Deporting Palestinians?

The scheme keeps resurfacing – deporting families of Palestinian activists for justice to Syria or Gaza.

In November 2014, months after Israeli Protective Edge aggression on Gaza, Knesset legislation was drafted to revoke the citizenship or residency of Palestinian freedom fighters falsely called “terrorists,” along with their family members, demolishing their homes straightaway, and deporting them to besieged Gaza.

Bodies of Palestinian resisters would be buried in unmarked graves at undisclosed locations, rather than returning them to families for proper burial.

According to the bill, nonviolent protesters, stone-throwers, and others Israel falsely calls “inciters” would be targeted for arrest and imprisonment during their rubber-stamp judicial proceedings in military, not civil, courts.

Families of targeted Palestinians would be deported to Gaza. The Association for Civil Rights in Israel condemned the legislation, saying it authorizes “serious human rights violations and acts of collective punishment – which bear no relation to an actual war on terror.”

Netanyahu ordered the interior ministry “to evaluate revoking the citizenship of those who call for the destruction of the State of Israel.”

In 2011, legislation authorized Israel’s Supreme Court to revoke the citizenship of Israelis convicted of terrorism or espionage, the measure directed at Arabs, not Jews.

In March 2016, Netanyahu sought attorney general Mandelblit’s authorization to deport families of Palestinian activists for justice to Gaza, falsely calling them “terrorists.”

At the time, Israeli intelligence and atomic energy minister Yisrael Katz urged their deportation to Syria.

Mandelblit wanted none of it, during a security cabinet meeting, saying proposed deportations violate international and Israeli law.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the idea of deporting families of Palestinian freedom fighters resurfaced.

On Tuesday, housing minister Yoav Galant blustered anyone engaging in activism called “terrorism” has “to pay a price,” adding:

“If you want to live side by side in cooperation, in liberalization and in freedom with the Israelis and work here, you are very welcome.”

“If you want to kill Israeli kids, we will deport you, not to Gaza, but to Syria. You are not allowed to stay here.”

Galant is a retired Israeli general turned politician. He’s a former IDF Southern Command head, currently a Knesset member, serving as housing and construction minister – in charge of illegal settlement development.

He commanded Israel’s December 2008 – January 2009 Cast Lead naked aggression on Gaza, committing high crimes against peace, responsible for slaughtering 1,414 Palestinians over a 23-day period.

The vast majority were civilians, including 313 children. Israel considers noncombatants legitimate targets, massacring them indiscriminately.

Galant is an unindicted war criminal, his above remarks code language, calling for Palestinians to surrender all rights, accept occupation harshness, and relinquish any hope for justice to be allowed to stay in Israel or the territories.

Israel’s Knesset is infested with militant hate-mongering right-wing extremists, terrorizing Palestinians, falsely blaming them for state-sponsored high crimes.

Netanyahu, Galant and other Israeli hardliners responsible for occupation harshness want it hardened. The world community pretends not to notice.

By Stephen Lendman
Source: Stephen Lendman

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