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‘They Gave Him Horns’: Trump’s TIME Cover Fans Flames of Devil Conspiracy

Donald Trump’s TIME magazine cover has caused a stir online, as people noticed something strange about the picture of the president-elect.

The cover, announcing Trump as Person of the Year, got many social media users fired up, as they noticed the future president appeared to have sprouted horns.

Many people felt the magazine was portraying Trump as Satan himself.

One person pointed out that Time Inc. provided Trump with both the horns and a halo on its covers of TIME and People magazine.

Not everyone was convinced the ‘M’ represented horns.

TIME responded to the online heat by pointing to other covers where the ‘M’ in TIME was behind the subject’s head.

“Given the shape of the letter ‘M’ in the magazine’s name and its location on the cover, many other subjects in the past have also appeared to sprout extra features,” it said. “It’s happened to Hillary Clinton at least twice. It’s happened to Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush, too.”

The magazine even compiled a slideshow of its other devilish cover stars, which included a lot of images of various popes appearing to sport the horns.

Many on social media drew comparisons between Trump’s TIME cover and Adolf Hitler’s own one from 1941. Hitler also won the Person of the Year in 1938.


Some social media users were inspired to create their own TIME covers.


Source: RT

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  1. This is why Twitter needs to die soon, the blind leading the blind…People like alyssa milano and katy perry’s input are extremely important to a lot of people (Who don’t want to read anything over a sentence or two) lol.

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