to Darwinian logics when in fact this behavior is deeply ingrained social conditioning. The early princess programming, the trauma based outcome based education system, and the (neo) feminist agenda’s have engineered the conditioned woman to love the State and her false self.


The State continually, through mass mind control, positions itself to be psychologically accepted as the provider, protector and husband. Especially the communist, marxist outcome based education slaughterhouse is a primary source of the engineered co dependence towards the State by both genders, partly through the insane prolonged compulsory separation from the parents.

Any parent who still continues to offer their children to these mind destruction factories without any significant resistance, is willfully facilitating the destruction of the authentic true Self of his/her child. The high sensitive, creative, and intelligent potential rebels against the increasing forms of tyranny are having severe problems to adapt to this profound sick system. This highly precious generation for humanity  is being “neutralized” by labeling their entirely normal response to the State run compulsory torture system with ADHD/ADD or other ridiculous “diagnoses”. Engineered computer/gaming addiction and disgusting medication regimes will zombify them further. Ignorant parents and pseudo psychologists, acting as agents for the system, are enforcing the identification of the child with their so-called problem, thereby pushing the child further into an engineered structural state of psychological stress and self loathing.

Marriage with the State

Fake, codependent, and false-self “love”programming through Hollywood love story movies, television series, books, music etc, drive the conditioned engineered man and woman into an obsessive search for the perfect relation and/or marriage. Marriage brings an even deeper personal relationship into union with the state- which has been traditionally used and steered to the benefit of the female, in the case of divorce. Up to 45 % of marriage end in divorce and divorce courts rule drastically in favor of women, feeding the division between man and woman and feeding the female’s craving towards the State. Money and the maintenance of lifestyle is valued above emotions, feelings and moral issues in relationships. This engineered system is structured in such a way that it breaks down both genders, the family tradition, and has a highly destructive impact on future generations as well.

Breeding out the rebel

fake-man-768x420The war on the genuine authentic men takes form of the emasculation of the human male, a process which breeds out the Sacred masculine dynamic (the willingness to stand up against any form of tyranny or bullies). The long-term agenda is to create a feminized man that will not ever challenge the state and to simultaneously condition women to view the state as a powerful husband/father figure. Rebellion against the state, a reverence for true freedom, and placing high value on personal responsibility and individual rights, are traits that are bred out of humanity through refined eugenics because such traits are undesirable to the ruling class. Socially engineered traits are being bred into the new “man” and include: a fear and disinterest of going against the norm, docility, submissiveness and obedience to authority. Mind control based eugenics are designed to breed compliant slaves and to eliminate raw rebels, independent thinkers, and spiritually aware human beings.


One of the most fundamental aspects of these programs is to influence the vast majority of women to be attracted only to fake men who are the most fitting to perpetuate the system of human slavery in a one world government system. This engineered self obsessed man displays pseudo and feminized masculine characteristics. Although presented as a real man he will most likely be dead-on-day-one in a real survival scenario as he is completely unaware of world issues and of his own enslavement.

Idolized self obsessed sport heroes and “musicians” serve as effective programming tools for pseudo rebellion. If you google the word rebel today, you will see that nothing will pop up that comes near a real rebel. True rebellion against the state and healthy patriotism are being bred out human consciousness and the new socially engineered generations have no intention to search for it anymore, as it is an unknown concept for the disconnected and self centered obedient new world order slaves.

The rise of the engineered millennial human being.


Millennial human beings are the children of the post baby boomer generation and were largely “raised” by the state-run trauma based mind control education factories, television/computer, and pop culture. They have been conditioned by these systems to behave in ways that are complacent, compliant, unquestioning, unthinking, and narcissistic.

They absorb huge amounts of television programming and/or computer gaming, consume poisonous genetically modified foods, are obsessed with escapist pursuits, conduct only vapid, inane conversations, and express an extreme lack of concern or interest in real world issues.

If they are confronted with someone who questions authority or addresses immoral behavior they will react either with apathy, aggressively, or will collectively ridicule the person that is expressing the normal moral behavior. This form of engineered policing of each other emanates from the fear of being expelled from the group. This fear based mind controlled form of self policing is the result of deep self loathing. The fear of being different is partly engineered through the compulsory education system that enforces traumatic abandonment issues by creating further separation from the parents, and through television programming and other media tools.

The millennial human beings are the absolute dream of the social engineers.


Another tactic in the gender war is the deliberate androgenization of society, which slowly homogenizes and gradually erodes the distinctiveness of both genders. When genders and gender roles become skewed and blended, strong men and women sharing cohesive familial bonds become an endangered species.


As a result of the breakdown of the sacred bond between man and woman, society becomes further weakened at a fundamental level and thus easier to control. Besides that it serves the depopulation agenda as well, just like the other tactics in the gender war. And again, anyone who attributes these engineered phenomena as natural and a result of normal evolution is clearly operating from an “owned” mind. People call me a homophobic when speaking out about androgenization being hyped in the media as a tool for social engineering. This is exactly the goal of the social engineers; we should all accept these abnormal tendencies in society as normal;  there is really no such thing as objective standards for right and wrong. Police each other with moral relativism; there is no Universal wrong or right.

Real external change comes ONLY from real change within

While the epitome of narcissistic paranoid psychopathy, embodied by Donald Trump, has been given the power over the controls of the most deadly and advanced nuclear war machinery the world has ever seen, the consensus in the majority of humanity is that we have to wait and see where it will go. Even under the so-called awake people are (or were) large numbers of people who consider the possibility that this time there might be a real chance for external “change”. That apathetic and co-dependent reaction not only reflects a total lack of knowledge of the structures and dynamics of power in society, and the distractive role of the pathetic political arena’s in general. It is also a disturbing indicator of the lack of rulership over, and knowledge of our individual consciousness.

Would it really be possible that the presidency of Trump was unexpected, totally unforeseen and unaccounted for by the genius occultist ruling class who OWN the whole stage for centuries, and are masters of deception for centuries? Most probably not, maybe for a tiny part, I would not bet on it anyway. But the most, if not the only, relevant question here is WHY all this is happening. As stated before we have to understand by experience that this system of chaos, control, fear, and human suffering is manifesting as a direct result of the dynamics of our own individual consciousness.

Real transformation requires TOTAL commitment

dia1-9-251x300The current collectively shared reality, and the ever increasing levels of control that come with it, is the manifest of the aggregate of our individual consciousness. Individual consciousness today is mostly operated by a false ego identified self, driven by fear and ignorance. Engineered fear and ignorance by the occult rulers who have kept the knowledge of human consciousness hidden (Occult) to humanity in order to be able to manipulate and control it. In this unique time of information we have a chance to regain that knowledge and create another external reality which is emanating from a consciousness that is operated by the True Self, driven by Love and true knowledge in accordance with Natural law.

Only with total commitment, deep Self work, time and energy, humanity can turn the tide. We need to radically change the way we think, the way we feel, and above all, the way we behave. True external change comes from within, not the other way around. Instead of focussing on, and trying to change the external, we should change our reality within.

That process requires the willingness for a deep psychological and physical surgery without anaesthesia that includes a slow but certain death.

anarchism-anarchy-does-not-mean-without-rules-it-literally-means-without-rulers-no-rulers-no-mastersDeath of the engineered false self that operates from fear, and a breakdown of all attachments to the belief systems that caused the identification with it. Only then we can facilitate the rebirth of the genuine True Self that will be able to manifest a different external reality. An emerging external reality that represents anarchy because it is manifested from the vibration of Love and not from fear. Anarchy is the expression of True Freedom. The real fear for anarchy is the fear for True Freedom; the unknown. The social engineers worst nightmare.

Important note: this article is written in generalized terms for convenience, but I am referring to the majority of a gender group or certain engineered group tendencies in society in general. Of course we see also authentic human beings operating from their True Self, but they are very rare in their presence.

To understand more about the war on human consciousness, eugenics, mind control and Natural Law, watch these seminars by Mark Passio. In the first controversial presentation, Mark Passio blows wide open the Dark Occult agenda of Neo-Feminism, which is being used to sow the seeds of discord between men and women in order to weaken the human species and ensure that future generations of humanity lack the traits necessary to resist tyranny. The destruction of gender roles and the familial dynamic are explored as major themes throughout Mark’s hard-hitting lecture.:

On October 19th, 2013 Mark Passio presented his seminar “Natural Law: The REAL Law of Attraction” at the Yale Omni, organized by Arthur Capozzi & Christopher Capozzi, and produced for distribution by Tragedy and Hope dot com. This is the morning session, which will be followed in this playlist by the remaining 2 segments. Take the time to watch, study, and enjoy it,

By Willem Felderhof

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