Will 2018 Bring Greater US Fire and Fury?

Only Cassandra was good at predicting future events. I dislike predictions, but here goes.

Next year will likely be more dismal than this one. With most Russian forces out of Syria and Washington’s rage for endless war and regime change, conflict may escalate, not end, new hordes of terrorists brought in to replace eliminated ones.

Thousands of ISIS fighters deployed to Afghanistan by the Pentagon assure no end to conflict in the country, maybe for another 16 years or longer.

US hostility toward North Korea is so extreme, unthinkable nuclear war could happen, maybe before 2018 ends.

If launched, more than the peninsula will be affected. Japan and US regional bases within range of DPRK missiles would likely be targeted.

Millions could perish, maybe more than during the 1950s war and Southeast Asian one combined, more than any previous time in the region since imperial Japan raped China.

Iran is a prime US target. Trump’s pathological hostility toward the Islamic Republic is cause for great concern.

US and Israeli officials reached agreement on confronting the Islamic Republic, their intended tactics yet to unfold.

Their strategy has nothing to do with blocking Iran’s path to nuclear weapons it doesn’t want or seek, everything to do with undermining its government, its ballistic missile program, its regional strength and influence, as well as its effectiveness in combatting US/Israeli-supported terrorists together with Russia, Syria and Hezbollah.

What US and Israeli Ziofascists likely intend means trouble, Trump co-opted to go along, maybe foolhardy enough to go for regime change against Iran either by war or color revolution.

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi slammed him and other US officials, saying:

“The great Iranian nation regards the opportunist and duplicitous support of the American officials for certain gatherings over the recent days in some Iranian cities as nothing but deceit and hypocrisy of the US administration,” adding:

“The Iranian people attach no value to the opportunistic remarks by American officials and Trump himself,” including his disgraceful tweet supporting protests in some Iranian cities, perhaps US instigated, accusing Tehran of “fund(ing) terrorism abroad” – a US specialty along with its rogue partners.

For nearly 70 years, Washington meddled in Iran’s internal affairs aggressively, replacing its democratically elected government in 1953 with a fascist dictatorship it supported, perhaps intending something similar ahead.

On Friday, State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert made worrisome comments, falsely accusing Iran of “export(ing) violence, bloodshed, and chaos,” Washington’s geopolitical agenda, not Tehran’s.

She quoted Tillerson earlier saying he (meaning the Trump administration) supports “elements (in) Iran” able to lead efforts for “transition of government” backed by Washington.

Will Trump and Netanyahu try toppling its government next year – by naked aggression, color revolution or other sinister means?

An uninformed, indifferent, mind-manipulated US public facilitates Washington’s imperial agenda by failing to confront it the way protesters rallied nationwide against America’s Southeast Asia aggression.

Nor have Russia and China, the only two nations powerful enough to do it.

Instead, Russian ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov said Moscow is ready to “build bridges” with America, despite its hostile agenda, calling Russia its top adversary, wanting its government toppled, adamant against improving relations.

Trump aside, Washington’s entire political establishment is hostile to Moscow. He’s forced to go along or risk impeachment and removal from office.

Chances are far greater for confrontation, possible nuclear war, than improved relations.

The only language Washington understands is force. Unless confronted responsibly, it’s free to pursue its imperial agenda unimpeded.

It wants all sovereign independent governments replaced by pro-Western puppet ones – especially in Russia and China.

Moscow’s readiness to improve ties with Washington is seen as weakness by dark forces in charge.

They’ll use every dirty trick in the book to gain an advantage and exploit it.

The prospect for better bilateral relations is nil, not as long as bipartisan neocons infest Congress and the executive branch – dark forces controlling them.

Darker times than already are likely ahead. A modern-day Cassandra would probably agree.

By Stephen Lendman
Source: Stephen Lendman

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