Is Weather Warfare a Conspiracy Theory?

The technology to control or modify the weather has been in existence for quite some time. Remember when the former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claimed in a 2012 speech that Iran’s enemies were creating droughts by destroying its rain clouds. Ahmadinijad’s accusations landed him in the mainstream media’s hot seat and labeled him a “Conspiracy Theorist.”Newsweek, a U.S. based news magazine and website led the charge by publishing ‘Five of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Weirdest Conspiracy Theories’ including the conspiracy theory about “the West stealing Iran’s rain”:

If you can’t stop their nuclear weapons program, stop their rain—at least that was the thinking behind Ahmadinejad’s accusation against the West in a 2012 speech. “Today our country is moving towards drought, which is partly unintentional due to industry and partly intentional, as a result of the enemy destroying the clouds moving towards our country and this is a war that Iran is going to overcome,” he said.

Water can be scarce in Iran due to the mostly dry climate, but that was not the reason, in Ahmadinejad’s mind, for an impending water crisis. Rather, it was the West sabotaging its clouds. “I feel that the world arrogance and colonization, by using their technologies, are affecting the environmental situation in Iran,” he said

According to a report published by Reuters ‘Could Iran’s Enemies Really Be Destroying Its Rain Clouds?’ stated Ahmadinejad’s concerns:

“The enemy destroys the clouds that are headed towards our country and this is a war Iran will win,” Ahmadinejad said on Monday, according to Iranian news reports cited by Reuters.

Iranian authorities have made this claim repeatedly in the past year. During a severe drought in the Islamic republic last fall, Ahmadinejad said European countries were using “special equipment” to dump rainwater on their continent, leaving nothing for Iran

Reuters’ also reported on what Iranian Vice President Hassan Mousavi had said:

Then, in July, the AFP news agency quoted Iranian Vice President Hassan Mousavi as saying, “The world arrogance and colonist (term for the West used by Iranian authorities) are influencing Iran’s climate conditions using technology. The drought is an acute issue and soft war is completely evident… This level of drought is not normal”

Reuters’ interviewed Arlen Huggins, an atmospheric scientist from the Desert Research Institute and a Director of the Nevada State Weather Modification Program:

Arlen Huggins, an atmospheric scientist at the Desert Research Institute and director of the Nevada State Weather Modification Program, says no such cloud-busting technology exists. “In terms of dissipating clouds, you can do it on a very small scale but not anything that could change a weather pattern or create a drought situation,” Huggins told Life’s Little Mysteries. “Drought is related to long-term weather systems”

This may surprise you (or not!), but Huggins works for the Military Industrial- Complex. The Desert Research Institute is associated with the Department of Defense, the Army, Navy, the Air Force and several other U.S. government agencies. Huggins is also in charge of the Nevada State Weather Modification Program managed by the United States Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) under the U.S. Department of the Interior. The USBR’s main purpose is managing U.S. water resources in relation to being the largest wholesaler of water that supplies more than 31 million people. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) under the U.S. Department of Commerce is involved in “daily weather forecasts, severe storm warnings, and climate monitoring to fisheries management, coastal restoration and supporting marine commerce” according to their website.

The DRI Cloud Seeding Program is located in the Northern Nevada Science Center (NNSC) in Reno, Nevada. The DRI cloud seeding program originated from the DRI weather modification research program which is funded by USBR and NOAA. Huggins claimed that there is no cloud-busting technology, but there several documents that suggests otherwise. Wikipedia describes Cloud Seeding as “a way of changing the amount or type of precipitation that falls from clouds, by dispersing substances into the air that serve as cloud condensation or ice nuclei, which alter the microphysical processes within the cloud.” In simpler terms, Jim Lee (an activist who is trying to expose Weather Modification to the public) and the founder and editor of describes Cloud Seeding as follows:

“You put a little particle in the air. Water attaches to it and hopefully it falls on the ground. Those are seeds or aerosols. so they put seeds into the clouds to try to make it rain”

The Story of the Rainmaker, Charles Hatfield

The history of rainmaking dates back to more than 100 years ago with Charles Hatfield who taught himself the science of pluviculture (rainmaking techniques). In 1902, Hatfield created a “secret mixture of 23 chemicals” in large evaporating tanks claiming that it can induce rain. Hatfield’s techniques proved to be successful in creating storms. He eventually found numerous jobs creating rain. In 1904, a public relations campaign for Hatfield’s rainmaking techniques began under Fred Binney. Ranchers offered Hatfield more than $50 per job to produce rain for their crops. Hatfield then built an evaporating tower at La Crecenta where he released his chemical mixture into the atmosphere creating rain. His success led to higher demand and of course, more money. However, the weather bureau had reported that the rain created by Hatfield was already on its way because it was part of a storm. Those who believed in Hatfield’s rainmaking abilities ignored the Weather Bureau’s report.

In 1906, Hatfield won another contract to produce rain for the Klondike Goldfields for a reported $10,000 in Yukon Territory, but was unsuccessful and received only $1,100 for his personal expenses. By January 1915, Hatfield’s lucrative business took a turn for the worst. The San Diego city council hired Hatfield to produce rain for the Morena Dam Reservoir for $10,000. That same month, an enormous amount of rain grew over time and the dam broke causing a massive flood and killing more than 20 people. Hatfield declared to the press that it was the city’s fault for not taking precautions. The city of San Diego refused to pay Hatfield for the death and destruction he caused. The courts ruled for Hatfield stating that he did not do anything wrong as they declared it “an act of God.” The importance of Hatfield’s story is that it was not An “act of God”, Hatfield was playing God with Mother Nature and the consequences soon followed.

How the U.S. Government Became “Gods” of the Skies

Once Washington, the corporations and the U.S. military got its hold on the science of Weather Modification, it was off to the races. On October 13th, 1947, Project Cirrus was the first attempt by GE (General Electric Corporation), the U.S. Army Signal Corps, the Office of Naval Research and the US Air Force to modify and control hurricanes by rotating them from east to west and eventually out to the sea. Project Cirrus began with an airplane dropping 180 pounds of crushed dry ice into the clouds as the crewmembers reported that the “Pronounced modification of the cloud deck seeded” thereby, not confirming if it was due to the seeding process. The hurricane changed its course of direction and made landfall close to Savannah, Georgia prompting the public to blame the seeding process. The public was outraged of what had happened so they threatened lawsuits along with a credible chemist and physicist Irving Langmuir, who he himself claimed that the reversal of the hurricane was indeed caused by “human intervention.” Project Cirrus was eventually canceled due to its failure. The U.S. government never admitted that they seeded the hurricane for years. Then in 1965, an article appeared in The Fort Lauderdale News and Sun-Sentinel stating that in 1947 “a hurricane went whacky” and “Twelve years later it was admitted the storm had in fact been seeded.”

Following Project Cirrus’s hurricane disaster, another attempt was made on September 16, 1961 with Hurricane Esther by the National Hurricane Research Project (NHRP) along with the United States Navy aircraft when Eight cylinders of silver iodide were strategically dropped into Esther’s eyewall which led to the weakening of the winds by at least 10 percent. Then in the very next day, more flights were made without silver iodide falling into the eyewall resulting in no reduction in windspeed. It was considered a success leading to Project Stormfury led by the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Weather Modification was discussed in a detailed report titled ‘Rainmaking in SEASIA which describes the use of lead iodide and silver iodide by various aircraft under Project Stormfury, a hurricane study program that took place between 1962 and 1983 that was initially developed in California at the Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake. It was tested in Okinawa, Japan, Guam (a U.S. territory), in the Philippines and in U.S. states of Texas and Florida. Project Stormfury was a U.S. government approved project for the purpose of weakening Tropical Cyclones by seeding them with silver iodide. The initial idea was to spray silver iodide directly into the hurricane in hopes of disrupting its structure. Project Stormfury was considered a failure.

Between 1967 and 1972, Operation Popeye was launched as a “highly classified” operation conducted by the U.S. military in North and South Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos to extend the monsoon season around the Ho Chi Minh Trail for U.S. soldiers to gain an advantage over the Viet Cong. Cloud Seeding was used on the tops of monsoon clouds to extend the rainfall along the Ho Chi Minh Trail that would cause landslides through torrential downpours along the Ho Chi Minh Trails to make it difficult for the Viet Cong to deliver supplies and extra troops. It went on for almost five years until a journalist for the Washington Post (how ironic!) Jack Anderson exposed Operation Popeye (initially called Intermediary-Compatriot in his column) and caused a public outcry. Operation Popeye was later confirmed in The Pentagon Papers which was released by Daniel Ellsberg. The article led the way for the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) to approve a universal treaty to ban environmental warfare.

However, the U.S. government was not thrilled by Anderson’s report on their Weather Modification projects. By 1972, Mr. Anderson was a target for assassination by White House senior staff members under the Nixon administration. G. Gordon Liddy and E. Howard Hunt plotted with a CIA operative the various possibilities that included adding poison to his aspirin bottle, drugging Anderson with LSD or staging “a fatal mugging.” The plan to assassinate Anderson was stopped when they were apprehended for the Watergate break-in scandal that implicated President Richard Nixon who was later impeached. All involved admitted under oath in a congressional hearing that they planned to assassinate Anderson on orders from a senior White House aide named Charles Colson. On May 19th, 1974, the Daytona Beach Morning Journal published an article titled ‘Rainmaking Used As Weapon In SE Asia’ exposed Nixon’s advisor for national security and New World Order advocate, Henry A. Kissinger (which shouldn’t surprise anyone at this point in history) said the following:

“The rainmaking reached a peak in 1971, according to Pentagon statistics made available to the committee, with more than 11,000 canisters dumped. Well informed sources have told the New York Times that the operations at that point were tightly controlled by Henry A. Kissinger, the President’s advisor for national security”

‘Eyes in Outer Space’ A Walt Disney and the Department of Defense “Factual” Presentation

164792-eyes-in-outer-space-0-230-0-345-crop1-200x300An unknown documentary film produced by The Department of Defense and Walt Disney studios released on June 1959 titled ‘Eyes in Outer Space, A Science-Factual Presentation’ suggests that the U.S. government was already in the process of developing the technology to control the weather, in this case, hurricanes. Weather Modification was well on its way.

The first half of the film shows how satellites and computers were used to predict the weather. Even before the film was released , the U.S. government had already launched the Vanguard 2, an earth-orbiting weather satellite on February 17th, 1959. In early 1958, the prototypes including TIROS and Vanguard were created by the U.S. Army Signal Corps (USASC). The launch of the Vanguard 2 took place aboard SLV 4 rocket under the U.S. Navy’s Project Vanguard as part of the space race between the U.S. and the former Soviet Union. Vanguard 2′s main purpose was to “observe and record the cloud cover of the earth” according to the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory. On April 1st, 1960, TIROS-1 was the first weather satellite was a success according to NASA.

The second half of the film demonstrated how the weather can be controlled in the future when a hurricane that was approaching the coastal area of North Carolina can be deflected away through the use of “Cloud-Seeding” and other technologies developed by the U.S. military and other agencies. What ‘Eyes in Outer Space’ depicts is how the technology used by the U.S. government is a force for good, but the reality is that weather modification can be used as a weapon of warfare which is close to a thermal nuclear war.

HAARP and Weaponizing the Weather?

Since 1990, the HAARP program operating under the US Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) under the Reagan Administration, to the mainstream media it known as was ‘Star Wars.‘ SDI, a missile defense system behind the idea and development of HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) is a research program based on the Ionosphere, a region of Earth’s upper atmosphere that ranges from about 30 miles (50 km) to 600 miles (1,000 km) above the Earth’s surface. It was funded by the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) and the Military-Industrial Complex that includes the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

HAARP is a system of extremely powerful antennas that can create a carefully controlled modification of the ionosphere over any region of the world which was originally owned and operated by the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Space Vehicles Directorate near Gakona, Alaska. HAARP was designed and built by BAE Advanced Technologies (BAEAT) based in the U.K. The University of Alaska Fairbanks website says that HAARP “is a scientific endeavor aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere.” UAF website also claims the following:

The HAARP program is committed to developing a world-class ionospheric research facility consisting of:

The Ionospheric Research Instrument, a high power transmitter facility operating in the High Frequency range. The IRI can be used to temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere for scientific study

Excite means “cause” or to “stimulate” the ionosphere. Technically the Ionospheric Research Instrument (IRI) can stimulate the ionosphere which can change the earth’s upper atmosphere which many scientists say can have catastrophic consequences. Activist and author of ‘Angels Don’t Play This HAARP’ Dr. Nick Begich, describes HAARP as “A super-powerful radiowave-beaming technology that lifts areas of the ionosphere by focusing a beam and heating those areas. Electromagnetic waves then bounce back onto earth and penetrate everything — living and dead.”

The HAARP program which was originally based in Alaska but was reportedly shut down in 2014, but the University of Alaska Fairbanks resumed ownership of the facility as of August 2015. According to an NBC report in 2014 ‘Conspiracy Theories Abound as U.S. Military Closes HAARP’ claims that:

haarp1-300x147The U.S. Air Force has notified Congress that it intends to shut down HAARP, a controversial Alaska-based research facility that studies an energetic and active region of the upper atmosphere.

Conspiracy theorists are abuzz about the news, given that HAARP (short for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) has long been the center of wild speculation that the program is designed to control the weather — or worse. In 2010, Venezuelan leader Huge Chavez claimed that HAARP or a program like it triggered the Haiti earthquake. For the record, the Haitian quake of 2010 was caused by the slippage of a previously unmapped fault along the border of the Caribbean and North American tectonic plates

One other website dedicated to the HAARP program claims that the program is to “analyze basic ionospheric properties and to assess the potential for developing ionospheric enhancement technology for communications and surveillance purposes.”

Was the late Hugo Chavez correct when he claimed that HAARP or any other program caused the Haiti earthquake in 2010? MIT Technology Review, a global media company that is owned and operated by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology published an interesting article titled ‘Spacecraft Saw ULF Radio Emissions over Haiti before January Quake.’ The article stated that ‘DEMETER’ witnessed “a clear increase in ultralow frequency radio waves being emitted from the Earth’s the crust in that region in the build up to the quake”:

Back in 2004, the French space agency CNES launched a small satellite called DEMETER into polar orbit some 700 km above the Earth’s surface. DEMETER’s is an unusual mission. Its job is to monitor low frequency radio waves generated by earthquakes.

Today, a group of geoscientists release the data associated with the M 7.0 earthquake that struck Haiti in January. They say that DEMETER saw a clear increase in ultralow frequency radio waves being emitted from the Earth’s the crust in that region in the build up to the quake.

The anecdotal evidence of electromagnetic effects associated with earthquakes is legion. Various accounts link earthquakes with mysterious light and heating effects. Then there is the widespread evidence that certain animals can sense impending quakes, possibly because of a sensitivity to low frequency electric fields.

A claim made in the article by Michael Athanasiou and his associates from the Technical University of Serres in Greece “say that DEMETER spotted good of evidence of a change in ultralow frequency radio waves in the ionosphere above Haiti in the run up to the quake”:

The results reveal a significant increase of the energy of ULF waves, up to 360%, for a period of one month before the main earthquake compared with the energy of the background,” they say. That’s a dramatic increase. These emissions dropped gradually in the month after the quake.

The implications are interesting. Athanasiou and co say: “The results of this paper clearly indicate that ULF electromagnetic waves can be very useful in revealing possible precursor seismic phenomena”

What is interesting about the article is that the earthquake was linked with “mysterious light and heating effects.” Was it HAARP? or was it Mother Nature’s wrath of anger towards the self destruction of humanity by the continues wars, diseases, poverty and famine?

Weather Warfare or Climate Change taking its Course?

What if the U.S. military (The Trump Administration has given full authority to do basically whatever they want) was responsible for the recent hurricanes that destroyed vast areas of Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Texas, Florida, St. Maarten and Dominica? Several nations and colonial territories in the Caribbean and in the U.S. including Texas and other areas were destroyed.

In the case of Puerto Rico who has a $72 billion debt burden due to the U.S. control of its economy that started with the Jones Act of 1917 and not counting the cost of the damages caused by Hurricane Maria which would be impossible to repay given the circumstances. And in recent years, the Puerto Rican government was open to doing business with China possibly made Washington and the Military Industrial Complex a little bit nervous. Bloomberg News reported back in August about Puerto Rico joining China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ infrastructure initiative:

Enter China. Puerto Rico is looking to capitalize on the nation’s recent global investment surge through its ‘One Belt, One Road’ infrastructure initiative that may fuel as much as $500 billion of international investment. The Americas — including some of Puerto Rico’s Caribbean neighbors like Cuba and the Bahamas — have already been a popular investment destination for Chinese companies for years

Puerto Rico is and still remains a colony, Washington makes the important decisions for the Puerto Rican government, in fact, most of the Puerto Rican House of Representatives and senators are under Washington’s control since 1898. Operation Bootstrap under U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt oversaw the sterilization of Puerto Rican women. The U.S. Navy bombarded the Puerto Rican island of Vieques from 1941to 2003 with 22 million pounds of military and industrial waste including lead, mercury, napalm and depleted uranium causing the rate of cancer to increase. It is also well-known that the Nationalist Pedro Albizu Campos, a prominent leader during the uprisings of the independence movement of Puerto Rico from the 1930′s to the 1950′s. Albizu was sent to prison for seditious conspiracy against the U.S. government. While in prison, Albizu was a subject of human experimentation with intense radiation. Don’t forget Cointelpro (Counter Intelligence Program), a program conducted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that included surveillance , infiltration, and disrupting the Puerto Rican Independence Party and other political organizations within the U.S. In other words, Puerto Rico was used for various experiments and cannon fodder for the U.S. military and now they are in a debt crisis. Maybe Puerto Rico is not beneficial for U.S. interests anymore, maybe the land can be used for military purposes.

Can the U.S. military establish bases in Puerto Rico and throughout the Caribbean as a launching pad for interventions to counter sovereign nations who resist U.S. hegemony in the Caribbean, Central and South America including Bolivia, Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador and Nicaragua? The answer is yes. Who can forget Trump’s statement to the press back in August when he said

“We have many options for Venezuela, including a possible military option, if necessary,”

Hollywood just released a film on Weather Modification gone mad titled, ‘Geostorm’ right after the worst hurricane season in a century. The film is about a network of satellites designed to control the global climate landscape. The plot of the film is that the satellites turns on Planet Earth with the intention to destroy everything in it by causing catastrophic weather conditions including hurricanes and earthquakes. Sounds like a typical Hollywood film.

geostorm_lead-300x168Following the devastation caused by Hurricanes in the Caribbean and the United States, we must ask ourselves was it Climate Change or were they orchestrated by the U.S. military by using weather modification technologies? Dane Wigington, an activist, editor and founder of published ‘Hurricane Maria, Weather Warfare, And Military Bases’ that asked several important questions:

Was Puerto Rico the target of weather warfare from Hurricane Maria manipulation? Was the case the same with Texas and Hurricane Harvey? Cuba and Hurricane Irma? What are the mathematical odds of the US and Caribbean nations experiencing a sudden rash of catastrophic hurricanes after a 12 year major hurricane landfall drought? Why was there a 12 year major cyclone landfall drought in the US to begin with? These questions are especially puzzling when we consider that the rest of the world has endured record strength cyclones with record frequency during the same period. Climate intervention and cyclone manipulation programs are a verifiable reality, not theory or speculation

Prof. Michel Chossudovsky’s article ‘Climate Change, Geoengineering and Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD)’ was published during the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference in Paris and asked a few important questions:

Why is climate change for military use no longer an object of debate? Why is it not on the agenda of the Paris Summit? The more substantive question is: Are Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD) part of the US arsenal of “covert” military technologies to destabilize sovereign countries?

The US Military has acknowledged that ENMOD it is part of its military arsenal. There are unconfirmed reports but no firm evidence that it has been used. In this regard, the US military acknowledges that climatic warfare has the added advantage of being be used to trigger climate disasters without the enemy nation knowing about it.

The unspoken truth is that Geo-engineering and Environmental Modification Techniques (ENMOD) constitute potential Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Maybe controlling the weather does sound too crazy to believe. There is no clear evidence that the recent hurricanes were manufactured by a weather modification program. Until there is concrete evidence to prove otherwise, scientists (and most of the people around the world) are convinced that Climate Change was responsible for the environmental disaster that recently took place. Would we ever know the truth?


By Timothy Alexander Guzman
Source: Silent Crow News

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