Situation Escalates in Southern Lebanon

The situation escalates in southern Lebanon as Hezbollah and Israel step up the already harsh rhetorics against each other.

On February 16, pro-Hezbollah media released a video showing a list of Israeli targets which could be destroyed in case of a new war. The list included 9 targets: The Negev Nuclear Research Center (a nuclear instalation located in the Negev desert, about south-east of the city of Dimona), the Soreq Nuclear Research Center, chemical plants and storages in Haifa, the waste-water treatment center in the area of Ramla, the Israel Defense Forces’ military base in northern Israel, a military plant belonging to the Rafael Advanced Defense Systems near Sakhnin.

The whole video could be found HERE.



On March 11, the UN released a report on the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701 (intended to resolve the 2006 Israel-Lebanon conflict) which includes criticue of Hezbollah’s agressive rhetorics. However, the report fails to mention that Hezbollah sees the group’s statements as a “response” to Israel’s actions.

On December 6, the official twitter of a spokesperson for the Israel Defense Forces released a map showing alleged Hezbollah military sites scattered among Lebanese villages. The map shows 85 villages along with about 10,000 military targets belonging to the group (combat equipment, launch sites, anti-aircraft and infantry positions).

Later, the IDF added that the released map is not accurate and aimed to “illustrate” the situation in the area. However, this move is another example of the growing tensions.

Source: South Front

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