The Truth about “Digital India”

India is descending into one of the most unfavorable entanglements since her independence. This historic conspiracy gripping the subcontinent is utter cosmic. Since the announcement of so-called “Demonetization,” we have come up with several articles shedding light on possible issues. Some of the theories and predictions drafted in the 3rd week of Demonetization seem to be becoming more true and are still gaining momentum. Surprisingly, the most intriguing information of all is the whole lot of Indian population inadvertently or knowingly continuing endorse this mission – most are unaware of the real plot while others are obsessed with irrational character adoration. The “soft coup” timetable initiated the United States is in action and Indians live in an exaggerated bubble which will soon be deflated. The Indian public is largely ignorant and unconcerned, and their reliance on fallible Indian mainstream media throttles further Information Blockade. A series of corroboratory reports rightly available but in bits and pieces need to be a pieced together for an aggregated view.

The threatening geopolitical environment posed by the Asian Block/BRICS union compelled the United States to initiate strategic partnership with India. This is intended to counter the Chinese military and economic dominance in Asia and elsewhere. During the reign of Obama, the Indian Prime Minister visited Washington over 18 times within a mere span of two years. USAID under the Obama Administration successfully plucked a deal with the Indian Finance Ministry. This ministry covering the banking sector is already facing a series of internal yet undisclosed crises. The deal was to destroy the cash ecosystem in India and push digital payment methods, a multifaceted program with several goals. The project’s catalyst was commissioned in November 2015 by the government of India and USAID in order to destroy cash, targeting low-income groups. It is not evidently clear if the CIA is directly involved, but the fact is prevalent that the CIA is a constant factor in USAID. Such aid agencies are covertly used for the CIA’s worldwide operations. An Indian espionage practitioner has admitted to “The Quint” that “It is not unknown that foreign intelligence agencies on many occasions use other agencies to promote the commercial interests of their respective countries’ companies”. India’s informal economy is large and operated mostly by cash, and it is a piece of cake for any global corporation to swamp.

James Corbett mentions the following: “In other words, the poorest of the poor and the previously unbanked have now been duly identified and branded as tax cattle, ripe for the fleecing (to mix a metaphor). No surprise there! “

Alok Gupta, the director of “The Catalyst,” says: “The project Incubation is one of the core members in creating the Digital Big Brother System or the Bio Metric Identification, popularly known as Unique Identification system. The Aadhar Badal Malick, vice president of  the snap-deal, is now the CEO of Catalyst and claims that the aim is to bring a “Holistic Ecosystem” but certain documents of Project Incubation talk of “destroying the cash ecosystem and drying it up later.” Four weeks before the announcement of the demonetization, Malick said: ”The goal is to take one city and increase the digital payments by 10 times in six to 12 months.” But in November, it was all clear that the whole country and its people will be subjected to this experimentation. Indian public life is more Inexpensive and available to be processed for imperial experimentation

Science and technology is open to all, and it is usually a citizen’s choice to use it or not. Aadhar’s implication that this demonetization is “New High Tech “, “Pro Science Progressive Digital Tech” is laughable. The same goes for any claims in the name of digitization. It is clear in Aadhar’s implication, this biometric system is compulsively a breach of citizens’ “privacy “ and violation of civil rights (In the name of progressiveness ).It will only end up in Digital Dictatorship controlled by the United States. This is a step towards accumulating the infamous “Big Data” with profile details of all Indian civilians.

This Catalyst is also meant to “support the goals of Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to streamline financial services for all Indian households.”

As new details and interpretations surface, things are getting murkier and the future is so daringly dense and unclear. Some assume that the deals were implied due to pressure by US agents, yet there is no precise explanation for the engrossed attempts made by the Indian Prime Minister for his travels to western countries, mainly to Washington. Due to all these occurrences, the credit volume has increased which can be loaned to corporations rather than let civilians use their own money. Compelling India to go cashless will let the US continue its dollar supremacy in international trade. The cash supremacy war between the EU bloc, the US-dominated alliance, and Asian competitors like China-India-Russia is threatening US supremacy. Indo – US strategic alliance will initiate US control over the Indian armed forces, resulting in a strengthening of a China-Russia-Pakistan alliance against India. It is interesting that the US is not yet a “legitimate” Indian Ally. In the worst case scenario, India will be obliged to accept being a junior disciple. the SAARC split benefited both China and the US. The destruction of BRICS is vital for the US to maintain dollar supremacy in world trade. India has submitted totally, all with the support of the voters. The views expressed by the rest of Asia speak to this as an act of betrayal.

Foreign aid from Western nations compounded  post-World War II with a new humanitarian face to continue Western corporate expansionism into Asia/Africa and elsewhere with a supplementary aim to contain Soviet Communist influence. The corporations listed in the “Better than Cash Alliance are “inclusive” of Bill and Melinda Gates which will incorporate their universal immunization program and other possible vaccinations. The US governments’ “abortion policy” is now an integral part of their foreign aid packages. The Indian government’s keen interest in incorporating Gates’ foundation for its future vaccination programs is utterly suspicious. United Nations ECO-92 Earth Charter reads: “The present vast overpopulation, now far beyond the world carrying capacity, cannot be answered by future reductions in the birth rate due to contraception, STERILISATION and ABORTION, but must be met in the present by the reduction of numbers presently existing. This must be done by whatever means necessary”.

Obama’s top science & technology advisory, John P. Holdren, has advocated the possibility of a “planetary regime” that would use a “global police force” to enforce totalitarian measures of population control, including forced abortions, mass sterilization programs conducted via the food and water supply, as well as mandatory bodily implants that would prevent couples from having children. Gates’ foundation is also involved in developing a new type of ultrasound which has been described as a “non-invasive, reversible form of birth control for men.” This would make a man infertile. The Gates Foundation is no stranger as far as Indians are concerned. They have already penetrated India by making medical trials/experiments on deprived and poor Indian children in the Southern state of Andhra Pradesh, which resulted in deaths. The purpose of the trial was to generate data to support the inclusion of the HPV vaccine in India’s Universal Immunization Program (UIP).Targeting low-income, rural, largely tribal households, the trial was conducted on girls aged 10 to 14. Seven girls died, which led to the immediate suspension of the trial in 2010. The Indian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Health says ‘safety and rights of children were highly compromised and violated’. The dubious and unconvincing defense was that this wasn’t a clinical trial, only an observational study of an already approved vaccine. The government of India decided legal action couldn’t proceed based on its assessment of the country’s prevailing laws. Gates’ concept is “fewer people = more resources” and that is exactly the relationship between economic growth and contraception. Gates also gave a talk in which he suggested that the solution to global warming is to have fewer people. Bill and Malinda Gates pledge millions of dollars to improve access to contraception in developing nations – a 20th century social engineering theory, suggesting that “we have an economic responsibility to ensure that there are fewer people.” Wendy Wright has rightly called this the “latest effort to blame children for poverty and women’s troubles.”  Bill shared how originally he “thought that the Malthusian principles applied at least in the developing countries.” Many of Gates’ vaccinations have caused mass infertility among women of “child-bearing “ age in South America, the Philippines and so on. Comite Pro Vida de Mexico, a Roman Catholic organization’s investigation, revealed that the WHO vaccines contained human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), a natural hormone that is secreted during the initial stages of pregnancy. When this hormone is combined with the tetanus toxoid carrier, it tricks the body into thinking that hCG is an invading enemy, with the result that a woman’s body begins producing anti-hCG antibodies, Making it impossible for her to ever maintain a pregnancy.

This is defined as soft eugenics (as defined by Blom and Bell ): “For economic reasons governments should use taxpayer dollars to underwrite the decisions of citizens to pursue recreational sexual activity. The underlying economic assumption is that the prospective children of the poor citizens likely to utilize such government-funded programs would be likely to hamper economic growth if they are born.”

Digitization will allow the inclusion of personal profile details of Indians into the “Big Data.” This is a motive for surveillance power and mind-control of the masses resulting in a “digital police state” where mind-control technologies can devastate democracies by manipulating elections by the handlers while the corporate nexus will use it for Inhuman business gains under neo-liberal corporatism. This will enable US companies to continue International finance monitoring and take over control. Indians have to submit to US corporate laws rather Indian laws by compromising all sorts of privacy Information and civil rights.

Digitization and the act of demonetization is not all about cash, but has more to do with solid assets like property and gold. The collective volume of gold (legal and Illegal) held by Indians is the largest among any community possessions anywhere in the globe. It’s only a matter of time until these entities might go to the extent to legalize theft to confiscate such an overwhelming treasure. Already the Indian government has made gold Illegal for any possession above 500gms by married women. Sane Indians have begun emptying their possessions from safe deposits. Gold acquisitions are going to be tricky once the government sends a request to surrender gold in exchange for money. That fact that the governments already meddled with interest rates usually doesn’t come into peoples’ thinking. In usual cases, governments tend to increase negative interest rates, sending people to the bank to surrender gold possessions in exchange for money which will be paid in digital currency with a negative Interest rate, which means you are forbidden your right to exchange gold at the market value. The quantity of such covert profiting on a collective basis will be colossal. The amount will snowball. Here the state is only a Intermediate entity and temporary beneficiary between the people and global corporatism.

As for post-demonetization, here is what political/economic analyst Tyler Durden has to say about India: “India will become a police state, likely with the full support of most Indians. Nationalism will be the thread that weaves them together. But it is a fake thread, devoid of any value. Eventually, there will be far too many stresses in the system, whose institutions are already in an advance stage of decay. India as it exists today is a British creation. With the British now gone for 69 years, it is an entity has less and less reason to exist in its current form. The glue of reason that the British have applied is flaking, and it is doing so rapidly under the catalyst by name of Narendra Modi.”

Making India “cashless” by compulsive reforms is a cosmic conspiracy of all times. One has never seen such a treasonable act in the history of India. The Modi government has unblushingly bowed before globalist imperial banking cartels to let Indian wealth be legally plundered by actuating “financial Inclusion “ of the oppressed and the common class. The globalist colonization of the Indian economy will obliterate the future of more than a billion civilians, all for the sake of 1% of Indian corporations and Xeno hawks who will continue expropriate hard-earned, legitimate, yet informal possessions. This daylight theft initiated by Modi’s totalitarian regime will suffocate India’s economic independence perpetually.


By Ajiesh Thuvanoor Kayi
Source: Katehon

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