A Scathing Geopolitical Review of President Trump’s First 100 Days in Office

Historically-speaking, other than their utterly barbaric treatment of their indigenous population, Australia is not a typical nation that comes to mind when it comes to profound hypocrisy as for example Trump’s erratic behavior is now clearly becoming apparent to everyone.

Too put it mildly, Mr. Trump is a poor man’s illusion of a rich man. A stupid man’s illusion of a smart man. And a weak man’s illusion of a strong man. Trump is neither rich (in a true sense), nor smart, nor strong. In other words, Trump is an illusion of power and nothing more – a perfect paper tiger! And now, as the events of the past several weeks have proven, he is also just another empty suit: A wholly-owned subsidiary of the globalist, mafia, deep state oligarchs in Washington, and at large.

But this empty suit is dangerous! When you combine an out-of-control trigger happy narcissist in charge of America’s awe-striking military might – and I am not even talking nuclear, then you have what we have today: His Tomahawk missile strikes in Syria based on a totally false pretext at the expense of children, his reckless saber-rattling in Korea, the looming upcoming conflict over Iran, his unbelievable 180 degree stunt about NATO, the cozying up to a thug and a murderer like Netanyahu vis-à-vis his upstart son-in-law Jared Kushner, and the list goes on and on. And his despicable first 100 days has not even finished.

To paraphrase Garth Evans, former Australian foreign minister, “Trump is manifestly the most ill-informed, under-prepared, ethically-challenged, and psychologically ill-equipped President in United States history. Personally driven by impulse, unhampered by knowledge or judgement, he has lead an administration acting so far manifestly on the basis of postures, not of policies. I have to say that anyone betting on this administration delivering consistent, coherent, constructive, and decent outcomes over the next four years is making a big gamble indeed. My own answer then to the dilemma of how Australia should respond to all of this, to express it on bumper sticker terms, is this: Less United States, more Asia, and more self-reliance.”

“Less United States,more Asia”?“More self-reliance ”? Who is the “self” in “self-reliance”?As if both major Australian parties were not unquestioningly supportive of the Anglo-Zionist coalition’s multilateral UK-USA agreement for joint cooperation in military intelligence and of complete political surrender to serve the Anglo-Zionist agenda!

Another former Australian foreign minister, Bob Carr, has publicly stated that Israel controls Australia’s foreign policy. There are too many Aussie politicians who cozy up to Israel, very reminiscent of the Washington Zionist model. Prime Minister of Australia, Malcom Turnbull, is an ex-Goldman Sachs CEO. Zionist shill Rupert Murdoch controls the media and is on the board of Genie Energy who are drilling for oil in Syria’s Golan Heights. Another former foreign minister, Kevin Rudd, was set up by the Zionists, who after a few drinks was caught groping women.

Just like in America and Europe, Zionism has long become a cancer in the Australian political power structure as well. When will the West rid itself of this cancer manifested through politics and economics? When will the reliance on Jewish oligarchs fade away?!

It is said, diagnosing the problem correctly is 50% of the solution. Now that we have correctly, and en masses, zeroed in on the problem, when will we put an end to the Jewish oligarchs’ tyranny? This tyranny is now apparent everywhere in the West: Tyranny in the financial sector. Tyranny in the media. Tyranny in the academia. Literally an octopus-like exertion of power, influence, and corrosiveness.

The answer remains uncertain. But the willpower is building up among the masses of the world. Machiavelli is reported to have said, “He would builds on people builds on dirt.” I say that’s typical elitist hog-wash! Everything starts at the grass root level. We the people, we the aware and alert, have a responsibility to wake up the masses and we are. That process has surely begun, be it in Russia, or America, or Europe, and in our high-lighted case, Australia.

Now that Mr. Trump is fully exposing himself as yet another pawn of the power elite criminal oligarchs of Washington, we can put that ridiculous argument that he is a populist to a rest once and-for-all. Is this behavior any different than what we would have expected from Crooked Hillary if she usurped the presidency? They are all part of the same wicked cabal with subtle and not-so-subtle variations. Thanks to Mr. Trump’s self-incrimination during the past few weeks, it didn’t even take 100 days for the masses to realize this. We just have to cross our fingers that he doesn’t start a thermo-nuclear war. But crossing our fingers isn’t enough.

Not too long ago, Joe Scarborough of MSNBC, revealed on his “Morning Joe” TV program that during an intelligence briefing, even before he took the oath of office in January, Mr. Trump asked three times during the course of a 45-minutes meeting on how he could use nuclear weapons.

When Garth Evans correctly callsMr. Trump the most impulsive, unbalanced, most ill-informed, under-prepared, ethically-challenged, and psychologically ill-equipped President in United States history, we must not only pay very close attention but have very detailed contingency plans to confront this demagogue. Otherwise, what’s left of the fragilepeace and security of the world could easily be shattered within a few weeks. We are living in very dangerous times.

In all honesty, the announcement of the Articles of Impeachment on the floor of the US Congress should now become a necessity.
Lastly, members of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists are now informing the public that Mr. Trump has moved the Doomsday Clock 2.5 Minutes to Midnight. Let that sink in for a minute.

To the people of the world, but more importantly supporters of Donald Trump anywhere and everywhere:

W-A-K-E- U-P!

By Alexander Azadgan
Source: Katehon

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