Syria, Russia & Iran Are Not the “Good Guys”

Syria “saved”? 

Its been split into three – Southern Syria, Damascus (semi-central, the only place Assad rules and Russian bases are), and the Kurds in the north and northeast, busy carving out their own country and doing deals with Russian Jewish Oligarch-run (and best mate of Putins) Igor Sechen and Rosneft for oil and gas. The Kurds are in bed with Netanyahu.

Syria is not saved, the war rages on. Russia has not “left” and is as busy as ever. ISIS? Who or what is ISIS? Syria is %87 Sunni with a tiny Allowite (semi-Shia) elite who run the place. Every Sunni with a (legitimate) gripe against Assad is suddenly “ISIS”. Like every Pashtun elder with an AK in Afghanistan pissed off at coalition bombing his kids is a “Taliban”.

assad-draculaAssad is a dictator with a Shah like torture apparatus – though nowhere near as bad as his father. His security services were trained by the Soviets and currently the new Soviet Union 2.0. Most people do not even know the Soviets have been in Syria since the early 1950’s and never left. Assad’s father was brutal. His son is a trained eye surgeon and the MSM narrative is he never wanted power, but he has inherited the brutal state apparatus and it goes on regardless.

Iran is far less brutal and at least Saddam provided a high standard of living while being a dictator himself. You could even criticise Saddam to a point – speak to people from Lebanon and Syria about what happens if you open your mouth in Syria? You WILL lose your fingernails. And then let’s not forget the massive interference in Lebanon that eventually the Lebanese took to the streets to end. Endless assassinations by Syria and gross interference in Lebanese politics.

The original 2008 “uprising” in the south of Syria was legitimate. No one denies that Assad’s security services overreacted to a local phenomenon. Syrians are not happy with Assad and the fact they earn $200 a month in Syria while they earn $1000 a month digging a ditch in Lebanon and $4000 a month in Saudi or the Gulf States.


Syria lives on Lebanese and Gulf State money. Iran’s empire building in the Middle East is to ultimately blame for Syria as we see it. Sunnis are in open revolt at what they see as the invasion of Iran and its Shia militias and Hezbollah. The Hadith on the Dajjal (anti-Christ) and “70,000 Jews from Isfahan (Iran),” has Sunnis on edge whether you choose to beleive it or not.

They told me straight to my face in Iran they were building the Persian Empire – this is hardly a state secret in the Middle East. I was to work with The Persian Gulf Studies Center. Apparently my job was to attack Saudi and the Gulf States all day and I was not going to do it. As for sanctions on Iran? There are ZERO sanctions of consequence on Iran Henry. There are nuisance financial restrictions. We know what happens to countries with “sanctions” – real ones. Look at Iraq. People need to ask some very simple questions and draw some conclusions – the rhetoric on the MSM and alt media does not match what is on the ground in Iran.

Iran is giving Israel what it needs – the excuse to push all the way to the west bank of the Euphrates. Netanyahu’s biggest problem is left wing Jews in America, not Iran and Hezbollah. They are a blessing and an excuse to build Israel’s military capacity and terrorize the local Jewish population into coherent submission to state power.

Do you know how divided they are in Israel Henry? War is what Netanyahu and Israel’s military-industrial establishment need right now – preferably an attack by Hezbollah on their ammonia storage tanks. The average Jew in Israel has little clue that the current economic high tech boom is ALL about Israel’s military and the threat of war. The Talpiot Program and Israel’s “survival” is what keeps the fake colonial state alive – nothing else.


We have online Henry an “alt-media” in love with Iran and Russia which has zero credibility in the real world. It is not about taking sides – it’s about being balanced and observing what is in front of your eyes. By all means criticise Saudi. But it’s time for some balance in the narrative which seeks to paint Putin and Rouhani as saviours of the Middle East when they are in fact opportunistic gangsters with close ties to Swiss and German banking and the City of London.

put-rohLets not forget Rouhani and his six years in Scotland, hanging with Jack Straw and no doubt Lord Levy. And the Foreign Minister Zarif? Twenty years in the Uninted States.

Just for the record, I absolutely loved my time in Iran and I loved the people I met. There is no ‘one’ unified political view in Iran, it is as varied as the United States. The current political climate simply did not match my expectations at the top, and I saw and heard things that were not acceptable to me. But it gave me insights into the Rouhani governments foreign policy and I was not going to be involved in it. In particular, the bragging I heard about “taking back the Stan’s” (Turkmenistan/Afghanistan etc), and the extreme hatred I saw expressed at Saudi over and above any criticism of Israel. No wonder Netanyahu has a field day.

I have also had much to do with the Russian Orthodox Church and have friends who travel to Russia frequently and speak the language fluently – I have no inherent gripe against Russians – quite the contrary. If I sound angry, it’s the lack of objectivity accross the board on the issues that face us and the blatant taking sides in the face of “bad behaviour” by all parties – including Iran and Russia. If the purpose is peace in the Middle East and the muzzling of the mad dog Netanyahu and the chance for negotiations between Israeli and Palestinian – then worshipping Russia and Iran will not help.


Netanyahu can “state” all he likes that he is unhappy about Putin being in Syria and the “end” of ISIS. I just watch the contracts POUR out between Israel and Russia. When everyone said the war was over in May/June 2017, I urged caution publicly and I stated it was far from over. I was right and I will be right again when Israel unleashes all it has on the Gaza Strip, southern Lebanon and on into Syria. Putin will do…nothing. Wring his hands, call for peace. And the lemmings online will still support him like they support Trump. Only a miracle can save the Gaza Strip and West Bank – but then, I beleive in miracles.

The break up of the Middle East continues. Israel NEEDS the US in the Middle East to assist in the fulfillment of The Oded Yinon Plan. Russia’s “appearance” has assured Pentagon approval for more money pumped into the region while under the Obama administration they were pulling back.

Previously, in 2014, former head of the Shin Bet (and Syrian Jew Yisrael Hasoon) warned Europe if they abandoned Israel they would have Jihadi’s in their beds and schools – and so it was. Recently, Netanyahu bragged to Europe that Israel had foiled ISIS plans to bring down aircraft in Europe. If you’ve studied Netanyahu, you know that was a threat, not a bragging point. Watch out Europe. Maybe a few of their aircraft will disappear over Sweden like a Malaysian airliner disappears with no trace?

The Russian and American military-industrial complex is over the moon with the Syria “saved” situation. Just as Reagan and his M.I Complex buddies were overjoyed at the Soviet presence in Central and South America – though not Congress refusing funding to “fight” the Communists. The problem then, as it is now, is left-wing Jews complaining about dead bodies. They are ‘used’ at the top as you know and write about frequently. The key is always the dialectic – two opposing forces. There are no “left wing Jews” in Russia and Jewish online Journals even brag Putin will give them a “free’er hand” in the Occupied Territories.

I make simple observations. I talk to Iranians, Lebanese and Iraqis who actually live in the region. I look at both sides. I was warned about Iran before I ever left but I stated to those people that nothing was perfect and that they were paralyzed by ‘distant analysis’. I had no idea the frothing at the mouth HATRED of Iranians for Saudi and the Gulf States was so strong – and vice versa. There is more respect for Israel in Iran than Arabs – I’m not joking.

There is a nasty streak of ‘specific’ Iranian Aryan exceptionalism that mirrors the Jewish infection and of course, the latent German. The British too I might add so perhaps the point is lost in the “me too, I’m special” stakes world wide. Hitler is worshiped in Iran, as is Germany. Ask someone who’s been there. Its not that Iranians want a blood thirsty end to “The Jews” – they just don’t believe the official narrative about Hitler and his policies and the German and Swiss banks are sooooooo helpful 😉 You have to go there Henry. People told me about this, I brushed it off. I was made to feel uncomfortable the moment I got there. Politically that is – but as a tourist, I loved it. Iranians of a differing political persuasion assure me I was with “the wrong crowd”. I guess so. Again, there is no one unified political view in Iran. Generalizations can be a curse. But let us stimulate a break in the common discourse.


The history of co-operation between Iran and Israel during the Iran/Iraq war is well documented and not in dispute. When it suited Iran, doing deals with Israel was just fine to counter Iraq and Arab nationalism – especially a unified Arab Middle East. That policy continues to this day. Israel is happy – Arabs killing Arabs. And Iran is happy – Arabs killing Arabs. This simple fact of ‘real politic’ seems to escape the online alt media who cant wait to laud Iran as a deliverer of the Palestinian people when I contend the current leadership of Iran are nothing more than crass oppurtunistic gangsters picking the flesh off the carcass of Iraq and Syria with a nod of approval from the Swiss and German banking houses that are funnelling billions in cash and Russian technology to them. They dont call it “The Great Game” and “The Grand Chessboard” for nothing.

Irans role in this ongoing tragedy is being totally ignored while Saudi and the Gulf States along with Turkey are hauled over the coals in an over simplified analysis of the very real fears of Israel/Iran hegemony in the region and the perfectly appropriate funding of legitimate Sunni militias to counter Iranian domination of the region – with an icing of ISIS – Israeli Military Intelligence controlled. Everyone hates the Saudis for (apparently) being to close to Israel and the US. Well, why not put some effort into understanding the extremely close ties of the protege of Rasfanjani (the Iranian revolutionary billionaire Swiss money bag man) – current president Rouhani, and the UK and Swiss and German banks and the Israeli/Iranian mutual benefit in a Middle East on fire, and an end to pan Arab nationalism and a unified fist against Israel.


2560The fog of war was never truer than right now. People should watch the excellent documentary by Adam Curtis, “Hypernormalization” which describes the deliberate and rampant psychological warfare being played against us – Israeli’s, Palestinains, Iranians and Eskimos alike. From killer bees to super volcanoes to Planet X to Islamic terrorism to high cholesterol and trangender rights to pretend you have a cervix and demand a pap smear – we are enmeshed in a web of lies and deciet that is a scientific process like never before. Propaganda is five layers deep. Just when you think you understand the game, another variable pops up. You either drop out of the game and watch Game of Thrones, or, you adopt an over simplied approach and cozy up to a state approved narrative pretending to be alt media grass roots analysis. And who wants to lose the donations by taking an unpopular stand?

By Brendon O’Connell
Source: Henry Makow

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