Can US Intelligence Community’s Attempts to Bring Down Trump be Regarded as Mutiny?

The resignation of Michael Flynn from the post of National Security Adviser was not simply Trump’s first major political defeat, but also an indication that US intelligence services have devising a plot against the 45th US President, which may be regarded as mutiny.

Now a part of the US political elite, consisting primarily of Democrats and a small number of Republicans, are demanding a thorough investigation of the phone discussion episode in a bid to establish the ultimate villain, which is meant to be the US President. An ever increasing amount of fake evidence is being brought to the public attention by improvised anti-Trump media front, that is partially controlled by George Soros, in a bid to transform Flynn’s case in the impeachment attempt for Trump’s alleged connections with Moscow. It is possible that we’re going to see even more “revelations” that would be aimed at accusing Donald Trump of treason for his alleged ties with Russia. The leader of the Democratic forces in the House of Representatives Nancy, Pelosi Congress has also urged the Acting Director of National Intelligence to provide all the available information about the “Russian ties,” that Michael Flynn could have. Earlier, the Senate Judiciary Committee leaders addressed the FBI with a similar appeal.

Where all this is going is crystal clear, however we are still to answer a number of principal questions: who orchestrated Flynn’s demise, and who “leaked” the allegedly incriminating information the media?

First, one can’t help to question competing factions in the presidential administration, Trump, one of which is closely linked to the sponsors Obama and Clinton, among with we can once again find George Soros. The latter is the experience he accumulated in the orchestrating of color revolutions across the world to start one in the United States, thus eliminating the Trump from the political arena.

The Washington Free Beacon has been reporting that, according multiple sources Obama’s “associates” were behind the campaign to discredit Flynn, since they feared that he would be inclined to release unpleasant facts about Obama’s Iran deal. But then again, they could only obtain the information about the steps that Flynn was making from US intelligence services.

In his Twitter Trump suggested that the inadequate information Western media sources obtained illegally from the FBI and the National Security Agency (NSA). For instance, the well-known US Senator Rand Paul has recently warned the general public about the danger of US intelligence services possible cooperation with the media.

Now the White House demanded to start an investigation which will reveal the source of the leak of the confidential conversations that Michael Flynn had with the Russian Ambassador to Washington. The fact is that a disclosure of information about the secret tapping run by US special services can get you up to 10 years in Federal prison. Yet, it is evident that the leakage was made by operatives of US intelligence services. If this fact is to be officially confirmed, it will be a direct evidence of the ongoing conspiracy against US President going in the US intelligence services. Yet, if some political forces were using American intelligence sources again the President – and this may be a direct proof of the coup d’etat attempt in the United States. In this case President Trump will have the right to retaliate against such behind-the-scenes forces, and he is bound to do so.

It should be recalled that the conservative forces in the US had been expressing deep distrust towards the CIA back in Obama days as well. Tensions between the intelligence community and the Trump emerged immediately after his inauguration. Even before the Flynn case was orchestrated, Politico announced that that the CIA refused to trust one of the top aides Trump – Robin Townley, who was to be appointed Deputy National Security Advisor.

Perhaps one of the main reasons behind the tensions sparking between the US intelligence agencies and Trump has been his plan to reform US intelligence services, subjecting them to the harsh control of the US administration. It is quite understandable that in the wake of “Flynn’s case”, Trump may start with reforming the Director of National Intelligence – the body that was pushing the allegations about Russia’s involvement in the election campaign.

Reuters, and then the New York Times have even reported that Trump may demand his fellow billionaire Stephen Feinberg to become a “supervisor” of the US intelligence community. It would hardly surprise anyone that the latter is not too happy about such prospects.

Feinberg is known as the founder of Cerberus Capital Management investment firm and co-owner of Blackwater private security firm. Additionally, he owns the famous gun production company – Remington. He financed Trump’s election campaign and served as his economic adviser.

As for George Soros, the American society is gradually forming a clear position on his provocative actions that are causing excessive amount of damage to the country. The petition that would demand the President to deprive Soros of US citizenship, to prohibit him from entering the country, as well as to conduct business in the United States has been signed by thousands of Americans.

Donald Trump demanded that the US media to release an apology for the publication of false information and promised that all those who were involved in this crime would be brought to justice. His rigid opposition to the activities of certain US media sources Trump has confirmed on February 16 during an extraordinary press conference he held in the Oval Office, where he said mainstream journalists were the voice of a “broken system” of special interests that he is challenging – which can only be a way of insulating himself against the recent barrage of negative stories.

If, nevertheless, Trump is going to be able to bring down Western false news sources and establish control over the US intelligence community, it can not be excluded that the opposing elites will go as far as to stage a coup d’etat in order to remove the 45th US president from power. So we have some troubled days ahead of us.

By Jean Périer
Source: New Eastern Outlook

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